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Friday’s Child


“Friday’s child is loving and giving.” Children born on a Friday are thought to be affable, loving, and generous. I think this can also mean that any abandoned kitten that is trapped on Friday is also loving and giving, don’t ya think that outta be right too?

You see, my our nonprofit that Mom L and Dad P manage, Delta View Cats, has incredible volunteers. We do lots of things to try and help humanely manage our city of Pittsburg’s overpopulation of abandoned community cats. We feed about fifty kitties all around our marina and waterfront park. Now this park had a colon of cats numbering about thirty-five in 2017. We have worked to get friendly kitties adopted and now the colony stabilized in 2019 to twelve adult cats. Since 2017 to Spring 2021, no cats nor kittens were abandoned at this park. It was a common dumping ground for over ten years, since about 2005.

Unfortunately, from Spring of 2021 to now, October, 2022, Delta View Cats volunteer colony caretakers/feeders have found forty dumped kittens at this park!!

We feed once a day at this park and our Friday colony caretakers went early before feeding time, intent on trapping this little kitten that was sighted about eight days before. They found she was sleeping in one of our shelters and plotted to catch her on her exit in the early morning using a fishing net!! SUCCESS!!!! Miss Elaine and Mr. Bobby feed on Friday’s so they named this little three pound two ounce girl “Friday”!!

She was skinny and her long furrs were matted and dirty. And boy was she hissy at first. She tried to climb outta her cage and she huddled in a corner.

She met a buddy at station three feeder, Hercules, and he must’a showed her how to survive in this park with raccoons, owls and unkind loose dogs. Miss Elaine and Mr Bobby volunteered to foster little Friday, whom they named after the day of the week that they always feed and it is also the day they were finally successful in snagging her!! YAY FOR FRIDAY!!

She got over being hissy really quickly and Mom L just had to go visit and hold her.

You can see her furrs are not groomed and she has had a weepy eye so she is getting treated with eye drops our retired DVM pal Doc Josie ordered. And she loves to be brushed and groomed and takes her eye med just fine. She is getting dewormed and will soon be weighing in at four pounds!!! WOO HOO!!!

Isn’t she just gorgeous!! Did you notice her incredible white LONG whiskers!

Friday will soon be ready for adoption so please will all my pals share her story on your own social media, ESPECIALLY if you have family and friends living in the San Francisco bay area. If anyone is interested, you can contact Mom L at this email address: infopdvc at gmail dot com.


A Joyous Happy Tail Ending


Remember our absolutely darling little Hole In The Wall Gang of four foster kittens?? Well our gray tabby Butch Cassidy found his forever home!!! Now we only have The Domino Kid to help get to that special family where he will live happily ever after! Butch has always been a silly boy! Quite the character. In the photo below, you can see him on the far left, nursing away. He often nursed upside down!! And in the photo of him biting his sister Jessie’s leg, you can tell from the look on her face that she was fed up with him attacking her and screaming for her MOM!!!

Butch was never shy with the camera. We thought for sure he would be the first to get adopted. Nonetheless, he left us at five months old and he is sorely missed by his bro’ Domino.

The super nice couple who adopted Butch, now named Ritchie, wanted a companion for their very active two year old female kitty named Bumps. They also have a sixty (!) pound woofie and Bumps has had no luck getting Riley to play with her!! MOL!!

Ritchie spend his first few days in the large bathroom and then was allowed to be with his new Mom in her office. He always did like to offer his advice when Mom L worked on her computer and he is keeping that tradition going.

His introductions to Riley and Bumps have been slow and steady. Interestingly, he is more inclined to interact with Riley than Bumps!

Our foster boy loves his sink time and as he always did, he enjoys showing off his gorgeous tummy markings.

This is one of the last photos Mom L took of our boy Butch Cassidy. That’s him and The Domino Kid at adoptions. Just look at those handsome long white whiskers! Now Ritchie just needs to become the playmate his adopters wanted for their sweet kitty Bumps. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!


Keepin’ chilled with TKS


I don’t know what the weather persons have been doin’ to your temps but they have sure cranked ours up to super hot, hot, hot!! But that doesn’t seem to bother TKS as long as she can keep on makin’ her air biscuits!!

She isn’t quite this chill’axed right now seein’ as how we have yet another hissy kitten in Mom L’s office. Her name is Licorice and Mom L and Dad P took her from her first foster who had her hands full with Licorice’s siblings, Mikki, Baby and Doodle Bug. They are all coming along nicely and love going to their foster to get pets and attention. But Licorice, now called “Reesee” was trapped at an older age and she wasn’t doing anything but hissing and spitting.

Long story short—Mom L and Dad P asked a cat trapper pal to come over and assess Reesee and Miss Lisa put a towel on her and just started to pet and rub her. And Reesee LOVED IT!! She still hisses every time a human walks into the office, but now she just melts when a hand touches her. She has never bitten nor swatted  nor used her claws. She reaches up now to give Mom L noise kisses!!

I’ll keep you informed about her progress to move from hissy face to kissy face so’s she can find a forever home!!!


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