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I’m back!! Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


YAY!!! Dad P helped Mom L solve our ‘puter problem!! We unplugged from our direct wire to the internet and used only our WiFi. Then Mom L loaded a “search out bad crap on your ‘puter” app and ran it. DONE!! We found all these things called PUP?? What?? A bunch of unwanted puppies messed up my access to the internet?! The nerve!!

So here I am! Back!!! Hope you like my selections for my memes today. First up is Dad P with our last foster, Domino, from our Hole in the Wall Gang kittens. The Domino Kid is such a love! I will update you on Butch Cassidy’s story next Monday.

Yeah,  that’s my Dad P with The Domino Kid riding around on his shoulders. Sheesh! Why didn’t I ever think of doing that??

Of course all cats  KNOW when the peeps are plotting to do something to them, with them that the cat is sooooo not gonna appreciate! Katie is a master at this!!


Really!!!!!!?????? Just how many butt baths can a senior ladycat tolerate???!!  Well, I hope you have a smile on at my own expense! Harrumph!!!!


Why I can’t post

Mom L Here

My laptop has a serious virus. I cannot access the internet. Writing and posting on my iPad is too limiting, but I may have to try later this week.

Please do not abandon Savannah. It’s not her fault.  I hope to have us back by next week. Thank you for understanding.

Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


All my memes are from my foster kittens and from an adult colony girl that has at last gone to her forever home. First up, spectacular and feisty Baby from one of the cat colonies we take care of.

And if you tried, Baby would give you paw whack like you have never had before!!!

Next up are my foster sisters, Jessie James and Laughing Samantha. Sammie decided that her sister’s body is made just right for nice plush pillow!

Now sweet, cuddly Domino Kid is all by  himself. He consoled himself with as many of his stuffies as he could when he came home after seeing his brother Butch Cassidy leave for his very own home. More in next Monday’s post!!

That’s it for my memes. Hope you have a nice smile going!!


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