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One last update on rescue Paloma


I have the bestest ever Happy Tails Ending to share with you all. Remember my first post about Sweet Baby Girl that Miss Kandi was feeding? And then I shared that Sweet Baby Girl now aka Paloma had been saved by the University of California, Davis program Orphan Kitten Project?

Well, sweet Paloma had four kittens and eventually all were adopted. Except for Paloma.

Loving Paloma was entered into the UCD Fracture Program for rescue animals because no one knew if her broken front leg would need to be amputated or if she could heal it herself with bed rest. GOOD NEWS!! Paloma, with those first weeks of just hanging out nursing her four kittens HEALED her own broken leg.

Next challenge, getting the four kittens adopted and a special home for Paloma. She is only about eighteen months old, just a young kitty.

It happened!! A family who adopted a small doggy from the Fracture Program loved Paloma’s story and they adopted her!! And Paloma turns out to love being with a dog furriend more than a cat furriend! Love just happens, right?

At first Paloma was a loner, finding places to hang out in quiet. But then, she discovered that her new doggy pal had his very own condo? Of course, like any cat, Paloma decided that condo was big enough for two!

She is loving her new home and her new buddy.

Please give Paloma and huge APAWS!!!


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23 thoughts on “One last update on rescue Paloma

  1. I love happy endings!! Paloma is purrfectly adorable!

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  3. Pawsome story! Thanks for sharing

  4. Marty the Manx on said:

    What an awesome gotcha for Paloma and her new fur sibling!! What a wonderful family 🥰

  5. So happy for Paloma, can’t help but have leaky eyes😺Pawkisses for a Happy Wednesday🐾😽💞

  6. Yay! That is the best happy ending we have heard about in, like, FUREVER!

  7. meowmeowmans on said:

    Woohoo! Now THAT’S a happy ending! 🙂

  8. This is a wonderful start to the Mewish Mew Year, Savvy! Paloma is such a lovely kitty and deserves a purrfect home with a loving family.

  9. 15andmeowing on said:

    That is great news.

  10. That is such great news! I love hearing these success stories.

  11. Love those happy endings.

  12. chrisscatmeow on said:

    What a wonderful happy ending.x😻💜🐾

  13. catladymac on said:

    What great news – for both Paloma and her dog pal !

  14. We love happy endings like this!

  15. This is such great news we are all over the house purring and Dad has a big smile on his face. Wonderful. How about that self healing? Cats are amazing and we bet having those little ones purring helped that bone knit too. Thanks for giving us a great day Savvy and Family

  16. What a wonderful story! YAY! Stay brave, Paloma! You are right where you belong.

    Love and licks,

  17. Awww, we love that happy story!!!

  18. 984 PAWZ up two ewe paloma and a MOST happee gotcha day !!! 🙂

    YAY & HOOOOORAY !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 ♥♥♥

  19. Way to go Paloma, we are so glad her leg healed and she was able to keep it and yea for her doggie friend fining a home too. What a happy tail for the two of them.

  20. Carole Schulman on said:

    A happy story and a happy ending. XX

    Katie Isabella

  21. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Thank you for sharing this happy story! You’ve made the HuMom’s day.

  22. I love me a happy ending! This is fantastic news!

  23. oh how great is that? Paloma found a home and a friend… thanks to this wonderful family who gave two friends a home… BRAVO!!!!

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