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Never too many Happy Tails Endings


Hey guys! Do you remember I posted about our long time foster kitten, now juvenile, Reesie? It was back in February, 2023. I asked for your help in getting her connected to her forever home. Well, dreams do come through. Reesie has left my castle!!! After eight months with us, from four months old when trapped to now one year old and off to her forever home as of this past Thursday!!

Reesie loved hanging out with Domino in her safe room. They liked to play tag all over the house. She also enjoyed sharing time with him, and often Katie, in the two matching cardboard lounge scratchers. And of course, Katie and Reesie became the best of little girlfriends. They are the two who pioneered the use of the back of the new couch as a kitty lounging area!

Reesie so enjoyed having Mom L and Dad P rub her floofy tummy. And we all had fun with her when she joined us in bed in the morning for coffee, watching the news and kitties getting treats.

One of Reesie’s darling things to do in the morning was to carry her favorite wand toy from downstairs, upstairs to Dad P so’s he could play with her after breakfast.

Our sweet, gentle loving and huggable Reesie has left a hole in my castle. But we all agree, she needs to be with one other kitty near her own age; not with five of us counting her!. She does have a two year old new brofur she will need to meet and hopefully become great friends with him.

Please send your best good wishes to our amazing foster kitty, Reesie.

Reesie is sorely missed by both cats and humans here at my castle. But her new human family is staying in contact so we know how she is adjusting. Please wish our sweet, precious Reesie the very best life!!


Happy tails ending for my two foster girls


Do you remember our four foster kittens? The Hole in the Wall Gang? Butch Cassidy (m), Jessie James (f), Laughing Samantha (f), and The Domino Kid (m)??

Well they were about two weeks old when we rescued them and they are now approximately five months old. For so long no one has wanted to adopt them in pairs—until this week!!!

Our two sisters, Laughing Samantha aka Sammie and Jessie James aka Jessie found their forever home!!


Sammie is the smallest for the gang, and the most adventurous. She loves to ride on Mom L’s shoulders.


Jessie is so regal and yet such a snuggle bug. She can do the Flying Squirrel acrobatic move like no other kitty except Momma Cat from The Cult of Otis.

Both sisters are now creating bonds with Mr. James and his wee daughter Mistress Jaina. You can see that Laughing Samantha, aka Sammie had no problem getting up close and personal with Mr. James’ fluffy head of hair!! Sammie jumped right up and made herself at home on Mr. James’ shoulder. (we have tried to ‘smudge’ facial features out of respect for their new adopters). Both girls enjoyed a fun wand toy playtime with Mistress Jaina.

This was Mistress Jaina’s first time in her whole six years of life trying to pick up a kitty. And Jessie and Sammie were great teachers. Mistress Jaina was so kind and careful. All four of our fosters allowed her to pick them up multiple times!!

Now if only somewhere, out there, in the San Francisco Bay Area there are one or two families looking for cuddly, snuggly juvenile male cats, like our Domino and Butch, then this would be a purrfect Happy Tails Ending.

BUT—for now we are overjoyed to know that our foster sisters are gonna be living the good life forever with Mr. James and his daughter Mistress Jaina.


Happy Tail Ending!!!


I am late, late, late with my Monday post but by golly I got it done!! And before all that stoopy human fireworks get started. Do you remember my recent castle guest and foster juvenile female, Tiffany??

Well sweet darling Tiffany is now living it up in her new forever home! Her forever human Mom and Dad decided they wanted Tiffany to be their first kitty  they have together. He has had cats before but she has never had a cat. Imagine that!! Tiffany could not have found more kind, compassionate and loving humans than Miss Jackie and Mr Eric.

They made her a special house the very first few days she was with them.  They knew about kitties loving our boxes!!

She got a kitty scratching post, her very own Chewy box, and she has her own special place to join them while they try to watch TV!!

Tiffany has her own humans to snuggle with in bed.

And she is enjoying being their only kitty and being spoiled just like she deserves. Please wish Tiffany good fortune in her new life in comments. I will share with her and her new guardians!



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