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Celebration!! Foster Pipsqueak Adopted!!!


I think Foster Pipsqueak aka Pip, must have known he was gonna be needing to get used to “packing his bags” when he decided to nap next to Dad P’s bag with Katie in it.

For those who don’t recall how Pip came to live in my castle, here’s a brief recap of his capture as a feral kitten, never touched by human hands until about 12 weeks old.

Mom L knew right away that Pip had something wrong with his right eye and she hoped that she could manage to administer eye ointment by burrito wrapping him. Well not only did that work out just fine, Pip started to purr up a storm while Mom L was holding him after administering his medication! Hours later he rolled on his side and back to let Mom L pet his tummy and he purred even more. In a day he was climbing onto Mom L’s chest and snuggling with her. He loved giving her nose kisses!

Pip and Katie became best friends and they played like crazy all over the house. They especially liked to share their food with each other.

Pip and Katie would eat out of the same dish, then one would move to the other dish and was soon followed by whoever was left at the first dish. They were so silly.

Pip grew into such a handsome boy in the almost three months he lived in my castle. He had sleek short soft fur at first.

But in the last month with us Pip started to fill out and puff out!! He was spending a lot of time growing toe tufts, ear tufts, a long floofy tail and floofy tummy. Why he even started to grow out his pants on his back hind legs.

One of his favorite wand toys had a furry thingy with little leather straps and he so liked to catch it and try to carry it away with him!!

Mom L promoted Pip all over the San Francisco bay area for at least six weeks and no one inquired about him. Our partners at Community Concern For Cats (CC4C) helped promote Pip through their social media and the few inquiries that showed up were just not right for our sweet boy.

Then the last Saturday in September, a young couple asked to meet Pip at CC4C’s adoption event at Petco. Their emails were so detailed and informative about why they were interested in Pip. They lost their senior cat to cancer a few months ago and their three year old boy cat was lonely for another cat to hang out with. Mom L really liked how the couple talked about the way their cared for their cats and they only  want a kitty to be indoors.

Well, Pip worked his magic when they met him—meaning he didn’t do a thing except allow them to pet his luxurious furs. He never gave any eye contact because at Petco there are too many loud people looking at the kitties. The couple and Mom L agreed that if their resident cat, Barsik, didn’t accept Pip, then he would come back to my castle. 

Don’t they look like cat people!! So nice

Long story short, Barsik really likes Pip! They play together and hang out together just like long lost buddies. And Miss Anastasia was hoping for a kitty that would enjoy having her hold it and cuddle it and Pip is doing all that. Barsik is more of a cat’s cat, he loves his pets but not being cuddled or picked up. So Pip will handle that part for the both of them!! Here are photos of Pip in his forever home.

He clearly loves his new humans already. He gazes in their eyes with trust.

Pip is in the best forever home any kitten could ask for. Mom L and Dad P and Katie all miss him, but I am glad he isn’t here anymore. His liveliness frightened me and made me nervous enough that I stopped eating much out of concern he would sneak up behind me. You see I am close to completely deaf. As soon as Pip was off with his forever humans, I started to eat well again and took up my place in Mom L’s office which had been Pip’s bed time space for too long. 

Isn’t he a handsome boy?



Before and After Cuteness


Just a short post today to share some much needed joy and fun with Mom L’s CC4C (Community Concern For Cats) Kitchen Clinic experiences in kitten season. If you haven’t followed my blog for long, let me tell you just a teeny bit about the CC4C Kitchen Clinic. It is literally held at Miss Gemma’s kitchen. She is the President for CC4C. Mom L and Miss Gemma’s long time friend and Doc of Vet Medicine, Doc Josie, is their presiding DVM. Doc Josie was my purrsonal feline specialist DVM for many years until she retired. She donated her time and skills to these pawsome clinics.

This litter of 4 kittens arrived a bit too small for all the tests, vaccinations that they do at this little clinic. But Doc Josie and Mom L had a great time trying to get these 4 to cooperate in a photo shoot of a “kitten pile”. MOL!!! They were all under two pounds so not so big!

Don’t you dare touch my furr sibs!!!

About a month later, this crew showed up again. And guess who was making sure all of the humans knew SHE was the new Sheriff at Kitchen Clinic???

I am the new Kitchen Clinic Sheriff and you shall not pass me!!!

Give me a shout out in comments what’cha think about this cute Kitten Mob!!



Loss and Rescue Go Paw in Paw


My readers all know that I, Mom L and Dad P, started an all volunteer organization called “Project Delta View Cats” soon after we moved to our wonderful permanent home.

Our first commitment was to make sure that an abandoned colony of cats, in out new city’s park right on the California Delta, was going to be humanely cared for. That means that we sponsor the cost of loving feeders who make sure that this colony of 20+ cats are fed once a day, with fresh water and that we also monitor their health and provide medical treatment when needed.

We regret to say one of our two most senior kitties, Homer, was found deceased at a feeding station just this last Friday. Our entire all volunteer group is in mourning for Homer’s loss. He has been at this colony most of his very long life. His loving feeders/caretakers found him collapsed next to a feeding station. Homer has been honored with a cleansing burial in a feeder’s property.

Mom L named this senior kitty who loved to have her give him pets, Homer. He had a most likely blind eye on the left, but nonetheless, darling Homer loved the attention of his human caretakers. There is no honor greater than to be accepted, trusted and even loved by an abandoned homeless community cat.

We all know that Homer is waiting for his caretakers/feeders at The Rainbow Bridge. Please take two minutes to read The Rescuers Final Reward on this link.

Our most senior kitty at this park colony is sweet gentle much loved Garfield. Our only ginger kitty.

Garfield is loved by his gentle feline guide, Miss Florence aka Florence Nightingale as she always is by his side to make sure he gets down the hill to get his soft food.

Joyfully we can now share that we have found Garfield a retirement home!! Garfield is about 16 years old, give or take a year or two. He deserves to no longer have to find a cool place in triple degree heat nor a dry, warm place in the winter.

Our heartfelt thanks go to our partners, Community Concern For Cats, for having found Garfield his retirement sanctuary. Project Delta View Cats will monitor his needs and provide him with food, and any medical care to his end of life.

Caring for abandoned community cats is so heart warming and also very heart breaking. We cannot keep them alive, just as our own house cats, forever. But, we can provide them with love, shelter, food and ongoing humane care.

Let me know in comments what you do to help your aging abandoned community cats find a healthy, loving  retirement placement.


PeeEss…you can donate to Garfield’s ongoing food, shelter, and medical costs on our web page; just note that your donation is for Garfield.

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