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Brief Kauai Community Cat Update #nationalferalcatday


I am back again with a brief update on the situation relative to Kauai’s community cats. Thus far, the Feral Cat Ordinance Committee has failed to acknowledge to anyone and certainly not a media source, that the committee members are receiving multiple emails from around the world questioning their committee’s hidden meetings.

YAY for feral cats

Mom L and Dad P have been proudly wearing their T-shirts from Alley Cat Allies for a month now! They both wore them on October 9, 2016 at the SNIP clinic and all the volunteers appreciated them!

My hero! He found me even though I was hiding

My hero!

I, Savannah the Cat, ask that you do not allow the “tourist paradise island of Kauai” to keep their darkest desire hidden. Cats were not a voluntary “invasive” species. Humans brought them and humans continue to fail to spay and neuter. Simple, easy. Please help.

Can you really look at these community cats’ eyes and tell them you will not be their voice on National Feral Cat Day?

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The update on the Kauai Community Cat Project is this—even though their President Basil Scott continues to produce solid research as a basic need to determine the REAL impact of community cats on the island’s bird population, he meets with resistance and denial.

I hope you will read the article in The Garden Island newspaper. More importantly, please comment on this article AFTER you read President Basil Scott’s letter to the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources.

I once again ask that every pal who reads my #nationalferalcatday blog post also send an email to all members of the Feral Cat Ordinance Committee. Let’s make sure they know their secrecy is being observed around the world.

Let me know in comments if you are willing to SHARE and/or also send a message to this committee.

 Feral Cat Ordinance Committee Members
Joann Yukimura
Penny Cistaro
Cali Crampton
Adam Griesemer
Makaala Kaaumoana
Bill Lucey
Hob Osterlund
Brooke McFarland
Andre Raine
William Trugillo

Mom L asked Brian’s Dad Mr. Terry to place a copy of Mom L’s second version on their server. Please feel free to take a look and use any portion of it that helps you create you own email to one or more of the committe members.

Letter to Kauai Committee version two


what did I do wrong?

what did I do wrong?

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33 thoughts on “Brief Kauai Community Cat Update #nationalferalcatday

  1. Thank you for continuing to shed light on this. Sad that you need to in the first place, obviously.

  2. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Thank you so much for the letter sample ! We’ll share the information again ! Purrs

    • really appreciate your helping Claire. Somewhere we need to see progress on education about TNR and we need to fight back when we see all the click bait and junk science blaming feral cats for polluting ocean waters and killing sea life and for being the sole destroyer of all bird populations. Such crap!

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  4. Excellent reporting Savvy dear! Thanks so furry much!

  5. pilch92 on said:

    Thank you for the reminder, I need to do this now.

  6. We’re tweeting!!! This is an outrage. Thanks for writing about this.

  7. There letter is ridiculous. The cats didnt ask to be born so its not there fault for looking for food, and eating the birds, fish etc. They need to open there eyes and make a place for them to live and stay until there lives are done. And spay, neuter and shots given etc. it makes me so mad.

    • whose letter is ridiculous? The only one I linked to is the letter Kauai Community Cat Project President Basil Scott sent to the Hawaiian Department of Land and Natural Resources. He was challenging them to look at oceanic challenges which are hurting the population of Shearwater birds rather than JUST focusing on land based issues such as “feral cats who are invasive species” according to DLNR. Thank you for your comment and for taking time to read our blog.

  8. I will continue to tweet. Thanks also for the letter – nice to have an example for people to build their own letters from!

  9. meowmeowmans on said:

    This is such an important message, Savvy, TKS and Mom L and Dad P. We’re sharing and writing to that committee!

  10. This is nothing more than butchery without even a coat of paint to make it seem legitimate. They deserve to hang their heads in shame. I will email them tomorrow! purrs ERin

    • Thank you Erin and Mark. You support is greatly appreciated. They continue to ignore the attention they are getting from our Calls to Action. So, I am searching for the proper governmental department at the state level to call for an audit or something to look into the legality of their continued secret meetings

  11. I shall share this important message ,xx Speedy

  12. We sent an email to the Feral Cat Ordinance Committee Members and will go read the article in the paper now. We also linked to your blog post in our post today for National Feral Cat Day. We are doing a blog hop for it, and would like for you to join our hop.

    • Thank you Alasandra. Your support is greatly appreciated. And thanks for the link to my post. I am so tired of feral cats being blamed for decimation of bird populations I could cry. All the REAL SCIENCE clearly shows that feral cats and the least impact and human caused changes in the bird environment are the real cause. No way do feral cats kill birds in the numbers being cited by idiots like the author of the new book out called Cat Wars. It’s even being sold through Amazon. Such junk science. The state feral cats kill X number of birds a year and real science states that if that were true, there would be no birds left in the USA!! The Audubon and Smithsonian don’t even have realistic numbers about the actual population of birds in the USA. Idiots

  13. We will share and contact them too. Great post gang. Our Feral Day post got delayed because the Dad was doing the TNR thing.

  14. We are definitely going to share this, Savvy, and get the word out.

    • your help is always appreciated. Enough is enough. We are tired of hearing how feral cats are the cause of all things evil in the ways the environment is being trashed. Humans are just to cowardly to accept accountability for their impact so they blame feral cats. Hogwash

  15. Lots of people want to do something for Feral Cat Day but don’t feel they can go do hands-on work, so making their voices heard is a way for them to contribute to the cause. We just scheduled a share of this blog post for later in the day when there are more people awake and reading Twitter.

    • Thanks for the share on Twitter. Please please send one email with cc to all committee members. It doesn’t have to long, just enough to let them know their is a large community of concerned people who are aware of their hidden agenda. If you cannot do actual TNR and attend local city, county councils and boards to help create change in your community for feral cats, then raise your voice through social media, emails, to let others know you are ready to be a voice for the voiceless—every time I work a SNIP clinic I see the most gorgeous cats, and some who are really beat up. I am proud I can help them get S/N and get vaccinated and treated for any wounds. It gives them a better chance to be healthy. If I didn’t do that, I would be writing even more emails to help community cats be treated humanely across the USA. I am tired of how they are blamed and I won’t sit still any longer

  16. hannahandlucy on said:

    We would like to help by contacting as many humans as possible so they can be sure to check that they know that TNR is the best way forward.

  17. Thank you for the reminder, Savvy! We would LOVE to send the e-mail to the committee members. They should be ashamed of themselves! When Bear Cat and I met, he was homeless. In the ten years since, he’s saved my life every single day. I owe him my life – and these Committee members need to hear that every cat deserves a chance!

  18. I just tweeted your message – these kitties need all the help they can get!

    • Summer and Miss Janiss, pleae consider writing just one email and copy all the committee members. This committee needs to be reminded once again that there is a global community of advocates for humane management of community cats watching their actions. thank you

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