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Real Rescue Cats Are Talking


Hey guys!! Remember when I was doing my interviews with “Real Rescue Cats and Dogs” in like 2013??

Well I have a new one for you that I just know you are gonna luvluvluv!

Meet “Sweet Baby Girl”!

Sadly this is the only photo I have right now. I purromised to share her rescue story with you last week and here it is.

“Sweet Baby Girl” aka “Baby Girl” wandered into one of Miss Kandi’s feeding areas about six to eight months ago. Miss Kandi is one of several volunteers who work with Mom L and Dad P on our Project Delta View Cats  (PDVC) program.

Baby Girl showed up one night under the bushes where Miss Kandi feeds about eights cats. She was immediately friendly and gave head bumps and purred.

Miss Kandi tried once to pick up Baby Girl and put her in top loading carrier, but Baby Girl freaked out and really scratched Miss Kandi to the point of bruising etc. So we waited until Baby Girl calmed down over several weeks.

Then Miss Kandi saw that she was getting far too fat around her baby making area on her body. Now the clock to trap/catch her starter to really tick loudly! Was she eating too much? Or was she pregnant?? And then Miss Kandi noticed that Baby Girl was seriously favoring her right front let.

Miss Kandi feeds mostly in the early to mid evening because of her job.

She watches over her kitties and always knows when one is missing or injured. We have helped her get four of her community cats adopted since 2017 and have made sure any new kitty is always spayed/neutered.

About Baby Girl—long story short—Miss Kandi was able to pick her up, purring, and place her in a top loading carrier. Miss Kandi brought Baby Girl to my castle where she would receive medical care for the apparent injury to her right front leg. Not only pregnant, but now injured.

We got our wonderful caring Contra Costa Animal Services (CCAS)who partner with PDVC to accept Baby Girl due to her injury. We already had an appointment at our other partner’s clinic, Community Concern For Cats .  (CC4C)

So we hoped that CCAS would tell us if Baby Girl had a broken leg, and could they treat her. We knew that they were not doing any spay/neuter surgeries given the current COVID 19 restrictions.

Bottom line!!

Baby Girl did indeed have a broken humorous. Likely from being hit by a car from one of the many stoopid humans who do those “dough nut” things on the street right where Miss Kandi feeds.

And yes, Baby Girl was VERY pregnant. How many kittens do you see??

And here is her broken front leg.

CCAS Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mills, came to the lobby to talk with Mom L and Dad P about what some of her options might be. We knew amputation was possible and that she would be spayed and her unborn kittens euthanized. BUT that is not what Dr. Mills wanted to do. She said Baby Girl was just darling, purring, giving head bumps and she thought she could find a positive outcome for Baby Girl if we would give her a day. Of course we agreed!!

Now the bottom, bottom line—Baby Girl was transferred to The Orphan Kitten Project run by Vet Med students at the University of California, Davis Vet Med School. They are only about and hour drive from where we are. Baby Girl’s foster is the student who runs the project and Baby Girl would have her kittens, the students will socialize them and get them adopted. Baby Girl’s broken leg will be cared for and allowed to heal on its own as she will be confined caring for her kittens. She will eventually be spayed and they will find her the bestest home ever!!


I am late posting today because I was waiting for this marvelous video of Baby Girl having just delivered three of her four kittens LAST NIGHT!!!  TURN UP YOUR SOUND TO HEAR BABY GIRL PURRING AWAY!!

In these harsh times, fraught with fear and worry about COVID 19 and all the death it has brought to humans, Baby Girl’s story shows that there is also new life. My Paw It Forward work continues even now through our Project Delta View Cats all volunteer little group. Because we partner and collaborate with our city, county animal services and Community Concern For Cats, we were able to bring a village to help Baby Girl.





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20 thoughts on “Real Rescue Cats Are Talking

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  2. Interesting and wonderful story!

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  4. Hooray for a most happy and satisfying ending:)

  5. ATCAD on said:

    We are so glad that Baby Girl’s kittens got to live and that her leg will be tended to. Good luck finding a wonderful forever family BG.

  6. meowmeowmans on said:

    This makes us so happy! We are so glad that Baby Girl and her babies are being loved and cared for!

  7. What a wonderful story for such a beautiful kitty

  8. Marjorie Dawson on said:

    This is fantastic news. Kittens safe, mum safe and let us hope those purrs continue for a long LONG time to come!!!

    Marjorie and Silver

  9. smseattle on said:

    Savannah, thank you for bringing us Baby Girl’s story. And thanks to all the people who helped her and her kittens.

  10. Ra Husquiberian on said:

    This made us all very happy, take care furiends,

    Nuk & Family

  11. That is so awesome that Baby Girl got such great care. She is one lucky stray kitty. I wish they all could have the opportunity she has had.

  12. Edie Chase on said:

    That’s great news! It’s really wonderful how everyone was able to pull together for Baby Girl. Sending her healing thoughts.

  13. Talk about wonderful, that gave us all happy tears here!

    • Terry as you may know this is such a difficult time to try to get medical treatment and care for community cats. We are so grateful that our all volunteer group has chosen to model “ it takes a village” rather than becoming our own nonprofit. So far, it’s working. Let’s catch up soon via a call. Purrs

  14. catladymac on said:

    What a wonderful outcome ! How many worked together to make that happen !

  15. Hooray for Baby Girl, which BTW is TW’s nickname for ME. I hope her leg will heal property on it’s own and glad she doesn’t have to lose it.

  16. What a wonderful rescue story! We’re so happy for Baby Girl.

  17. We love a good rescue story! Thanks for sharing her with us.

  18. I love watching tinykittens from just over the border (Langley, near Vancouver) who do this trapping neutering and raising little kittens if tge moms have been “up the family way” on intake. They have just now 2 catermelons in their care! So I am excited to hear all went well for Baby girl!

  19. oh what a story… all the best for baby girl…

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