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Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat

My many faces and moods


Mom L suggested that my readers might enjoy viewing a series of close up  photos she took of me recently; as well as a couple of short videos of me playing with one of my iPad games. I may be about 14 years old, but this kitty is still stylin’!!

Actually Mom L was trying to capture the true color of my green eyes in natural light. She swears I have turquoise in my eyes!! Silly Mom L!

What do you think?

Just so’s you all know I still have my playful spirit, check out my moves with this fishie.

Hope you found pleasure in these troubling times taking a look at my many faces.


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13 thoughts on “My many faces and moods

  1. You are a very beautiful kitty

  2. 15andmeowing on said:

    You have gorgeous green eyes.

  3. catladymac on said:

    Your eyes are beautiful Savvy – and so are you and your family !

  4. You look beautiful, Savannah.

  5. wavez two ewe S & S & K….we hope thiz findz everee one doin sooper grate; stayin happee N stayin healthee :)♥♥ we had that fish game onze, played it for 38 secondz N never again sew de gurl ditched it off de dee vize !! 🙂 ♥♥♥

  6. You look beautious sweet Savvy!

  7. Christine Carroll on said:

    You look so handsome. We loved watching you play. Im 13 and still trying to catch the mouse. Hugs and Purrs.😻💜🐾🌈

  8. Ra Husquiberian on said:

    Hawwooo, very nice beawoootiful furiend! Play bows,


  9. Nope, can’t see any turquoise in those jewel-like orbs! They glow like stars in the velvet of the night sky – but they are definitely green!
    You are so beautiful, Savannah.

  10. You are beautiful, no matter the color of your eyes. They glow like precious gems…emeralds?!

    Maybe the various light conditions make your eyes appear turquoise?

  11. yes, we agree with your mama… and we think you are the most beautiful russian blue princess ;O)

  12. It’s hard for a phone camera to capture color well, so if your human says you have turquoise in your eyes, I’ll take her word for it.

  13. Bruce on said:

    Hi Linda,hope alls well with you and Peter.

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