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Friday Memes with Guests


First off, up front and center is another contribution from my woofie pal Phinny! He is Angel Easy’s little brofur. Phinny is taking after his angel brofur and learning to get into all kinds of mischief. But one thing for sure, he does hesitate at snatching fruits when he counter surfs.

And once again my pals from The Kitty Platoon have submitted another Tabby Cat featuring Captain Fokker when he was younger and a bit more—ahem!—cough! —well let’s just say a “bit more robust” and leave it at that.

And I simply could not leave you without one of my very own stellar memes featuring me of course!

I am sure missing all my pals who are attending Blog Paws conference this week and wish them all the best time ever.


One Meme, Two Memes—Friday Memes For You


Another willing blog pal has offered some photos as guest  memes today. If you haven’t already met my gal pal in England, Erin the Cat Princess, well then you can get to know her now!

Erin had a tough few years in her early life, but she is THE Princess of her very own castle now. And her Peep is her devoted servant—at least when he is allowed to remain in country.

I know you all adore TKS so I decided to let her end this week’s Friday At The Memes!

There you have it. Let me hear your yeowls, meows, howls and squeeks in comments if you got at least a little chuckle from today’s Friday At The Memes!


“Meme” an image I laugh about—


I have some way cool memes for you today. And one of my longest woofie blog pals has agreed to be a guest Memester today!

APAWS for Phinny from his and his Angel Brofur Easy’s blog Easy Rider!

My other guest Meme-ster is a repeat visit from The Kitty Platoon. If you are  gonna travel you need to beware the Tabby Platoon Patrol Rotation!

I couldn’t help but include TKS—she is such a Meme Diva!

That’s all I get?

Today you get four memes!!

I luvluvluv learning which Memes ring out loud for my readers—so give me a shout out in my comments if you have time.



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