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Friday Memes


My Friday memes are all ready for your enjoyment, but first a bit of great news.

My last post was not a very happy one except that Katie and Lilly were returned, not just dropped off in a field somewhere. But Mom L and Dad P knew that splitting up this bonded pair would give Lilly a greater chance at having her own home. And they sure were right. Lilly was adopted after spending only five days back at Kitty Corner!! She is off to a home with another younger cat and one senior cat. No children in the home this time!!!


And now for your Friday smile makers!

This comes from my pal Hitch, and his Angel brothers Pumpkin and Tigger, at Miss Dorothy’s and her son Jacob’s home.

TKS wanted to be sure to get one done for you so she rushed around and came up with this. Let her know what you think in comments.

I know you all miss seeing me so I tossed in a meme of my own. Tell me in comments what’cha think about it.

There you have my Friday Memes for Friday Smiles, edition 9,876,912,309,865,000.


Memes for My Friends


I am very regretful that I missed my Monday blog post. Mom L was trying to trap three male cats that we are feeding across from my castle. Their regular feeder Miss Kandi fell and broke her leggy so we are helping out. Those boycats really need to get neutered!

On that note, here you go for your first meme for today.

Murphy was clearly not pleased with the outcome of his trip to get snipped!!

And The Kid Sage can’t stop fussin’ about how her most recent selfie attempts are gonna affect her glamorous image she has of herself. What do you think?

And what house panfurr can’t relate to this?

There you have it. My Friday Memes for your viewing pleasure. Hope one of them got your smile started!


PeeEss: Stop by on Monday ‘cuz I have some updates on Katie and Lilly



Friday Memes with Smiles and Tears


Let’s get right to the Friday Smiles part!

And as you can see, I have my whiskers ordered to ATTENTION!!

Of course TKS wanted to join in the Friday fun.

Sad, sad, sad…but she is Dad P’s daughter. Both luvluvluv whatever chimes their bells. Actually TKS goes for the plain vanilla ice cream but Dad P is the “choco-holic”. And don’t even start to comment about chocolate being dangerous to us kitties. This is a fun meme!!! We know chocolate is bad for us kitties!

Last meme, not a funny one, but certainly one that is ever so poignant and sad. My early followers will recall the desperate struggle Mom L and Dad P went through in 2013 to save our Cuzin Leo. All of Blogville helped with his medical costs and sending him the most effective healing purrs.

Sadly, Leo chose to make his final trip Over The Rainbow Bridge in December, 2018.  He struggled with heart issues, probable kidney issues, undetected by Dad Dave. Leo’s death has weighed heavily on Mom L and Dad P. I think we will write a tribute for him in the coming weeks. But his loss hit very hard. Mom L will work with me to tell Leo’s story later.

For now, please, hear his appreciation for all that Blogville did for him in his struggle to live through hepatic lipidosis.

If you remember Leo, please share with me in comments what you remember most about him.



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