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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I have a couple of memes today that ought to get you smiling.

I don’t know how you all feel about having the humans’ family visit, but you can tell how The Kid Sage feels. What’s your reaction to news like this? Let me hear your thoughts in comments purrlease!

And then from my pal Hitch, a Reader Without a Blog. Hitch never disappoints with his memes!

Now don’t go think’in that Hitch DOES have stinky breath. But, you all know what it feels like to have your humans go into their “stinky face” expressions whenever you accidentally let out a little ole burp, right? So what’s the big deal. A little fresh chicken or fishie smell to enhance the living room.

Hope to hear you thoughts about my Friday memes in comments.


PeeEss…stay tuned for my Monday post about Samantha, our elusive injured colony cat!!

More body language tells all


Remember my most recent Friday Memes for Friday Smiles?

Well my readers luvluvluv’d this so much that I thought it was time to offer some more “Loving Tail Language” from my Paw It Forward Project at our local park cat colony. Our Project Delta View Cats partners with the City of Pittsburg, CA and our Contra Costa County Animal Services to humanely manage this long standing colony of abandoned community cats. The colony grew to over 40 cats during the national recession, when our county was so hard hit and so many lost their homes. People forced by the big banks to leave their homes made terrible choices to drive by this park and “drop off” their family, mostly unaltered, cat—hoping someone would feed it at this park.

Thankfully, as of July 2019, we now have approximately seventeen to twenty resident adult cats. We have had no kittens born in this colony for about five years. Some cats have chosen to join other area waterfront colonies, which we also manage through Project Delta View Cats aka PDVC. We have pulled eight friendly adults and put them into successful adoption paths.

Here you go with some amazing tail telling how much they feel the love they receive daily from our dedicated registered cat colony feeders. This is the dance of tails that we get to see every time we feed on our daily feeding and watering schedule.

Come on my pals, join me and Mom L on a tiny experience of our Happy Cats Tails Tell All tour!!!

And they do luvluvluv sharing time together.

Here honey, have a bite of mine—Mister dropped food for Missy’s pleasure

And so they continue.

The protective tail language. Precious!

Our next pair are just as demonstrative. Once again Missy now joins Prince for a “dance of the tails” and some head bunting.

They are so sweet to each other.

Making sure you are with me my friend

And then they start to depart to make more friends with their colony pals.

Do you think anyone saw us?

Our colony cats demonstrate so many different body language styles. Mom L and our Manager Feeder Miss Jane can watch the cats for hours!! And they literally have in their efforts to CATCH our very ill and injured colony member Sam.

And YES!!! Sam is now being medically treated at our pawsome county animal services. He was NETTED on Saturday!!!

Stay tuned for “Sam’s Rescue Story” in upcoming Monday blog posts.

Now you tell me how you see you and your siblings, adopted or whatever, showing your trust and love for each other. Come on!! Share some photos in comments!



Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


My memes for today are from my ongoing Paw It Forward project—Delta View Cats! I encouraged a few of our cat colony members to pawticipate in my Friday Memes for Friday Smiles blog post.

You MUST let me know in comments what’cha think of their contributions.

Those two just adore eating together.

Miss Bunny is not a happy camper when she doesn’t get to chow down at TWO different feeding stations!! Silly kitty.

Let me know how you liked my Friday Memes in comments. Do you enjoy seeing my cat colony and rescue kitties??


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