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And the beat goes on—


Now don’t get fooled to thinking that I am loving how this “beat” keeps going on—’cuz I’m not. You know how much I luvluvluv my personalized tent, right? Well, you can see that I am now spending my daytime nap time in Alfie’s bed under a bench!! Sheesh!!

I didn’t even bother getting outta my Alfie bed when Dad P loaded up Kit Katie (KK) to take her to Petco adoptions with Community Concern For Cats (CC4C). Most of the public stopping by the cats up for adoption are asking “where are the kittens?” so there is pent up desire for kittens which keeps families disinterested in even young adults like KK.

KK spent Saturday and Sunday at Petco. Not loving it at all. KK is in the top cage.

I’m gonna watch the street because people scare me

Finally she did turn around to check out what all the commotion was.

Who the heck let these humans in here?

Toward the end sweet KK crept even closer to the front almost as though she knew that she just might find her forever family.

Hey? Wanna take me home with you?

Beyond the nerve wracking time spent at adoptions, KK has been keeping all of us entertained. Mom L was not, and still isn’t, well. She is having her first ever horrible experience with positional vertigo. She spent a good bit of time in bed after being at emergency earlier last week. After a long nap, Mom L woke to find KK right next to her, me at her feet not far from KK and TKS was next to her head on the other pillows. Yes, we were all right there doing our best nurse duty.

Everybody shape up! Mom L needs us!

And yesterday, KK gave Mom L a total fright. She did what not even TKS has done since we moved here. She jumped from the staircase landing bench to the TOP of the curio cabinet!! Limpy leg and all!!

Wow!!! That was fun!!

Needless to say, Mom L was not amused!

Thank you all for your many kind words of comfort to Mom L on her Facebook post about her vertigo episode. She continues to experience it and is not a happy camper to say the least.


Community Concern For Cats

Contra Costa Humane Society

Petco Re-Homing

Kit Katie’s Challenges


I’m just gonna step up right here and right now. I don’t want Kit Katie to live here anymore. I don’t care how much she tries to win me over. Ain’t happening folks, not one teensy bit. And The Kid Sage pretty much feels the same, sort’a.

So I am gonna turn this blog post over to Mom L.

Hi everyone, Mom L here.

We are indeed having troubling times with our two resident adult cats, Savvy who is a senior at thirteen years old and Sage who is middle aged at seven years old. They hiss, snarl at Katie, which we understand is cat speak for “not on my turf kid”!! And yes, we had Katie separate for about five months when she was first with us, and with Lilly. We do know how to introduce a new kitty.

But doing so with our two grouchy girls has been so stressful for Katie, she developed conjunctivitis and kitty chin acne. And, no, we do not feed nor water with plastic anything.

This is photo shopped

And this is what she really looks like because her eye drains constantly now.

Two vet checks later, and they believe she has a scared tear duct in her right eye which means this draining discoloration forever. As if her limp in her right front leg wasn’t enough to hold her back from being adopted.

Finally, Sunday, Community Concern For Cats, at no cost, allowed us to have Katie’s front legs/shoulders to be X-rayed. And yes, our good friend and feline expert retired Veterinarian Miss Josie found that Katie does indeed have an abnormality in her right shoulder joint. It doesn’t have the smooth joint connect that her left does. Another detriment to potential adopters, but at least now we have proof that she isn’t suffering, has adapted well and runs, plays and loves life even with this itty bitty bump!

Katie is only isolated to my very lovely office enclosure at night. She likes to have a bit of privacy and we need to sleep. We have her out as soon as she has her brekkies and she has come to join us on the bed with the other two snarky girls!

Katie literally begs them to accept her and allow her to snuggle, play with them.

I just love the view of water and birds!

and then this…

There she goes with her “show me her tummy” routine…sheesh!!

And this…

You can see my tummy, ok?

And more…

don’t ‘cha think I am sweet?

More again…

oh, are you gonna let me get a whiffy of your tail?

