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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


So here’s the dealio. I decided to search through my “Vintage Savannah Friday Memes” to use in my post today. Hope you do not mind recycling these memes. Let me know in comments if you don’t mind having some “Vintage” posts now and then. The photos are from the Kitchen Clinic Mom L supports.

First upβ€”

The adults at the clinic know that they are not there for a “play day”.

And some of the adults try to fantasize their way outta thinkin’ about what’s happening to them!

Hope you enjoyed our “Vintage Savannah Frida Memes”. Be honest, let me know what’cha think!


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12 thoughts on “Friday Memes for Friday Smiles

  1. meowmeowmans on said:

    Classic memes, and they still made us laugh!

  2. They are new to us, so we loved them!!

  3. They sure made us smile!

  4. S & S & K….vintage iz grate….we wood N joy see in more grate memes like theez !! πŸ™‚ β™₯β™₯

  5. Hawwooooo! Play bows,


  6. chrisscatmeow on said:


  7. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    We love the vintage memes Savanah! They remind us of our vintage humans! 😻

  8. What cute memes!

  9. Awesome, and I think we felines can all relate to those sort of memes, especially thecold whats it up the you-know-where, MOL
    Have an awesome week, staysafe and well.

  10. we are with you… those with that thumbs come from outer space LOL

  11. Those were fantastic!

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