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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


And my Friday Memes just keep on rollin’ along. Thanks lots for stopping by. Hope to hear from my viewers in comments which meme catches your giggles best.

That’s our sweet foster kitten Lilly. She is so creative on the computer stuff!

Bet some of you know just how this feels, right?

So much for my Friday Memes. Hope you got a giggle or two.


Senior style cat tree!


Most of my long time readers know that I kind’a suffer from arty-right-us in both my knees. This means I no longer can get up on my original cat tree, Dad P bought just special for me, when he and Mom L brought me to my forever castle.

You can see “some kitty” now lives on my former fave cat tree. Bummer indeed.

BUT!! WAIT!! Even in our senior years we cats can be very creative. Not only did I insist that Mom L and Dad P put carpet on our new and last home’s set of stairs, I insisted that I get nice carpeted short steps for me to use to get on the couch with Mom L and also up on our bed too.

Well just guess—go on—guess??!! What game did I create to use my short stairs to make up for not having the ability to get up on my fave cat tree???

YES!! You guessed right!! I made my short stairs into my NEW, BETTER IMPROVED CAT TREE FOR SENIORS!!!

See? I can still fit in between the steps.

Mom L?? Where the heck is my favorite peacock feather?

Good grief!! How long does a senior cat have to wait for play time??

Here we go!! I knew Mom L would get my concept. Super!

I do back flips, front flips and upside down flips on just three steps. AWESOME SAUCE!!!

What do you think of my new concept Cat Tree For Seniors?????


Friday Memes and Grins


Let me see if I can get you to crack a grin from ear to ear with one of these new memes! This sweetie is one of the females Mom L and Dad P rescued from the same apartment as Katie and Lilly.

And you can guess where Mom L took this photo. Would you wanna play that game with her? I think her swipe might be the best one, what do you think?

TKS is always lookin’ like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. I think she needs to start charging some green papers for all that weight.

Give me a shout out in comments if you found one meme in pawticular gave you your Friday grin!


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