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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I have a couple more guest photos today and one from me, myself and I! Enjoy!

Yep that’s my pal JV after he was told to put all the wrapping paper back on the prezzies he tore gently opened. Bummer!

This kitten discovered early the secret all cats know—no eye contact makes all humans disappear. No, really, I mean it—*snuff* just like that and they are gone the instant a cat looks away. Magic

I don’t know what the big deal is every time I leave my “solid deposit” in the litter box. So it smokes a bit after—doesn’t bother me. Do your humans have a hissy fit when you leave them something to scope outta the box? Let me know in comments.


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18 thoughts on “Friday Memes for Friday Smiles

  1. Love the middle one

  2. Sandra Hangey on said:

    oops forgot to say, we have no litter box, but we do have a big black dog who leaves steaming deposits in the yard, and we have to PICK THEM UP… tell your parents there are worse things than litter box pick up

  3. Sandra Hangey on said:

    sending POTP and love and prayers for Savannah.

  4. Your memes are fantastic, Savvy and I can relate myself to a few too..MOL… Healing Pawkisses and purrayers to feel better soon are continue your way🙏🐾😽💞

  5. savvy; werd on de streetz iz ewe knead sum blessingz frum St Francis….ewe got em with plentee ta spare; we due knot haz face book sew we hope thiz message findz ewe aye oh kay N arthur itiz haz leeved de building….♥♥♥ pawz crossed de vet purrson helpz ewe out ♥♥♥

  6. Honestly, maybe the Humans just shouldn’t hang around the litter box so much! I mean, *their* deposits don’t exactly smell like carnations either!

  7. meowmeowmans on said:

    These are so much fun, Savvy. Ava runs away from the litter box whenever she leaves a smoker. MOL.

    Since we’re here on Sunday, we want to check to see how you are doing this morning. Paws crossed, and POTP on the way. XO

  8. 15andmeowing on said:

    These are great.

  9. C’mon, Savvy…everybuddy knows a cats sh!t doens’t stink. 😉

  10. Those were darn good, especial the still smokin’ one!

  11. Savannah I have to admit I am the big stinker at our house. As I like to build with Logs Hee Hee

  12. Those were good ones, today.

  13. S & S & K…..grate memez two day bye everee one….. hope everee one out ther iz safe N healthee….happee week end 🙂 ♥♥

  14. Definitely describe them all as ‘Smokin’!’ As to litter box jokes, which is what we call them, Mrs H just groans, gets a clothes peg, and gets on in with a trowel, MOL

  15. It’s not the buck stops here it’s the present stops here! RIP TEAR RIP!!!!!

  16. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    But aren’t all prezzies for the cats?

  17. Thank you for the fun memes today!

  18. what the prezzies are not yours? well… take them anyway…

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