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Another wounded castle guest


What is goin’ on?!! I have another introoder castle guest livin’ in Mom L’s office. And it looks like there’s  hospital tray set up on our linen cabinet outside her office. Sheesh!! And my pet nanny Miss Kandi comes by one and two times a day and disappears into Mom L’s office for like a kabillion hours?? What is up?! So I had a little chat with Mom L and she finally let me in on all the fuss. Ever since I got us started with our own rescue, Delta View Cats, things have been hoppin’ around here!

We have another injured foster cat, Buddy, from Miss Kandi’s six cat colony she feeds and cares for at the yacht club where she works. Miss Kandi called Mom L about ten days ago to ask her to check out a humongous lump on the back of Buddy’s head.

That lump was crazy hot and the size of a tennis ball!! And Buddy wasn’t feeling good at all. Buddy is about four years old. He has lived at the yacht club colony for about two years. He hangs out on the railing around the club porch and greets everyone coming and going.

Buddy is a laid back kinda’ man cat and he doesn’t bother the other colony cats. You can see that he takes life pretty easy

Once Mom L saw that lump she called her cat pal, my former feline Veterinarian now retired, Doc Josie. She had Mom L and Miss Kandi bring Buddy to her home so’s she could take a look at him. As soon as Doc Josie saw that lump she knew it had to be an abscess. She inserted a needle and drew yucky puss into the syringe proving Buddy had a severe abscess affecting one whole side and back of his neck. Buddy got some “nighty night” juice and pretty soon he was in LaLa Land. Doc Josie used electric clippers to clip away his furs so she could get a better look.

Long story short, Doc Josie made three incisions and one was the mother lode for sure. She drained a cup of yucky stuff outta Buddy’s neck. Thankfully he didn’t need stitches because that abscess was going to need to drain.


You can see Doc Josie had to flush his wound over and over again. Finally she was sure Buddy didn’t have any more yucky gunk to flush out and she gave him a pain injection and antibiotic. Mom L helped Doc Josie do all of this and Miss Kandi waited in the next room—tender tummy.

Buddy has been recovering here in my castle under Dad P, Mom L and Miss Kandi’s care. He is living in Mom L’s office where Gigi once lived. Buddy had to start out in a cage ‘cuz he was pretty woozy from the pain meds and whatnot.

Like Gigi, Buddy soon earned his freedom from the cage in Mom L’s office. He has been very patient getting his injectable antibiotic and fluids for the first few days of his recovery as well as allowing warm compresses three to four times a day. He has been soaking up all the love from everyone. That’s his loving caretaker/feeder Miss Kandi.

Buddy has gone from living outside for the last two to three years—

To having the opportunity to test drive living inside here at my castle—

I’m thinking Buddy Bud is gonna like moving to a forever home—inside forever. What do you think??

Keep your eyes peeled blogville—you just may see Buddy again sooner than you think! *wink, wink*


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25 thoughts on “Another wounded castle guest

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  2. We just came from Spitty er Gigi’s! We are so furry excited about Buddy! We sure hope he comes out and makes himself at home! You guys ROCK!

  3. Turtle Lover on said:

    I must have missed that very last sentance …. because I had to look again …. but what a lucky Buddy!

  4. Edith Chase on said:

    Sending healing thoughts to Buddy.

  5. Poor baby! He’s lucky he found a good bunch of humans

  6. meowmeowmans on said:

    Buddy! You sure found your way to some humans with the biggest hearts ever. We are glad you are doing so well, and we look forward to some more news about you!

  7. Oh my! What a thrilling story! Gigi and I are so happy that you and Miss Kandi saved him and nursed him back to health!

    And Savannah, thanks for that great tip–I will definitely keep it in mind XOXO

  8. Claudia on said:

    Awwww….poor guy!! So glad you were able to get him some help!! 🙂

  9. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    I am glad the abscess was noticed and treated. It sounds like there may be a forever home lined up for him.

  10. catladymac on said:

    Buddy looks like a super sweet tiger boy. We are so glad that absess got cleaned up and he is being cared for and loved on.

  11. My goodness. What a story! You’re in good hands, Bud. Such a handsome, brave boy. Get well soon. Good luck.

    Love and licks,

  12. That was very nice of your mom to help Buddy, Savannah! I’m glad he feels better now and hope he gets a home soon!

  13. oh em cod dood….st francis’ blessings two ewe for continmewed ree coveree AND a wink wink 😉 hopin that de next post tellz uz ewe IZ livin large and in charge and inn doorz ♥♥♥

    S & S & K; 984 paws UP two mom L dad P and everee one who helped buddy♥♥♥♥

  14. We are so glad Buddy got that great care. He looks like he is really happy and I bet he is ready to make that step into forever Home Living. Wish he was close he could come here

  15. Buddy, I’m sure glad you got some help and we’ll all be excited if we see you again soon!

  16. 15andmeowing on said:

    I do think Buddy deserves a forever home. I hope he heals quickly. How kind of your mom to help him. XO

  17. Buddy Bud definitely wants his own home, you can tell he is a lovebug who just needs a family to love.

  18. Carole Schulman on said:

    Thank you ALL for helping Buddy. That even makes MY day. I am grateful he isn’t in pain and suffering.
    Katie Isabella

  19. learnwithdash on said:

    Oh my GOODNESS Savvy what a job and heavens above what a mess – poor chap. I wonder… inside, relaxing 24/7 sounds a good idea.

  20. Oh, that poor kitty! Glad he got the help he needed, and even maybe a wonderful new forever home!

  21. Buddy already looks comfy being an indoor cat! I hope he continues to heal without any complications.

  22. Bruce & Peggy on said:

    What a great story,you both have soo much love for all kitties.Loving ,caring hearts.

  23. Oooh, Buddy has a forever home in the making? I hear some treat package rustling and toy mice with bells inside in his future. And what is this? Is it the opening of a can of… Tuna?

  24. thanks to you all… we send da biggest hugs to buddy…

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