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Another SNIP Clinic—We keep on rollin’!


Another SNIP (Spay, Neuter Impact Program) clinic has come and gone. Mom L and Dad P were on duty yet again in early April for their favorite way to spend a Sunday—working a SNIP clinic. This time they also volunteered to help with setting up the county animal services shelter space so’s it would be all ready for the cats and volunteers the next day. The set-up is done as soon as the shelter closed on Saturday at 5PM. And with all there is to do, the hand full of volunteers who helped were done by 6:30PM!! AMAZING!!

First they have to lay down paper everywhere they will be walking except in the surgery area. That paper has to be taped down and it takes like a bazillion yards of paper let me tell you!

And then they have to clean out all the area they need back in surgery. The shelter uses some of the space SNIP needs for storage like this space below.

Store room by week day and vaccination room SNIP Sundays

You should have seen this space before SNIP volunteers moved stuff out. It was packed!

On SNIP Sunday that room becomes critical to the cats’ final medication administration. Here they receive flea/tick treatment, all their vaccinations and any other final meds required.

The other space that really needs lots of set up is the other part of the surgery where the cats are shaved and readied for surgery.

You can see there is a lot of stuff behind Dad P walking along there in the first photo. By surgery morning, this area is ready to rock and roll gettin’ the kitties’ all prepped for their surgeries.

They also get a good thorough checking for any other medical needs like abscesses, mani/pedi needs, ears cleaned and whatnot.

Finally on SNIP Sunday the cats start comin’ in to be registered. As my regular readers know, all the cats must be brought inside a cat trap. No carriers. This clinic is specifically for community cats that have been trapped either by individual community members or by local community cat rescues.

Here are some of the sixty eight cats that were SNIP’d in April. (hover that mousie over photos for captions purlease)

So many cats, young and old, are our cherished patients today.

Other kitties were just as worried as the little marmie boy, but really this is gonna be a best day for all of them.

All but the most friendly will be released to live their lives outside with their feeders making sure they get at least one really good meal a day.

If you have a community cat rescue near you please be sure to donate any spare green papers or supplies. Almost all rescues have Amazon Wish Lists and that’s an easy way to help them out.


PeeEss—Let me apologize for being missing on my Friday Memes post last Friday. My typist and photo editor was kind’a out for the last few days. Mom L had a real meowie ouchie in her back and wasn’t movin’ around so great. But she is able to paw my key board for me today! YAY!

Gotta Luv My BFGF!


I just wanna do a special post to give a great big SHOUT OUT THANK YOU to my BFGF (best feline girl friend) Stunning Cathy Keisha and TW, her office admin.

I was pretty bummed that Mom L couldn’t get to Blog Paws this year, what with my blog being a finalist cause blog and all. But especially because TW was gonna be there with plush CK and plush Savvy really wanted to have a nice long BFGF chat. Alas, that never happened—BUT!

TW and plush CK did manage to score some really nice items for me and TKS and Mom L at the Cat Lounge. The cat nip we got was premium grade and Mom L has been stuffing it in lots of our refillable toys. But plush CK picked out these really cool ‘nip sticks that really got TKS going!

OMC!! This is like totally delish!

TKS could barely take a breath she was so caught up in this nip toy.

Puff, puff…I’m afraid to let go cuz I might loose this nip delight!

Then when I pawed into the room she really became paranoid.


I said “ok, ok Kid, don’t get your furs all in a knot!” I did have my time with this delish nip toy and I also enjoyed it lots. In fact we are still having a heck of a good time with it, so thanks a ton BFGF for thinkin’ of us at Blog Paws!!

And TW did not leave out Mom L! When Mom L saw what TW had scored for her, Mom L was over the moon with squealing and delight. She totally luvluvluvs her bright TNR t-shirt and the Triple T Studios cat necklace is a really pretty piece of jewelry. Mom L wears it lots and lots.

Great message and the necklace is so lovely

Of course Mom L was registered so she was able to get Miss Janet from The Cat On My Head to pick up her swag bag. We asked that she not mail it to us until after our big move. Another shout out of appreciation for Miss Janet for taking the time to send that big bag off to us!

Being a member of this cat blogging community is the reason I am trying to get back to my blogging and writin’ about the rescue causes I want to share with all of you. I sure am one fortunate cat to have pals like all of you.


Brief Kauai Community Cat Update #nationalferalcatday


I am back again with a brief update on the situation relative to Kauai’s community cats. Thus far, the Feral Cat Ordinance Committee has failed to acknowledge to anyone and certainly not a media source, that the committee members are receiving multiple emails from around the world questioning their committee’s hidden meetings.

YAY for feral cats

Mom L and Dad P have been proudly wearing their T-shirts from Alley Cat Allies for a month now! They both wore them on October 9, 2016 at the SNIP clinic and all the volunteers appreciated them!

My hero! He found me even though I was hiding

My hero!

I, Savannah the Cat, ask that you do not allow the “tourist paradise island of Kauai” to keep their darkest desire hidden. Cats were not a voluntary “invasive” species. Humans brought them and humans continue to fail to spay and neuter. Simple, easy. Please help.

Can you really look at these community cats’ eyes and tell them you will not be their voice on National Feral Cat Day?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The update on the Kauai Community Cat Project is this—even though their President Basil Scott continues to produce solid research as a basic need to determine the REAL impact of community cats on the island’s bird population, he meets with resistance and denial.

I hope you will read the article in The Garden Island newspaper. More importantly, please comment on this article AFTER you read President Basil Scott’s letter to the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources.

I once again ask that every pal who reads my #nationalferalcatday blog post also send an email to all members of the Feral Cat Ordinance Committee. Let’s make sure they know their secrecy is being observed around the world.

Let me know in comments if you are willing to SHARE and/or also send a message to this committee.

 Feral Cat Ordinance Committee Members
Joann Yukimura
Penny Cistaro
Cali Crampton
Adam Griesemer
Makaala Kaaumoana
Bill Lucey
Hob Osterlund
Brooke McFarland
Andre Raine
William Trugillo

Mom L asked Brian’s Dad Mr. Terry to place a copy of Mom L’s second version on their server. Please feel free to take a look and use any portion of it that helps you create you own email to one or more of the committe members.

Letter to Kauai Committee version two


what did I do wrong?

what did I do wrong?

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