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Keep away game is fun!!


Do you and your fur sibs ever play “keep away” with a cherished toy? Dad P, Mom L and I witnessed the three youngsters doing just that! It all started with Domino finding an old, small, red mousie toy. Likely from about three Christmas’ ago. It has been in the bottom of our toy basket for a while.

Domie loves to carry his toys around, then stop to play with them in front of Katie and Foster Reesie and then grab them away and dash off. He waits for them to follow him.

Well, Foster Reesie snatched this red mousie away and dashed up to the first flight of stairs to the landing. She proceeded to toss that mousie all around; up against the wall; grabbing it in her paws and mouth. All the while watching Domie, out  of the corner of her eye, looking all wistful seeing his cherished mousie being mauled by Foster Reesie!! MOL!!!

You can see Katie sitting all cute and polite on the upper steps. She waits for her moment. When Foster Reesie is taking a break and brofur Domie is still in shock—Katie makes her move!! SNEAK ATTACK!!!

I thought Mom L was gonna spit out her wine watching Katie’s professional move!!! Here are our “game” participants.

How do you keep score when you play Keep Away??


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I am back with some fun memes from a very special bunch of rescue kitties living in Ernesto Sanctuary in Syria. If you have not visited this wonderful place, I hope you will do so now. It is an incredible group of volunteers, including medical staff, who have come together to help mostly the cats who have been sadly left behind when their owners had to flee the horrors of the war that is ongoing in Syria. The website has a “donate” button and I encourage you all to consider even a small donation to help these awesome volunteers keep these cats and the other animals they have rescued both fed and in good health.

That kitty clearly is enjoying his daily meal of raw chik-hen!

Mr. Tabby looks like he is still relishing the taste of his meal!

Isn’t he a handsome devil!!

Please consider donating to this amazing sanctuary in war torn Syria.


Silly dilly Domino


As you all know, we indoor cats get really darn excited whenever an outdoor birdie gets near our windows. Well, recently, Domino spotted a bird while he was on nursing duty with Mom L, and he about forgot his medical responsibilities. Once he locked onto that bird, there was nothing that could distract him.

And please turn up your sound ‘cuz Domino really gets into chattering at that bird!

Do any of you make such a fuss over seeing a birdie outside??


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