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Selfie Retrospective: Introduction to a six part series


I asked Mom L to dig around and find a sort of ‘selfie’ from when I first arrived here, in my forever castle. I thought it would be a great set up for the start of my once a month PAW IT FORWARD project starting on Monday, September 28th.

Me...on day 3 of being 'fostered'...barely sitting on Mom's feet

Me…on day 3 of being ‘fostered’…barely sitting on Mom’s feet

Yup, being a ‘foster’ cat still means no ‘home’. Yeah, yeah…we all hope the fostership will fail…but you never know. Thankfully, mine did, and here I am…the Queen of my very own castle and even a blog, a Face Book Fan Page, a Twitter ID and more.

But…you all knew there was gonna be a ‘but’, right?…there are so many more cats that go into ‘foster’ and never leave, no matter how hard they wish, dream and pray for a real forever castle. Therefore, I am starting a once a month feature blog post tomorrow, Monday, September 28th, to bring to my readers the hopes and dreams of  HOMELESS FOSTER CATS currently in foster with Community Concern 4 Cats. This post is my INTRODUCTION to this SIX  part series, which will conclude in January 2016.

My regular readers, at least those who have stuck with me even though my typist is lousy at commenting… will recognize this rescue that tries very hard to TNR as many cats in my county as they can AND they try to take as many of the adult cats (meaning over the age of 6 months) into foster hoping to socialize them to become adoptable. I often report on Mom L volunteering in their weekly cat clinic, held in the kitchen of the organization’s President, Ms Gemma…(click here; click here).

My first post was about two tiny bottle kittens…

Tiny lives...fostered by a CC4C member

Tiny lives…fostered by a CC4C member

And my most recent was about the CC4C clinic in Ms Gemma’s kitchen with Doc Josie…helping Ozzie…

Ms Ozzie found almost dead on a local bike path

Ms Ozzie found almost dead on a local bike path

It took no paw struggle to get CC4C to be willing to tell the real deal about all rescues who work with the neighborhood free roaming cat population across this country…meaning the US of A. So many of these precious cats are adults, and even though some are very willing to be adopted and even pray to Ceiling Cat that they will have their very own forever castle at last…alas…when it comes to human adoption events, such as those at local pet food stores etc., humans most likely gravitate to the youngsters…not realizing that they have likely passed over the very cat they have always longed for just because that cat is an adult and/or black.

Please join me tomorrow to hear Coco and Chanel, two sisters, 20 months old, who are Homeless Foster Cats, share their story and their hopes and dreams of their Forever Homes. Introduction: We Are Adult Homeless Foster Cats…Revealing Hopes and Dreams with Savannah

I am joining my pals, from The Cat On My Head for their Sunday Selfie Blog Hop…just click on the badge below to jump over to find lots of other fabulous selfies from cats, woofies, and who knows what!!

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