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Friday Memes for Your Friday Smiles


I have a couple of guest meme photos I think you are really gonna luvluvluv. BUT, I won’t know if you do unless you give them a shout out in my comments. Both are Facebook pals and agreed to allow me to use their photos.

That’s Murphy. And I bet’cha lots of my readers already wanna rub that delightfully floofy tummy furrs. But you better follow Murphy’s protocols!!

Widget’s human is also a Facebook pal of Mom L’s. She gave permission to use this photo of her girl Josie aka Widget to family. I just know ALL OF YOU unnerstand just what she is sayin’ to the human behind that camera!!! RIGHT?? Some stuff is just, well…private!

Of course this is my own meme. And yes kittehs, we must constantly be one the look out for whatever our humans are putting on their “to do lists”. Ceiling Cat help us, we might be on that list, na’mean???

Have a very happy smiley Friday.


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I’m thinking I have some memes today that will bring real giggles and chuckles. Let me know in comments if my hunch is right!

I don’t think TKS remembers that following Buddha means accepting responsibility for your own actions…MOL!

Did you get really close to the screen and hear her?

There you have it! Hope you had as much fun reading them as I did creating them.


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


Hey guys, I so apologize I missed my Monday Meowsie News blog post. My castle has been filled with crazy busy activity and I could not get Mom L to loan me her opposable thumbs for even a minute!

But here I am, back with my popular and fun Friday Memes for Friday Smiles post. Let’s get going…!!

Do you ever get the impression that our humans think our kitty spit is somehow better than their human sanitizer in a bottle? What else do they keep asking us to “lick” gunk off their fingers???

And here you have my new pal Sebastian. He lives with my much loved pet sitter Miss Kandi on a boat!

And Emmet is back again!! He, along with his sisfur Opal, live with Miss Julie and Mr Kevin from The Cult of Otis fame.

Betcha have a smile going now, don’t you?


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