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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I’m back with some ticklers to get you into your Friday smiles.

Let me ask you if you are a “greeter at the door” when neighbors drop over to visit. Or, are you a ” who invited you” greeter?

Guess you can tell what kind of “welcome party” I am, na’mean??

And TKS has a revelation for those of you who hear things in the night. She says there is always a fall back position to easy your fears.

TKS uses this all the time!! Do you??

This last one is from our former foster rescue, abandoned sweet Miss Penelope. Yes, she is still biting, but…she is trying to become an indoor kitty at our neighbor’s home. She just needs lots of special attention and if nothing else, we know they will care for her forever.

Hope you enjoyed my selection for your this week.


Friday Memes and Friday Smiles


I wasn’t sure that Mom L would make it to my keyboard to get this post up in time but by golly she did!!

Let’s get started with my guest meme from the Crew at Dash Kitten. Those who have known me a long while will recognize Silver as one of my AdventurCat pals.

Crazy pants Silver. Of course something touched your feet!! You were outside!!!

Next up is story in a meme.

Yup!! Make those big guy cats a tad lighter in their “rear ends” and we are on our way to fewer abandoned, homeless community cats! Just sayin’.

Of course we had to add one meme from the home front.

Let me hear in comments if any of my memes caught your Friday smile headed to a Friday grin!!!


Friday Memes For You


My memes today family oriented—sort’a. I mean they are just with me and TKS. Not so sure we’d call ourselves “family”, na’ mean?

You can see that TKS and I were having a bit of a stand off in that photo above. Still are actually—we’ve been staring at each other for about five years now and waiting to see who blinks first!!

You can probably guess what my decision was, right? TKS and I have been managing our ‘relationship’ for a while now and some things have indeed changed. I let her sleep on my our big bed at night with Dad P and Mom L as long as she stays on her side. I even allow her to eat in the same room with me, sometimes.

I can see some of you have your Friday Smile going already so get out there and have the best day you ever wanted!!




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