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Friday Memes for your Friday Smiles


I am baaaaaccckkk!! And firing on at least 7 of my 9 engines aka “lives”!! Still workin’ on gettin’ my energy back and building some weight gain, but heck, I am an abandoned shelter cat!! And if I found my forever castle I can get through this!

On to my Friday Memes for helping you all get your Friday Smiles goin’!

First up is TKS. She just had to get on this week’s memes. I gotta know how many of you are smiling after you see her meme. If I don’t hear from you loud and clear, I may have to ban her from memes for a while. Just sayin”!

Clearly TKS is concerned about all the rotten media stating that cats cause so much wildlife ruin in the world. What do you think?

Of course I just knew you would all wanna see my own person meme this week, so you gotta let me know what you think in my comments, purrlease!

And now for my surprise guest meme photo. Please welcome Sir Levi. An extraordinary cat who is convinced he can influence a dog to thinking it is a cat!! Sir Levi has a human companion, Miss Jill, who volunteers with my Project Delta View Cats abandoned community cat rescue targeting our city of Pittsburg, CA. Miss Jill is a kitty rescuer and all around animal advocate!

There you have it! My Friday Memes for Friday Smiles. I sure do hope you are all smiling now!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


Actually I am not officially “here”. You see Mom L and Dad P are bringing me home from hospital stay of three nights on Friday. So I have delegated to TKS and KK to create this week’s Friday Memes. Mom L agreed to help them out. Hope they did a good job and that when I get home and check my blog comments I hear that you are all smiling!

First up is Dot Kitten from my best ever pals in New Zealand—Dash Kitten Team!

That is Dot Kitten hearing USA country western for the first time. Hopefully she turns on some hot jazz and blues next!!

And here are the brothers Jamie and Jay V from the New Kitty Platoon. Not even a year old and they are already arguing over who gets what at their first Christmas!

Hope you have your Friday smiles going. Let me know.


Flashback: Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I picked out a couple of memes from the time I started doing them. Hope you enjoy them a second time around.

First up is from a long time pal, Reader Without a Blog (RWB), Miss Dorothy and her Angel kitty Tiger doin’ his best ever “Flash Dance” improv!

Another log time pal, Miss Josie, my former feline specialist vet, now retired and her tabby cat family.

How did they do for your Friday Smile the second time around? Let me hear from you in comments!


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