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Friday Memes Will Always Be Here


Ahem…koff…koff. Well I did not mean to trouble my loyal readers with my last post where I mention I am not sure if I outta blog anymore. Ya see, I write for all of YOU! And I didn’t know or understand I have such loyal readers no matter the numbers. So as long as I have pals who come by from time to time, I let Mom L know I wanna keep my bloggy goin’ for now. Purrs to all of you who left so many appreciative comments.

I am having a nap in our new bedroom chair. Don’t I look great on it? Unfortunately Dad P thought my dark gray furs might stick so now I have a bright turquoise beach towel spread over it and frankly, I think I look fab!

Now for the memes. My readers know how much I totally luvluvluv my peacock feathers. My BFGF Cathy Keisha gave a shout out to Mom L when I first came to live here to let her know I probably couldn’t refuse one and CK was right!

As all house panthers know, the human celebration of all hallows eve is coming up and bein’ a totally black cat is not always safe. What do you think of TKS’ attempt to blend into the furniture as a way of keepin’ outta the way for this human event?

And lots of you wanna keep up on the future of our two foster brothers so I thought you might get a kick outta seein’ the inside of their “actual” relationship!!

There you have it, Friday Memes are alive and well!


Friday Memes Just For You!


I am back with some fun, fun, fun Friday Memes. My first one is from my pals at Kitty Platoon. They are always good for a laugh or a bazillion!!

Of course Sargent Smokey was indulging in the baby’s crib merchandise, but we all get the image, right?

I know you have probably been missing The Kid Sage so I asked her to come up with a meme for her fans.

What’cha think? Does she have that head tilt all models want? Including that far away gaze?? Let TKS know your thoughts in comments purrlease.

And of course I wanted to add my very own meme and I hope all my feline pals will agree with me. Humans still a gazillion things to learn about “cat body language”. What is “yes” to one cat is a definite “no” to another. Humans gotta get it that we are not ALL alike, na’mean???


Memes, memes and more memes!!


My first meme is from my pals at 15 and Meowing! They have been so kind to offer photos as guest memes. Let’s give them a round of APAWS!! This is precious Phoebe. I suspect Phoebe is getting impatient for the hippity hoppity bunny to turn into nipchocolate.


Of course we all know kitties must keep their distance from all things human chocolate, but that nipchocolate is safe as safe can be!

And as you can imagine, TKS is not having anything to do with the humans’ word “wait”! It simply doesn’t translate into her MEOW vocabulary. How does it translate into your vocabulary? Let us know in comments, purrlease!

As my readers know, I have a bit of a problem with my errant, elegant white long whiskers. This is my dream.

Am I the only kitty with such errant whiskers? Come on now, add a photo in comments to support me in knowing I am not alone.




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