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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


For your giggles today, I have a couple of guests and my third is from TKS. Let me know in comments which one made ya’ giggle the most!

The above are The Domino Kid aka Domie and Jessie James aka Jessie; two of our now five month old foster kittens. As you can imagine Mom L has a tough time getting any work done on my blog!!

These are four of the five kittens my nonprofit, Delta View Cats, helped rescue after they were dumped at a nearby city park. They are all thriving and up for adoption at our county animal shelter.

And now for TKS’ contribution!

There you have it!! Hope you are smiling now!!


Monday in my castle


My thinking is that you will all enjoy seeing each of us permanent castle residents; sans any fluffy photos of the “castle guests aka fosters”! Am I right?? I bet I am! So here ya go—first up is a very recent set of photos of me, getting on our couch with Mom L. Yeah, I know. I am showing you how much older I am and how much weight I have lost. BUT please!! Remember I am getting on my couch with Mom L so’s she can brush me and give me my left over dinner while I lounge on our couch. I am still a very happy Princess in my very own castle.

And of course TKS, always picks photos of her in boxes!! MOL!!! Sage is the ultimate connoisseur of all things labeled “Chewy” box!!

Sweet petite Katie is not an easy photo assignment. But Mom L managed to capture her looking as darling as she always does.

So how are things going in your own castles?? Please let us know in comments!!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I had  to get Mom L to scramble to make sure I got my post  up tonight. We had sooooooo much going on here at my castle today. Replacing your HVAC system is not for the feint of heart, lemme just day that!!

Me, Katie and TKS all stayed confined in our master bedroom. Thank goodness for that. But the noise! and the smells!!  ICK!!!

It’s true. TKS never met a food source she did not devour.  She has gained a pound in about six months. So guess what??? Back on her diet she goes!! Her worst demon is waiting for me or Katie to walk away from our food dish, and then she makes sure Mom L and Dad P don’t see her (remember she is a house panther sleuth) and then she chomps all our remaining food!!! So, back on her diet she goes!!

Mom L helped get this sweet kitten receive it’s first vaccinations and feline leukemia testing, etc., at the Kitchen Clinic where she volunteers for Community Concern For Cats. This is one of the most beautiful kittens she has ever seen!! Never, ever, in the last eight years has she seen a kitten with PINK EARS!!! TOO CUTE!!! And add that stupendous almost purrfect mustacio; and you have the most adoptable kitten ever!!

Hope you are smiling now!!


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