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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I missed my Monday post ‘cuz Mom L had some rescue kitty stuff goin’ on. But I am back for my Friday Memes—the first of 2023!

Do you remember my foster kittens from last year, Arwen the tabby girl and Frodo the handsome orange brother? Well, to this day, they still enjoy  being up close with each other.

For my USA readers, what say you about the vote I just cast in our House of Representatives!! Let us cats run this government and we will get stuff moving for all our good citizens and every abandoned senior cat will qualify for our new Senior Cat Housing program!!!

TKS got a bit possessive when we finally got to open our stocking on Monday of this week.

What are all of you up to in this New Year??!!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


Things have gotten kind’a confusin’ around my castle. You see, Dad P and Mom L decided to let our foster kitty, seven month old Binky, have the run of the house during the day. Now we have THREE black cats runnin’ around and in a flash, it’s tough to figure who is who.

But for sure, the girls, Sage and Binky, know that girls always go first in the chow line at Dad P’s dinner tray!! Domino has to hang back and watch. And of course Sage goes first  ‘cuz she is the oldest.

And now we have three black cats tryin’ to be the first one up to the top of the fave cat tower in our master bedroom. And TKS isn’t very likely to give anyone any help!

Now TKS aka Sage has somethin’ to say about all of this.

There you have it. From Sage’s mouth, she will always remain the number one black cat in my castle.

From my castle to yours, we all wish you a very happy and safe New Year!


Boxing Day without Boxes


As you can see from these photos, we, sadly, did not have any boxes to save to play in on Boxing Day. The disappointing truth is that Mom L ordered a glorious new artificial tree online. It arrived late but Dad P got it all set up and it  was indeed splendid. Then as they were on their last thirty minutes “fluffing” the branches, the already included tree lights went out and never came back on!!

So that tree was returned and Dad P got out our old standby, purchased over ten years ago for only $25 USD!! And that little tree is standing in my living room, without any prezzies, or  decorations but its lights are working!!

We were all still working community cat rescue and trap, neuter, return challenges right up to Christmas Eve. So not much got done for the holidays around here. But Dad P got out our stockings and Mom L hung hers and Dads on the tree. And of course, that attracted Domino as this is his very first Christmas tree!! He has already joined Katie in sampling the artificial tree leaves—ICK! But once something was hanging on that tree! Well it got his total attention!

Here he is on tippy toes checking out the inside of the tree.

Of course he doesn’t think anyone could see him!! MOL!!! Then he decided to sit back on his haunches to rethink his tree inspection strategy (aka trying to learn how those stockings were attached!).

Then he thought he outta give a look further inside the tree. And of course, he assumed no one would notice him. Can you see where his head is? Let me know in comments. He is certain you cannot see him.

Now he is ready to inspect exactly how those stockings are really hanging on this tree. So’s he sticks his head out and has a look see.

He just cannot stand it any further and must stick his head all the way out to get a really good look. Still thinkin’ no one can see what he is doing!!!

That’s how we spent our Christmas Eve. Christmas Day Mom L and Dad P went to a movie and Mom L finally got my Secret Santa Paws packages ready to mail. I am soooooooooo embarrassed that my package is going to be so very late. But, cat rescue comes first in my castle. Do you have any Christmas tree peepers in your home??


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