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Happy Tails Ending: Updates on Kittens


You have all likely taken at least a glance at the stories I have posted about Paloma aka Baby Girl and her plight when we rescued her and also the stories about Cleopatra, abandoned as a kitten.

As you recall Paloma was able to get to The Orphan Kitten Project at the University of California, Davis Vet Med School where she thrived under the watchful care and eye of her foster Miss Arianna. Good news is that Paloma’s broken leg, while cold and non-functional when she first arrived, has healed on its own and she can run and play with her kittens!

Sweet Paloma and her four kittens are now up for adoption through the OKP at UC Davis.

The above left is Paloma, who is so small she is about the size of her kittens!! The other kitten is her “look alike”.

You can see that Mom Paloma tolerates this hungry kittens nursing even though they are almost her size!! The other three are next.

Mom L and Paloma’s former caretaker/feeder Miss Kandi were able to visit her and the kittens just last week before all were placed up for adoption. It was such a bittersweet moment for Miss Kandi who so loves her “Sweet Baby Girl” aka Paloma.

Mom Paloma was a bit shy but she did do right to Miss Kandi at first.

My next update is for Cleopatra! Another darling kitten found by Miss Kandi. She was immediately adopted by a volunteer from our Project Delta View Cats group, Miss Sue.

Mom L was able to visit Cleo at her new home because Miss Kandi is now Cleo’s person kitty sitter when her new Mom Sue is absent!!

Cleo has grown!! She is a dynamite player and loves chasing anything that moves and her pur is the bestest ever! Mom L is in luvluvluv with Cleo’s paws and floofy tail!

While Mom L was at Cleo’s new castle, Mom L thought there was another kitty just like Cleo living there. Check out this way cool painted rock living in Cleo’s new castle!!

Of course now Mom L wants one of those painted like me!! MOL!!!!!


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13 thoughts on “Happy Tails Ending: Updates on Kittens

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  3. meowmeowmans on said:

    We’re so happy about Paloma’s leg being okay! 🙂

    The kittens sure are cute. And Yay for Cleo finding her new castle! And with a cool rock, even!

  4. Edie Chase on said:

    Yay for happy endings! That rock is so cool!

  5. catladymac on said:

    What great news for these sweet kitties !

  6. de best oh fizhez two each oh ewe…♥♥♥

  7. ATCAD on said:

    That is one cool rock, thanks for the update on Cleo and Paloma & Family

  8. I loved the updates on these kitties! And that rock…!

  9. They are all total cuties! That rock really rocks!

  10. Totally heartwarming and encouraging to see such work, and such love.

  11. It is so good when tails have a Happy End!

    Mummy also likes that painted rock, btw. Only She would have to get three of them (mol(.

  12. ooooooh palomas kitten!!! they are too cute for words… and we love Cleo and the rock… it really rocks ;O)

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