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Friday Memes


It’s that time of the week to chill’ax and have a laugh or twelve before the humans get to their weak-o-end! Are you ready for some smiles??!!

Let me hear in comments if you giggled, snickered or guffawed!

Starting off with one of my favorite “looks”.

Now how can I possible attempt to even try to clarify for TKS that there is a “set” relationship between humans and us cats? Can any of you offer me advice in comments about how I can help her understand the little “nuisances” about this relationship??

And I simply cannot leave you without another insight into all things about “cat furramily”.


Ssqueee Cat Photo Reader Captions


Thank you to my two readers who joined in the fun of my latest “Caption Game” using my “squeee cats” from Mom L’s Kitchen Cat Clinic offered each week by Community Concern 4 Cats for fosters and their cats.

I invited my readers to provide captions for one or all of the photos. Only two readers joined but nonetheless, their captions were right on target!! Thank you my BFGF Stunning Keisha and Momma Kat and Bear Cat for your participation.

Brown Tabby Adult Male

Photo One

DId I hear you say somethin' about my ears?

Stunning Keisha: No, I’m not Brian Frum although we’re both very handsome.

Photo Two

Hey, you're twistin' my neck!

Stunning Keisha: Yeah, I do have his markings. We’re both tabbies

Photo Three

Don't make me smacky paw you!

Stunning Keisha: You can check my fingerprints if you don’t believe me.

Photo Four

Arrgghh! Stop that nonsense. Remember my paw!

Stunning Keisha: Apparently they don’t believe me and have to look for DNA or something.

Tabby with White Kitten

Photo Five

You're choking me!!

Photo Six

Look into my blue eyes and melt away

Momma Kat and Bear Cat: No one said anything about a NEEDLE?!!?!

I was hoping this might be more fun that my Meme Friday which took a bit longer to become a failed effort,  but I guess not. Back to the drawing board. I sure do appreciate the readers who participated in both of my failed attempts to come up with something fun/funny for a weekly participation blog post. If you have any ideas you want me to try, please leave your suggestions in my comments.


Momma Kat with two kittens behind her

Momma Kat with two kittens behind her


Are You Ready for Friday Cat Memes?


Hope you arrived at my blog with your giggle ears on!

TKS steals treat

You know TKS does the ole’ kitty dumpster dive in the mornings to rediscover each and every day where Mom L has stashed our cat treats. Well, TKS stopped doing this about three months ago. And just this last week—TKS started it all up again!

Now let me introduce you to some kitties who appeared at the now infamous Cat Kitchen Clinic (CKC) for Community Concern 4 Cats (CC4C). Mom L totally enjoys each and every weekly CKC because all the kitties are street cats aka community cats aka alley cats.

luvluvluv my schmousie

This cute Russian Blue kitten is apparently a foster fail! SHOCK!!!

lumps in my bed

On the left in the above photo is a mancat known as “Sweet William”. Apparently, he attracts all female cats to his “boudoir” as it were. That orange and white ladycat is clearly not purrleased to find there was already a Russian Blue ladycat ensconced in Sweet William’s bed before her!!! Willy is a true ladycat magnet!!!

Hope you had a good time visiting. Thanks lots for stopping by.


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