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Friday Memes for your Friday Smiles


Hey my pals, I know that our humans are going through a pandemic related to COVID 19 and they are in need of all the support we can give them. So I decided that my Friday Memes were gonna be good medicine for our humans and bring some smiles where they really need them.

So, in comments, leave me a photo that you want me to share next Friday and I will write a meme for that photo—Okay??

Right, moving on—

Who knew Katie was an art critic?

Just wonderin’—have any of you noticed this weird behavior? What the heck are our humans doing?? Thankfully Mom L and Dad P gave their stash away so’s they could store more noms for the community cats that Project Delta View Cats is still trying to feed in this time of uncertainty. Does your community now limit the amount of cat food your humans can buy? What a mess.

Kit Katie is still trying to get this “social distancing” measurement right. How are you managing? As for me, I stick to Mom L as close as I can!!!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I am back again with my pals from Miss Dorothy and Mr Jacob’s furramily.  Today I have sweet Maeve making her announcement about just where she thinks she fits in the new furramily.

Next up is silly darling abandoned Priscilla aka Prissy. Our pet sitter Miss Kandi found Prissy joining her little colony at our local yacht club by the California Delta. Thankfully, Prissy allowed Miss Kandi to pick her up and bring her to Mom L and Dad P. She is now spayed, prolly less than a year old, thankfully NOT pregnant!! No microchip. And WHAT A LOVER!!!

We live in the San Francisco bay area where six counties agreed on Monday the 16th, to mandate “Shelter In Place”. After that took effect Monday night at midnight, all our municipal shelters shut down intake and adoptions. And, our low cost spay neuter clinic closed too. Thankfully Miss Prissy was spayed on Monday, but then Mom L had no place to take her for an adoption path and we cannot foster her here past her surgery recovery.

YAY!! For one of our Project Delta View Cats volunteers for being able to take little Prissy into her home to foster until our “Shelter In Place” order is rescinded and our adoption paths open once again.

And yes, Prissy’s foster assured Mom L and Dad P that they “didn’t have to worry about Prissy anymore”. WINK, WINK.

And of course TKS had to have her meme added this week.

There you have it!! My Friday Memes for your Friday Smiles for this week. I’d sure appreciate learning which one caught your eye this week!


Friday Memes for your Friday Smiles


Here are your first ever peeks looking at Miss Dorothy’s new kitties. She is a Reader Without A Blog and has been a loyal follower of my blog since the very beginning. Miss Dorothy and I are like best buds! And her heart kitty, one of my very closest Best Feline Gal Pals, Mistletoe, was also featured in my “Real Rescue Cats Are Talking” series in 2012.

Mistletoe and I have so much in common. She took a very long time to reveal her REAL SELF to her Mom Dorothy, just like I have been revealing my REAL SELF to Mom L and Dad P. Sadly Mistletoe had to dash off to The Bridge, but Miss Dorothy and her son Jacob welcomed in two new furramily additions. The lovely Miss Maeve is black and white and the handsome Mr Korey is a Russian Blue.

First up is Mr Korey. He is such a silly mancat!

Next up is cutie pie Hitch who was sweet Mistletoe’s long time companion.


Crazypants Hitch!! He thought he was asking for the fishy roe!!!

Now here is Miss Maeve showing off her bestest attitude!

Last up is an interaction between me and my sisfur Katie.  And yes, I am now willing to accept that she is a sisfur!!

That’s all I have to say for my Friday Memes for your Friday smiles. Let me know if any of these tickled your smile!!


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