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Friday Memes For You


My memes today family oriented—sort’a. I mean they are just with me and TKS. Not so sure we’d call ourselves “family”, na’ mean?

You can see that TKS and I were having a bit of a stand off in that photo above. Still are actually—we’ve been staring at each other for about five years now and waiting to see who blinks first!!

You can probably guess what my decision was, right? TKS and I have been managing our ‘relationship’ for a while now and some things have indeed changed. I let her sleep on my our big bed at night with Dad P and Mom L as long as she stays on her side. I even allow her to eat in the same room with me, sometimes.

I can see some of you have your Friday Smile going already so get out there and have the best day you ever wanted!!




Yoo Hoo!!! Friday Memes Just for You!


My new memes are sure to get your Friday smiles and grins movin’ around on your faces. Just check out the first one.

This cute little pittie girl joined her human and my Mom L and Dad P at a totally awesome fund raising event, Pint for Paws,  for Berkeley Humane Society. Mom L and Dad P and I believe if we support our fellow rescues then it all comes back to us eventually one way or another. This non-profit has helped us rescue some kitties and we know they do great things.

Of course TKS just had to get one in of her own.

What more can I say. TKS is totally obsessed with her favorite spot on the bed next to “her” Dad P during our morning routine. Of course, I, Princess Savannah, am far more willing to share the bed space with TKS and that whatever her name is, KK (Kit Katie).

Well I bet’cha none of my readers ever have a problem when they are at that doctor place and they hear “temperature”!! MOL!!

This cute young adult kitty girl is now residing in Mom L’s office in a large cage. She was found by our neighbor’s who told us she was “very friendly”. And she was, for like thirty seconds, then she would start to growl. Hmmmmmm—nonetheless—Mom L picked the kitty up on Sunday, in a carrier, and we took her to the cat clinic run by our pals Community Concern For Cats.  We needed her checked for a microchip, and to learn if she was female or male and did she need to be “fixed”.

A few more snarls and growls later—and Miss Penelope (Mom L names her) was determined to be “female”, “pregnant”, and no chip.

So we picked her up and brought her home for recovery. She continued to snarl and yet she also wanted to be pet. So back she went to see a Veterinarian, and we learned she had some pain from an injection site so she received a mild pain med.

Who knew!!! Miss Penelope became the most adorable, chilled kitty ever!! And then last night Mom L discovered the unthinkable—Miss Penelope is declawed!!!!!!

YES!! She was abandoned by an apartment renter near us, not spayed, not chipped and declawed! Outrageous I say!!! What say all of you my readers???

So Miss Penelope will be kept in my castle until she is fully recovered from her surgery and then we will find an adoption path for her.

That’s if from me!!


Friday Memes are back again!


It’s time to get those Friday Smiles going again. I have a guest today that everyone knows!!

She is a Queen!! Enter Her Royal Highness Queen Katie Isabella!!

There you have it! I bring you Queen Katie Isabella who lacks nothing when it comes to her regal image and yet, lacks a good bit when it comes to having what the humans call a “poker face”!!! She knows exactly where those “car rides” end up and it ain’t pretty from where she sits when she sings the song of her people in the carrier!!!

And another well known guest today, one of my lovely pals from across the pond.

Yes you are correct. That is indeedy do Ms. Erin the Cat Princess. And might I add a darn good writer as well! You simply MUST be reading her blog as she has the best ever sense of cat humor!

Here’s hoping you enjoyed my guest memes today. Let me know what’cha think in comments.

And just thought I would ask, if you, my blog followers, might consider “liking” our new Facebook page for my Paw It Forward  program @deltaviewcats. We sure do need more likes and followers ‘cuz the Facebook masters don’t wanna share our posts unless we have lots more “likes/followerd”. We have one hundred but need like a kabillion more!! Appreciate your support pals!!


Community Concern For Cats

Contra Costa Humane Society

Petco Re-Homing


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