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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


So I am drawing from some pawsome new photos from my pals at Dash Kitten and from a RWB (Reader Without Blog), once online as The Kitty Platoon. And of course, TKS has a staring role. Let me know in comments if you are smiling big time!

Those of you who have followed me from the beginning know that what TKS saw is beyond comprehension!! And yes, that itty bitty KK does indeed get past many of my long held “boundaries” I put in place to protect me from harm in my life before becoming HRH Princess Savannah in my own castle.

Welcome Dot Kitten again and her crazypants antics from Dash Kitten.

Now for one more from my pals at The Kitty Platoon who have new recruits—JV and Jamie. Brothers of many spots and stripes!

Let me know if you have a smile going.


Katie struggles with choices


I gotta tell you guys, that KK aka Katie is a crazypants silly kitty! Why she struggles to make up her mind what she wants to do with all that energy she has. What toy to play with first? What scratcher to use now? Who do I chase, Savvy or TKS? On and on her choices go.

She has a favorite cardboard scratcher lounge that Mom L got her when she first came to my castle in 2018. It is a bit of a wreck now but KK still loves it best, especially for her “posing place” and “napping place”.


And then there is her napping pose.


Now you know how much she adores her cardboard scratcher lounger thingy, right? So here is where a fun thing happened. KK just could not decide whether to enjoy her scratcher OR enjoy one of her other favorite toys, the tower of spinning balls!

Hey wait a minute! I’m not sure if I wanna stay on my scratcher or whap the balls!!

Then she just became more undecided.

Hmmm—I seem to be losing grip on my scratcher but just look at that ball whapper toy!!

Then she started to make a decision.

I’m gonna scratch!

Then she hesitated over that decision.

Oh gosh! I still think I wanna whap those balls

Until finally she combined both!

KK is such a silly dilly kittie and she amuses all of us with her indecision about which toy attracts her the most. Do you ever have trouble deciding which of your toys you like best? Let’s hear from you in comments purrlease!


Friday Memes for your Friday Smiles


I am baaaaaccckkk!! And firing on at least 7 of my 9 engines aka “lives”!! Still workin’ on gettin’ my energy back and building some weight gain, but heck, I am an abandoned shelter cat!! And if I found my forever castle I can get through this!

On to my Friday Memes for helping you all get your Friday Smiles goin’!

First up is TKS. She just had to get on this week’s memes. I gotta know how many of you are smiling after you see her meme. If I don’t hear from you loud and clear, I may have to ban her from memes for a while. Just sayin”!

Clearly TKS is concerned about all the rotten media stating that cats cause so much wildlife ruin in the world. What do you think?

Of course I just knew you would all wanna see my own person meme this week, so you gotta let me know what you think in my comments, purrlease!

And now for my surprise guest meme photo. Please welcome Sir Levi. An extraordinary cat who is convinced he can influence a dog to thinking it is a cat!! Sir Levi has a human companion, Miss Jill, who volunteers with my Project Delta View Cats abandoned community cat rescue targeting our city of Pittsburg, CA. Miss Jill is a kitty rescuer and all around animal advocate!

There you have it! My Friday Memes for Friday Smiles. I sure do hope you are all smiling now!


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