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Friday Memes For Friday Smiles


I was so excited when that last house guest, Buddy,  took off for his happily ever after home. I had almost two whole weeks with just my invited castle roomies, TKS and Katie. I feel like I am running a Bed and Breakfast!!

And then that darned cage went back into Mom L’s office and her door is shut again. Sheesh—can’t these cats find their own place??!!

That is Cleo hangin’ all to whatever she thinks she got when she grabbed onto that beat up cat tower! Crazy pants kid! She is one of my Happy Tail Ending stories.

This cat loaned me his photo from Team Dash Kitten. He may look innocent, but I sure wouldn’t go sticking my paws into his belly furs—would you???

Happy smiling Friday!


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9 thoughts on “Friday Memes For Friday Smiles

  1. Savvy thanks so much for the great laughs. We really like those claws, yeah, and a happy ending is super. Have a good week

  2. meowmeowmans on said:

    We love these memes, Savvy. The one where you dug in your claws is great (though it sounds like it didn’t work)!

  3. Cleo is very pretty! At least your guests don’t seem to stay long.

  4. Too funny, love the dug in claws!

  5. You guys all deserve extra treats for putting up with all those house guests you get.

  6. grate memez thiz week savvy; hope ewe and katie and de kid iz grate…best fizhez two ewe cleo on yur pole danzin careerz 🙂 and wavez two ewe toulouse frum TT !! 😉 ♥♥♥

  7. We think it’s really nice of you to help these kitties while they look for their forever home.

  8. Savannah – they are trying to find their own place! It just takes a little time.

  9. oh…we shredded something… so no belly rubs for us…sigh LOL

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