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Artistic Foster Kitten Pipsqueak


Turns out my newbie foster kitten, Pipsqueak aka Pip, has some artist talent in him. Who knew a street cat could be so creative??!!

Mom L turned Pip and his sidekick Katie loose on her iPad and their efforts and team work created a very stunning piece of art. But, I’ll leave it to my readers’ judgment about whether or not it’s as pawsome as I think.

Pip’s interest in art showed up when he tried to help Mom L get the photos properly edited for me to write my Friday Memes for Friday Smiles. I must say that he selected his edits with care and taste for making the photo look natural.

His next opportunity came when he got access to the iPad. It started out with a blank slate, just that stoopy schmousie that runs all over the screen eeekking and wiggling its tail. You know the game I mean, right?

Pip asked Katie to take a look and assist him in getting things started. You see Pip was a bit shy at first to start paw whapping that schmousie, but foster sisfur Katie had no problem giving it a few whacks to show Pip how it’s done.

Katie then backed off and did some coaching while Pip tried it out.

Now he was on a roll!! He got down up close and purrsonal with that schmousie and all the colors created whenever Pip whapped him one.

Pip stopped to admire his art work and to consider just how he wanted to complete it.


Pip’s final art piece revealed!!

If you have created your own artwork, please share in comments!! I’d luvluvluv seeing what my pals are creating!



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17 thoughts on “Artistic Foster Kitten Pipsqueak

  1. Definite talent there

  2. chrisscatmeow on said:

    Very artistic.x😸😻💜🐾

  3. One of our Angel kitties would have been good at that, he would get on top of the TV and bash at whatever he saw moving on the screen…

    Bravo, Pip!

  4. Carole Schulman on said:

    Mom said she would fire up the iPad and let me play since I got my claws cutted.

  5. meowmeowmans on said:

    WHOA. Pip has some serious artistic chops. And how nice of Katie to get his started. 🙂

  6. That is so cool. I have to have my Rosie try that.

  7. Wow! Pip is a true PiCATso!

  8. That is a great painting ! Hurrah for Pip (and Katie)

  9. My mouses, Pip, you really ARE one very talented kitty. Bet they’ll be askin’ you to do a show at some point. Can you imagine? An ENTIRE GALLERY with nothin’ but YOUR art. MOUSES!

  10. What a grand bit of art Pip! No more Pipsqueek fur sure you are now the cat artist about town known as Pip!

  11. dood !!!! yur art peace total lee rox; ewe could sellz it N make a for chewn for yur self N yur shelter N yur palz S & S & K !!!! 🙂 ♥♥♥

  12. That was sure some serious artsy fun!

  13. Carole Schulman on said:

    Oh I did but not now. I will do more and show ya.XX Katie Isabella

  14. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Pip is confused. He thinks he’s really Jackson Pollock.😆

  15. I think it turned out really well! The only one around here who ever showed that type of artistic inclination is Boodie. Nobody else felt like messing with the iPad.

  16. wow pip that is super art… we suggest a place in da louvre ;O)

  17. That was so nice of Katie to give a demo. The final artwork shows a lot of skill for one so early in their career as an artist 😉 Pip will go far I am sure, and maybe teach the rest of the clan a thing or three 😉

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