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Friday Memes Are Back Again!


Just  a little “oopsie” last Friday on my meme post. What’s that you say? There wasn’t a Friday meme post last Friday? Why you are totally correct! That’s where the “oopsie” comes in you see? I had my memes all ready for the typist, aka Mom L, and she went and scrunched up some silly little back muscle. So, no Friday meme post for me. Not sure how her problem became “my” problem, but there you have it, it did and that’s that.

Here we are back again for Friday Memes!! Woo Hoo!!!

First up is me, of course. And I have some wisdom to share with all my pals.

Surely you must all agree with my suggesting we need to try different perspectives from which to observe human behavior if we are ever to make any sense of it at all, right?

Next up is one of the sweetest, most skilled head bumping cat we have pulled from the colony of community cats near where we live. Miss Gemma gives head bumps like no other cat. Why I think she could push Mom L right through a wall she shoves her head into her hand with such strength. Miss Gemma can be found at Pet Food Express in Walnut Creek, CA and as you can see from her meme, she is pretty tired of waiting for her forever family to find her.

I’ll be posting more about Gemma and hope you will share her to speed her along in her search.

My last meme is from my dear gal pal in the Uk— Erin the Cat Princess.

And there you have it. From a well educated Princess’ perspective, and done from a considerable height—our Earth is more like a coin than an orange, na’ mean???

Hope you enjoyed my Friday memes.



Memes for All


I’m gonna get right to my first meme. Yours truly is startin’ off the memes this week. This one is for my pal across the bay, King Spitty!

Think about THAT King Spitty!!

Next up I know my readers have enjoyed seeing some of my Paw It Forward rescue cats show up in my memes. So here you have two of my latest rescue kitties.

First sweet Koko you all met in an earlier blog post right here!

Mom L and Dad P go to visit Koko at his Pet Food Express “temp” home. He is gonna get a new roomie tomorrow, but you have to come back on Monday to learn who that is.

And now for adorable Pumpkin, all fourteen pounds of him!! He already has rescue partners wanting to transfer him from my county animal services to their own rescues.

Don’t you think just about anyone would want this lovely mancat???

Let me know in comments if you enjoy seeing some of my Paw It Forward cats show up in Friday Memes. I like to keep this light and fun and don’t wanna have my readers miss out on the silliness TKS and I are known for.


Luvluvluv me some Friday Memes!


Back again as I promised, with my newly created Friday Cat Memes. Of course I could do any specie of “memes” if only readers are willing to send Mom L some photos for me to play with…just sayin’…

Now, on to the first meme. Some of my long time readers will recall my lovely Reader Without a Blog, Ms. Dinah. Sadly she dashed to The Bridge couple of years ago and her housekeeper Ms. Martha, who always called herself “housekeeper” for sweet Dinah, has been searching for “just” the purrfect kitty to join her home.

Meet MARIAN!!! She is about ten years old and she was in need of a new forever home. Ms. Martha opened up her door and called “here Marian!” and that’s the end of the story. A Happy Tails Ending!!

Of course The Kid Sage just had to show up this week, so here she is in all her glory! Let me know in comments if you share TKS’ opinion of what “humans” think boxes are for.

And then there is my contribution for this weeks Friday Memes.

I am sure you all know the stoopy sign language your humans use when they are getting ready to grab place you in a carrier for some silly thing such as the Vet place. What do you humans do? Let me hear from expert woofies and kitties!!

Hope you all enjoy my Friday Memes!


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