More simply got her a hiss from TKS…

Katie has discovered that she can have her long morning nap right near Savvy, on the outside of Savvy’s favorite tent. TKS used to grab this spot but Katie gets there faster even with her limp!! MOL!!!

Dad P and I thank all of you for believing that Kit Katie, sweet KK, has already found her forever home. However, we know that for her to live her entire life with us (and she will likely outlive us) means that she never again knows that warmth of snuggling with another kitty as she did with Lilly. She never again knows the joy of chasing and “ressling” with another kitty. Her life will be lived by half.

Katie retires to the stairs to look down on family nights, with Savvy next to me on the couch and Sage next to Dad P on his recliner chair. Katie has no place to spend time with us in this family routine. Oh yes, we try and we try, but it isn’t happening.

Dad P and I ask that any of you who are willing, please help us help precious Kit Katie find her much needed forever home. She has earned it, she deserves it.

You can find Kit Katie’s profile at the following links:

Community Concern For Cats

Contra Costa Humane Society

Petco Re-Homing

Please don’t ever think that we don’t love this very special survivor kitten. What she endured from birth until the time we rescued her from her horrific hoarding situation is unthinkable. All we care about is her ability to live a joyful life as she so deserves. Sharing her with any of your friends, relatives, contacts, etc. in the San Francisco Bay Area is greatly appreciated.

Show Katie’s badge on your blog with great pride.

Dad P and I appreciate you hangin’ around to read this blog post.


Hungry Colony Cats and a New Venture


Mom L and Dad P started their weekend off just right. They took over feeding a colony of 27 community cats, all abandoned by humans, at a local city park. And those kitties were ready for some chow!

They get a mixture of dry food, wet food and some water. This helps them build their fat for the cold winter months. And their fur coats are deep and thick now!

We had about 22 cats between the first feeding area and the second.

We are having a good bit of rain which is great for our California drought, but not so great for the colony cats who have had there primary foliage buzz cut by the city park maintenance crew. All the trees you see in the photos below used to have limbs, foliage down to the ground so we could fee the cats with more seclusion. So worried that now we won’t have the new feeding stations set to be installed later this month with more seclusion for the cats.

And Mom L and Dad P found yet another homeless camp set up right near our first feeding area. The worry is that this park is used by lots of families with young children and we never know if the homeless are using drugs. It is not safe for the kids if they get curious.

For those of you who feed large community cat colonies in public parks, this will not be new news for you. But I wanted to share the challenges Mom L faces all the time as she tries to care for our #ProjectDeltaViewCats aka PDVC. We will soon have an official Face Book page and a 501c3 page for donations. This is a partnership Mom L and Dad P have been working on for almost a year. It is a partnership between our county animal services, our City of Pittsburg and now we have finalized partnerships with Friends of Contra Costa Animal Shelters (FOCCAS) for our fund raising donation site and with Community Concern For Cats (CC4C) as our Spay/Neuter service provider!!

And—wait for it—wait for it—we just received a $5,000 grant for Return to Field efforts from Maddie’s Fund!!! #ThankstoMaddiesFund. This grant will go through CC4C to cover the cost of Spay and Neuter and some medical care and equipment needed to get our pilot program moving along the waterfront area on the California Delta in the City of Pittsburg.

So that’s how my week started, how about you? How did you week get started? What are you up to? Let me know in comments!!


PeeEss: I am still trying to help Mom L and Dad P with their appeal for help with the unexpected medical costs to bring Katie and Lilly back to health so they can find their forever home.

My Go Fund Me site has all the medical costs and more details about the battle for health with each kitten.

Thanks to all who are willing to SHARE this appeal across all avenues of social media.

My pal Brian, from Brian’s Home, asked his Dad Terry to make an awesome graphic to use as the symbol for our fundraiser appeal. Please feel free to grab it from this post and use it yourself!! Isn’t Brian the bestest??!!!

This badge is smaller version. The one below is the larger.

You can find our fundraiser here or by clicking badge below.

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