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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


My memes this week are all from guests. I am purrsonally excited and hope you will be giggling!

First up is gorgeous Maui from the famous Katnip Lounge blog.

Next is a kitty who we cannot find in our requests for permissions to use this photo. “embarrassed” Savvy.

Hope you got a little giggle or two from my memes. We are still busy, busy in Nor California with a loooooonnnnggggg kitten season. Hope my readers will let me know how you are doing in your area with abandoned community cat rescue. We struggle.


Friday Memes for your Friday Smiles


I have guest meme photos and one I cooked up especially for all of you from me!

Don’t ya miss not  being able to select your own tidbit off a human’s plate?  Thankfully I got to point with my nose so’s Mom L knew just which part of that chik-hen I wanted!

This is Paloma, the mom cat with the broken front leg. She was rescued by one of Project Delta View Cats’ feeders who loves her very much. And you know she had a very Happy Tails Ending. But she was relieved to have her kittens find dining somewhere else!! MOL!!!

And this is darling Opal from former Cult of Otis blog. I’m guessing that she was done with her walkies—what do you think? 

I luvluvluv my belly in a sun puddle. Do you? show me in comment your best belly sun puddle nap purrlease.


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I have some fun memes to get your week-o-end started with a smile!

Do any of you ever think about what choices you are making for all those lives we get to use? What’cha thinking in comments purrlease!

We all know that any kitty who allows its toesies to be touched is a very special kitty for sure, right? Purrsonally, I only allow Mom L to once in a blue moon touch my toesies. How’s about all of you??

Now I do not do this thing humans call “yoga” but Mom L does. And yeah, she can stay in a very relaxed position longer than needed. Do you guys think I outta worry about her??


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