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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I missed last week’s Friday Memes ‘cuz Mom L had an “ouchie” on one of her right fingers and she couldn’t type so great. Hope this week’s line up tickles your funny bones once again!

Miss Cleopatra is one of our rescued abandoned community kitties we helped find a home during this human pandemic. She was abandoned at less than one year old, but she did indeed find her permanent castle like I did!

TKS wanted to make sure my readers don’t forget her so she created this silly meme just for you! And trust me she doesn’t allow anyone to use her pillow!

Next up is from our RWB (Reader without a blog), Miss Dorothy. I have known Miss Dorothy for about seven years. Her kitty Mistletoe was one of my mentors as were the orange brofurrs Tigger and Pumpkin. All three left for  The Bridge a couple of years or more ago, but I don’t ever want to lose their memories for me and Miss Dorothy.

Tigger always was a stickler for saving the environment, that’s why he likes his water right from the pawcet!

Be safe, practice social distancing and love your fur babies even more!




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7 thoughts on “Friday Memes for Friday Smiles

  1. meowmeowmans on said:

    We love this week’s memes. Oh, and we hear ya, TKS. That’s YOUR pillow. 🙂

  2. catladymac on said:

    We like all your Memes but especially agree with Tiggy!

  3. What cute memes you have this week!

  4. Awww, those were cute!
    I think our Angels Simba and Toki would have to agree with Tigger, they loved the pawcet too:)

  5. Those were all very cute sweet Savvy!

  6. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    We love seeing our friends in your blog Savvy! Thanks for bringing back a great memory.

  7. yes keep your pillow… that is important ;O)

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