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A Happy Tail ending in the midst of pandemic


Sorry to be late today but Mom L had to get more food for the 140+ colony cats living on public land to which our Project Delta View Cats has committed to feed daily. It’s kind’a hard ‘cuz some of the pet food stores and our Costco are putting limits on how much we can purchase.

Moving on, I thought you would enjoy hearing one of my Happy Tales Tails Ending stories. This is about a five month old kitten we named Priscilla. My pet sitter Miss Kandi feeds about six different small colonies around our city’s waterfront area. She has about five cats she feeds at her work place, Pittsburg Yacht Club. Just before our county closed down on a Monday March 16, Miss Kandi heard a squeaky meow and saw a small face peering at her from behind the dumpster.

The photo is lousy, but I wanted you to see that she is a talker! Right from the start. Mom L got an appointment for a Monday spay if Miss Kandi could pick the kitty up in the next couple of days. And she did!! This kitty was the last one we have been able to get spayed as our low cost clinics and shelter have closed their surgeries to S/N.

Mom L and Dad P intended to get Priscilla into our animal services shelter for adoption but the day she was spayed, they closed to all intake unless sick or injured. We recovered her after her spay surgery, thankfully she wasn’t yet pregnant!

Look at the sweet face and soft green eyes!! What a chatter box she was!

We could not foster her long term so we asked one of our volunteers if they might consider holding her until the virus shut down lifts and we can get her into adoption. Miss Sue said “sure” and she came over to meet Priscilla. After meeting her she was certain she would like to foster her and set up to return the next day to pick up Priscilla and her cage, food, litter etc.

Hey Lady? You gonna be my new friend?

Priscilla greeted Miss Sue with her usual chatty self and as Miss Sue was leaving with Priscilla, she told Dad P that “you don’t have to worry about her being adopted”. Dad P thought “huh?”

And off went Priscilla with Miss Sue. We waited a day, and then called Miss Sue. Yep, foster fail in less than 24 hours!!!

Mom L asked Miss Sue what motivated her to adopt Priscilla? Miss Sue’s reply “she is just so darn cute!”

There you have a wonderful Happy Tail Ending to an abandoned kitten’s story. Even in this national shut down, Mom L and Dad P and our PDVC volunteers are still out there making sure the community cats under our care are being fed and getting whatever medical treatment they need.


PeeEss—if you accepted my paw pat, be sure to go wash your paws for 20 seconds!!

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17 thoughts on “A Happy Tail ending in the midst of pandemic

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  4. What an adorable kitty. No wonder she was adopted so quickly

  5. meowmeowmans on said:

    Priscilla is so cute! And it’s really not a surprise that she was a foster fail. 🙂

  6. That is such a wonderful story thanks so much for sharing and lifting up our spirits! That Priscilla sure is a cutie!

  7. Christine Carroll on said:

    Great to hear good news and a happy ending. x😻💜🐾

  8. She has some Maine Coon in her, little Priscilla, she is going to be a huge cat, if she is jsut 5 months old now and already that tall.

    That remark about “You won’t have to worry about her” from her new owner you had already reported and I knew there and then what she meant with that … So happy for the both of them!

  9. What a sweet kitty Priscilla is!
    Maybe this Coronavirus lockdown cloud has a silver lining sometimes, in spite of effurrything.
    We would like to think so, at any rate.

  10. Yeah, my human would have been a foster fail with that one too!

  11. Edie Chase on said:

    That’s great news!

  12. Such great work once again,mom L and dad P.Definitely a happy story and ending.Bless you both.

  13. That is so wonderful, she really is totally adorable and sure deserves her happy life!

  14. I love happy endings.

  15. catladymac on said:

    Hooray for Priscilla and Miss Sue ! May they “Live long and pawsper !”

  16. Priscilla is a cutie…and we sure can see why she is a foster fail. Yay Miss Sue!

  17. Hooray for volunteers and even more for Priscilla!!

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