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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


Actually I am not officially “here”. You see Mom L and Dad P are bringing me home from hospital stay of three nights on Friday. So I have delegated to TKS and KK to create this week’s Friday Memes. Mom L agreed to help them out. Hope they did a good job and that when I get home and check my blog comments I hear that you are all smiling!

First up is Dot Kitten from my best ever pals in New Zealand—Dash Kitten Team!

That is Dot Kitten hearing USA country western for the first time. Hopefully she turns on some hot jazz and blues next!!

And here are the brothers Jamie and Jay V from the New Kitty Platoon. Not even a year old and they are already arguing over who gets what at their first Christmas!

Hope you have your Friday smiles going. Let me know.


Sneaking up on morning treats


The Kid Sage has been at it again. She sneaks up on the baggies Mom L keeps our morning treats in every chance she gets. One morning Mom L fell back asleep, leaving those treat baggies out. When Dad P came in to get her up he found the plastic baggie with TKS’ treats on the floor on his side of the bed, torn open, and a tell tale trail of treats leading back to Mom L’s side of the bed!!

Well this time Mom L wasn’t asleep!

Dum-tee-dum-dum…just came over to your nightstand to see the boats Mom L

Oh yeah! Nice try TKS.

Why look what we have here!!

As if you didn’t know those treat baggies were gonna be there! HAH!!! And you got BUSSSSSSTED!!!

WHAT??? ME?? Trying to SNEAK!! Look at my innocent face.

Innocent face my tail!!

Darn! I thought she was really watching the news. Bummer!

I tell you, TKS is a true trickster when it comes to treats and chik-hen.

Have you ever made a sneak attack on your treats?


Flashback: Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I picked out a couple of memes from the time I started doing them. Hope you enjoy them a second time around.

First up is from a long time pal, Reader Without a Blog (RWB), Miss Dorothy and her Angel kitty Tiger doin’ his best ever “Flash Dance” improv!

Another log time pal, Miss Josie, my former feline specialist vet, now retired and her tabby cat family.

How did they do for your Friday Smile the second time around? Let me hear from you in comments!


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