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Friday Memes Continue


First up is yours truly—ME!

I’m hoping this meme will get some of my readers started talking about just where our feral cats look for their next meal. Will it be you? Please help by donating DRY CAT FOOD to your local cat rescues who focus on TNR and feeding our feral aka community cat colonies.

Now moving on to my newest cousin, Miss Dazee. She was rescued by Mom L’s massage specialist during the Napa fires. Miss Dazee was a stray cat surrendered to a Napa public shelter. She had to be relocated to make room for the fast growing number of “owned” cats being brought to the shelters when the humans could not take their kitties with them to local human shelters.

So Miss Dazee is learning to rule her very own human castle. How do you think she is doing so far?

Don’t you think our pals from Trout Towne Tabbies are gonna luvluvluv Miss Daizee’s attitude about burds?

And my closing meme is from another guest. Please welcome Bowzer!! Mr. Bowzer is a part Rag-a-Muffin cat who Mom L and I helped rescue from the streets in our new home city. He had a really bad ouie on his hind paw that required a drain and lots of pain meds for the gentle giant Bowzer. You see Bowzer was abandoned on the streets, and even thought weighing in at over fifteen pounds, he is indeed a gentle giant!

Here he was, after finally getting that nasty cone of shame off, taking his first good kitty spit baff for like a week!! And there are the lady cats—all wanting selfies with his mancatly magnificence!

So how did I do this week with my Friday Memes? Do you have your Friday smile goin’ yet???




Friday Memes Just for You


My memes this week offer a little bit for everyone I think. First up is my look alike pal Hitch from my RWB, Miss Dorothy’s feline home.

I don’t know about any of you but I can totally relate to Hitch’s feelings sometimes when TKS is buggin’ the heck outta me!!

Next up is my own interpretation of how to avoid those things in life we don’t wanna deal with…na’mean??

Now come on peeps!! Don’t you all wish, just once, you could enjoy using our feline magical tissue paper to hide just a bit from your worldly troubles??? Let me hear a shout out from the peeps in comments!

Next up is one of my bestest feline gal pals in the UK. Hear, hear from Erin the Cat Princess !

*snicker* Come on my pals, guess what Princess Erin is hiding under one of her front paws!! You might just WIN SOMETHING!!

There you go, my Friday Memes, Just for You.



Friday Memes


Hope you like my memes this week. I created a meme for a kitty who meant the world to his family and to me. Pumpkin rushed over The Bridge this week without even time to say goodbye to his brofur Tiger…

Miss you brofur…

…and his pals Hitch…

Ceiling Cat take care of Pumpkin purrlease

…and Mistletoe…the senior ladycat…

Miss you buddy, really I do

…and his humans Miss Dorothy and Mr Jacob. You see Miss Dorothy has been one of my most long time followers and she is what I call a RWB or Reader Without a Blog. So to honor sweet Pumpkin I made this meme for his family left behind. I hope it will help them smile through their tears.

Next up is a little somethin’ somethin’ TKS made up for you. She looks like this a lot—care to guess why?

And my last meme is more of a kind’a asspurration, but I think it might just put a Friday Smile on some your faces just the same.

Hope to hear from you in comments what’ya think of my memes this week.


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