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Why I can’t post

Mom L Here

My laptop has a serious virus. I cannot access the internet. Writing and posting on my iPad is too limiting, but I may have to try later this week.

Please do not abandon Savannah. It’s not her fault.  I hope to have us back by next week. Thank you for understanding.

Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I hope you have been workin’ on chill’axin your smile muscles. You really are gonna need  to loosen up with the memes I have for you  today. First  up is my “another new” castle guest! Yup, Mom L keeps my castle like a revolving door sometimes! This little cutie is ready for adoption. Her name is Toci, pronounced as “Toh-see”. That’s the name of a goddess in the Aztec Nahuatl language. Cool, right!

And next up is a young kitty in a backyard colony my nonprofit community cat rescue Delta View Cats go neutered and vaccinated. He is living the best life of an outdoor community cat ‘cuz his residents are super duper community cat advocats!

My nest  meme is from some dancin’ cat colony members at our park colony. We feed 13+ cat, all abandoned in a city park, many are now seniors. Check out their dancin’ moves! That is Prince, the dark tabby, having a little dance routine with his gal pals Sabrina (brown tabby) and Esmeralda (diluted tortie).

I so hope you enjoyed my community cat/foster cat guests today. Please donate to your local community cat rescue non profits. We are all challenged by the new wave sweeping this country that is pushing all community cat TNR, healthy kitten, friendly adult adoption into something they are calling “Community Cat Sheltering”. Not a good move for many abandoned community cats that we must now leave on  the streets because our public funded animal shelter will no longer help them. Very sad!


Katie copies TKS


I/m startin’ think that little Katie has been copycatting (pun intended) TKS with her infatuation with our shared slicker brushes. Remember that post I did a few years ago about how TKS just cannot leave her our slicker brushes alone?

Well Mom L and I caught Katie copying TKS’ famous moves with that very same slicker brush. Let me apologize for the crummy photos but Mom L is gonna go back to school to relearn how to make better photos for my blog. Just sayin’…

Katie does enjoy having Dad P use this brushie on her, but she proved just last night that she is capable of now brushing herself. 

We sure do wish we could make our photos better but once again, this new editor for our bloggy has beat us down. Someday maybe we can learn how to adjust the size of the photos and whatnot, but for now—please hang in with us while we try to learn.


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