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Nip time never gets old


First off I wanna say how sorry I am that I missed my last Monday’s blog post. Mom L and I were all set to get down to writing, but then I had a really bad pain in my right hind leggie and Mom L and Dad P dashed me off to our best animal emergency hospital. It always happens on a Sunday, right? Long story short, it seems I have a soft tissue injury likely gotten when I was trying to get away from that little foster introoder Pipsqueak. He is a five month old black kitten who is always tryin’ to sniff my tail or my butt. Sheeesh! I got some pain meds and that helped lots, but then I had to make another last minute trip to my regular vet two days later. I have a urinary tract infection, perhaps caused by stress?

I am lots better now, but I am still spending most of my daytime napping behind the couch. I am very cautious around the foster Pip. He is such a gentle kitten, not aggressive at all. I just don’t want another kitten to get used to; Katie was enough. Hopefully he will find his true forever home soon!

Now on to my happy nip post! Even an old gal like me, at 14 years, can still enjoy some sniffin’ and pawin’ at nip, right? Mom L loaded up the scratcher on our ball chasin’ toy and sat back to see who would try the nip out first. Guess who??? ME!!!

Mom L wasn’t fast enough to catch me rubbing my face in the nip, all she got were my “what’cha lookin’ at” looks!! MOL

You interrupted me!!

And she got another one trying to capture me enjoying myself!

Come on Mom L; cut out that photo stuff!

We sure did get some great video of Katie havin’ a total Nip Out! She wasn’t gonna share that nip with anyone, not even her new buddy foster kitten Pipsqueak.

Katie was too busy to even notice Mom L and her camera.

She was happy to touch noses with foster Pipsqueak but she wasn’t movin’ over to let him onto that scratcher.

When Katie stopped, she just kind’a stared off into space for a bit! Silly Katie.

Whoa!! Why is the room spinning??

When was the last time you had a nip attack??



Friday Memes for Your Friday Smiles


First off, let me totally say I am so sorry I did not get my Monday blog post up. It was gonna be really fun too! Next, thank you all so furry much for letting me and Mom L know that you were sending me the best ever POTP! Miss Ann from Zoolatry even put out a post asking for more POTP!! Did you see the nice photo of me she used?

I am getting pain med twice a day for my soft tissue injury on my right hind leggy. More about all that next week, purromise.

Let’s get going on finding your Friday Smiles!

You know how it goes when the peeps bring in some new kid, right? Heh, heh, heh—they forget I have my furry own Google acount.

Those crazy pants youngsters over at Miss Josie’s Kitty Platoon sure do know how to make sure that the cushy furniture is changed out every few months or so! MOL!!!

TKS and Dad P really do need to have a chat. How are you working out havin’ your peeps around way more than you ever expected??? Give me a shout out in comments purrlease.

Hope you are smiling ‘cuz I am!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I have a couple more guest photos today and one from me, myself and I! Enjoy!

Yep that’s my pal JV after he was told to put all the wrapping paper back on the prezzies he tore gently opened. Bummer!

This kitten discovered early the secret all cats know—no eye contact makes all humans disappear. No, really, I mean it—*snuff* just like that and they are gone the instant a cat looks away. Magic

I don’t know what the big deal is every time I leave my “solid deposit” in the litter box. So it smokes a bit after—doesn’t bother me. Do your humans have a hissy fit when you leave them something to scope outta the box? Let me know in comments.


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