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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I have two guest memes today. One is courtesy of Mom L’s volunteer work at the Community Concern For Cats kitchen clinic. And the other from the CC4C adoption event Mom L and Dad P are using to help our darling foster kittens (Eowyn’s kittens) find their permanent homes. The first meme is from my new sisfur, Eowyn. Take it away!!!

Can any of my loyal readers relate to Eowyn’s feelings?? MOL!!!

So I’m thinking that most of you thought kittens were not hatched??? Anyone wanna tell us somethin’ different?? With the proof right here??? This is at the adoption site where Mom L and Dad P take our fosters, Eowyn’s kittens, to hopefully help them find their purrfect forever home. Both of these kittens are available for adoption.

Are you all sayin’ “ahhhhh…” now??? Come one, tell me in comments!! These cuties were at Mom L’s latest Kitchen Clinic this last week. Can you tell me how many are in that carrier??? Come on!! I dare ya!!

Hope I helped you get your week-o-end started with a smile or two.


Sage’s Sunday Mornings


Sage begged asked me to allow her to share how she and Dad P spend every Sunday morning. I figured, what the heck! Let TKS have her day! MOL!!!

Purrlease! Tell me in comments if ANY of you share this kind of playtime with your humans!

Wow!! Who would ever believe that our bedsheets are NOT HAUNTED!!???

But then the squirmy cat emerged and revealed her identity!

Sagie, known to furramily. and our Dad P and Mom L, is our treasured Jester Kitty. Do you have a Jester Kitty in your home? Who is it and what do they do? Inquiring minds wanna know!!

Sagie is always mesmerized by that ever elusive string!

Finally, Sagie turns her angelic face to Mom L, and looks as though she is amazed that Mom L would even be interested in what she and Dad P do every Sunday.


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I decided to just make up my Friday Memes from me, TKS and Katie. Hope you get a smile or two from my selections.

Yep! Katie does indeed “see” things; do you?

Sigh! TKS just has to be the ONLY one who knows where anything food related is stashed put away. As time goes on, she may find she has competition with our “newbie” furramily member Mistress of the Princess Guard, Eowyn.

Have you ever tried to use a product on your whiskers? Shhhhh—just asking for a furriend.

Have a pawsome weekend!


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