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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I have a couple of guest memes today and one from me, myself and I!!

As most of you know, we now have a mom cat and four of her six week old kittens in my castle. This is the smaller of the Hole in the Wall Gang. Thankfully, the other eight live at another place…sigh.

Remember Frodo?? He has clearly mastered the art of “hanging out”!

And there you have Senorita Mirabel’s most fervent wish. That some human (s) will come along and realize that she is just the sweetest most adorable six year old kitty ever!! Please send her your most pawerful POTP to help her bring her forever home to her soon. We do not know how long we can keep her in foster care. If no one will give her time and cuddles, then Mom L and Dad P and I will give her a home. She will not ever be returned to the cat colony where we found her. PLEASE SHARE!



We three girls in our castle


I am, of course posting my Monday blog post late…sigh. But at least it is gonna be out there for any and all to take a look.

Moving on, I thought it has been a while since I shared some recent photos of me, Sage and Katie—living the good life in my castle.

I am first up, naturally, right?! You can see me visiting some of the volunteers who met in my castle to  plan for Delta View Cats’ inaugural fund raiser yard sale. I was upstairs napping and decided to go down for a snack. Wow! There was a meeting going on that I needed to get in there and snoopervise. In the past, I would not have joined in with all those strangers, but I went right over to my stairs, climbed up onto my couch and checked out Mr. Burt and Miss Shannon who were sitting there.

You will also see me hangin’ out under my tent on my bed when Miss Kandi was staying with us while Mom L and Dad P were away.

Next up is Sage aka The Kid Sage aka TKS. She is such a bootiful house panther. Sage and I have never been really close, but I know that she so loves to sit on Mom L’s lap and take a nap. This makes Mom L so very happy so’s that’s OK by me.

Now for Katie aka KK. She is such a cutie and she makes sure that Sage and I know she respects us. She and Sage play chase through the house, up and down the stairs and whatnot. One of her favorite things to do is hang from the stairs with her front legs hanging over and then she streeeeettttccchhhheeeesss our her front legs and spreads both her paws. You can just hear her toe knuckles cracking!!

Hope you enjoyed being a part of my castle world for a few moments. Thanks for sticking with me while Mom L and I try to figure out how to get about ten more hours in our day!!!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


One of these days me and Mom L will get back on track and get my posts up when they’re supposed to be up. So late again, but you are gonna like what TKS and three of our four foster kittens came up with.

That’s The Domino Kid. He has one white spot on his throat and he loves to eat!

You know TKS. If she can find a way to get her meals delivered to her, she will do what it takes!

Better than watching that television wrasslin’ stuff, don’t ya think???

Hope you are smiling!


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