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Catching Up!


I am getting back to my blog a little bit at a time, so I will post on Mondays and Fridays for a few weeks. Mom L and I sure have missed all my pals. I am even getting her to help me visit some of you but really hit and miss. Lots has been going on since I last posted on a regular basis. Nothing bad mind you, just a lot of stuff to do. I hoped I would be back after the July 4 US holiday but that just didn’t happen.

The boxes are finally ALL gone!

So I have been writin’ down some ideas for my next few blog posts and for sure I am gonna include several posts with Tips to Move Two Cats Successfully!!  Don’t miss these posts! After all, this was my third move and TKS’ second all within the last five years! I think I have some expert tips to share.

But we are done with that! Mom L and Dad P made sure this was the last move for all of us.

We home, right Dad P? I can feel it in my heart.

We have lots to share. Mom L and Dad P have been meeting lots of the neighbors on our street and even some in old town where we live. I wasn’t so sure I approved of the one photo Mom L showed me of one of our new old town neighbors, but hey—she was pretty darn cute!

HI!! My name is Marni!!! I’m only four months old! Wanna pet me??

Sorry for that out of focus photo but that pup wasn’t gonna sit still for Mom L’s slow reflexes!! MOL!!

I promise I’ll be sharing some of the photos of our move and how I inspected our new home with TKS right on my “six”! You will see what I mean next week.

Let me share one more photo that pretty much proves Mom L and Dad P selected an almost purrfect home for the four of us. This is the sunset the first night we stayed in our new home. And we are on river water that feeds our small marina area so we have lots of breezes and we can watch the tide come in and go out. Yes, we have tides on this water ‘cuz we are on the delta of the rivers that feed into San Francisco Bay. Isn’t life interesting?

Welcome home Savannah, Sage and Mom L and Dad P

Never had such sunsets before. See you this Friday for Friday Memes!



I Am Back With My Meme Friday

HIYA!!   SAVANNAH HERE!!! (finally!)

My dearest readers, please accept my apologies for having been gone from you for so long. My move to our new totally fab forever home is almost behind us. We kitties are getting settled into all the tons of great places to nap and play and hang out with Mom L and Dad P.

Now I cannot guarantee I will get right back to posting three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday—BUT I can guarantee I will have my Meme Friday back on schedule starting right now. As always, I will cherish any photos you care to share with me so I can write a meme for you. Even better, you write your own meme on that photo and send it along to me at ms to savannahcoolkat at gmail dot com.

My pals from RA Husky blog let me borrow a photo from them that I thought would bring lots of smiles and giggles to your Friday.

Don’ t you just love how synchronized they are? Purrfect!

My Friday Memes will start to share some of TKS’s and my experiences from our move to our last new home. I have to admit that there were a few startling moments similar to this one.

Trust me, Mom L and Dad P got my message and made sure the rest of my our boxes were unpacked and the contents placed just where TKS and I wanted them. Harruummppff!

And you can tell that TKS was getting rrreeeaalllyyy tired of hearing these words! For weeks!! And those words are still being used to this day in our home. Shameful.

Hope you had a good a time reading Friday Memes as I did creating them. Come on back, please do not be a stranger. And I am doin’ some research to bring some new stories to my blog over the early Fall. Stay tuned!


Friday Memes Are Coming Back!


Hey guys!! I hope someone out there is still wait’in around to see if I make a come back. Well, this may not be long term—BUT—here are your Friday Memes!!

Ummm—hang on a sec’—let me explain. Ahem…koff, kofff…as best I can. You see our humans used lots of different boxes to make this move. Some were from stores that sell stuff that is…well…”gotta be like 21 human years old ” for consumption. But truly, they just used the “empty” box. Mom L and Dad P had nothin’ to do with the “empty’in”.

I guess you can tell by the satisfied look on my face—I know this is our forever home as a human and fur family. This is MY OUR HOME!

Please be sure to check in on Mom L’s Face Meow page for photos of our home. For some stoopid reason Face Meow won’t allow her to post to MY PAGE! Which of course has way more followers—just sayin’

Thanks for stopping by. Mom L promises I can visit my pals starting in August. Earlier if some stuff with this move happens faster. The humans have had some physical injuries that kind’a messed up with some of the timeline for completing this last move.

Hang in there and I purromise to come back stronger and able to keep up with visiting my blogging pals.


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