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The Kid Sage: Shortest Attention Span on Earth


Do you have a fur family member with a short attention span?? You so have to tell me in comments and give EXAMPLES please!

Movin’ on—so you know that TKS luvluvluvs helping Dad P make their our bed every Sunday morning.

Well, what you may not know is how easily she is distracted by her purrsonal needs and interests.

Bring it on Dad P!! I’m ready to play “making the bed”!

As you can see, she is ready, even eager. Anticipating the first move.

I can see your first move with the wand stick Dad!

She waits for Dad P to move the handle end of the wand to make her suspect there is something UNDER the new top sheet.

You can’t fool me Dad P! I see that wand handle

She anticipates, waits and then attacks for the kill! Expert!!

Wait a minute. Something is happening to my energy level

Her “energy level”??? What the heck is that all about? Can’t she focus?

*snort* ahem—just a sec’—zzzz

TKS simply cannot maintain focus on what she is doing at any given time. Why I doubt she can focus….

Hang on Dad P, whats that I see outside?

…on anything. Well, except maybe excluding whatever catches her attention in a nanosecond.

Now she is re-focusing on something else other than bed making—typical TKS.

I can see it!! Can you???

Finally she catches MY attention! What in cat’s name is she seeing outside???

Holy catnip!! I can’t believe my own eyes and nose! It’s back!!!

No telling what “it” might be, but clearly TKS has seen it before, even if only in her own mind’s eye. Like I said, shortest attention span on earth!


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My Purrsonal Selfie


It’s about time I show up again on my own blog post for my Sunday Selfie, don’t ya think?

I have a few enhancements to offer you for your consideration all taken from one single photo of me from last night. The lighting was crappy but Mom L insisted I pose so here is the original photo taken with her non-sophisticated smart phone.


Now here are some other fun effects all created using online photo editing. Not a lot of change in the first photo, right?

not much change

Photo 2— getting some serious artsy stuff going.

Photo 2

Photo 3—even more artsy stuff and, well, missing my ears!!

ear artsy

Please let me know in comments which of the three renditions of the same photo you like best: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3.

I am joining my pals from The Cat On My Head for their infamous Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. Click that badge and transport to view tons of fun animal selfies.

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My Progress Never Stops


In case you are a newer reader for my blog, let me tell you that I arrived in my forever castle as one scared, anxious and shy adult five year old shelter cat. I take kitten paw steps forward almost every week, it has been a slow journey but I am continuously supported by my Mom L and Dad P’s love and patience.

The last big progress I shared was last Fall. I told you all about how I am now asking Dad P for my morning pets and attention.

You may recall that ever since I arrived here, Mom L has been my go to human for feeling safe and confident. I have always slept with her, day or night. Unfortunately my recent progress happened in the early hours of the mornings when all is still in the town house and darkness gives me courage. No actual photos, sorry.

Here are some photos to help you imagine what has happened at night when I am snuggled up tight next to Mom L.

Wherever you see me snuggled against a lump in the bed, that would be Mom L’s legs or tummy.

My safe spot is always next to Mom L

My safe spot is always next to Mom L

Clearly I am totally relaxed, feeling safe. Lately, the last many months, I am sleeping with her at night snuggled up tight against her chest with my head sort’a next to hers. She says she can sometimes feel my soft warm breath on her hand if she has it resting on my shoulder.

The progress report—I, unlike The Kid Sage, never ever lick my humans. Not even if they are covered in salt from sweating at the gym or in chik-hen! I DO NOT LICK MOM L OR DAD P—until this weekend.

I feel most safe being vulnerable when it is dark. I have never shown this behavior during the daylight.

So I have been allowing Mom L to give me soft scritches UNDER MY CHIN for several months now. I just melt when she does that. I decided to try something different the other night and when she moved her hand to rub my cheek, I turned so I could give myself a nose massage by rubbing her finger! Wonderful! Oh My Cat! I love it! Mom L smiles, I knows she does cuz my whiskers can feel her smiling. I rub my cool wet nose on her finger and then—I LICK HER!! Yes, I do, I really do. Now not a really big ole’ lick like TKS gives, but while her finger is in front of my nose, I reach out the tip end of my tongue to give her a lick or two to let her know how much I appreciate the nose massage. This is becoming almost a normal behavior for me now.

THAT’S MY PROGRESS!!! I am so pleased with myself to have another break through in ways I can enjoy Mom L’s gentle pets and scritches. She is smiling as she types this blog for me. You can see that she and I have many memories of our time in bed together as we have continued to bond over the last few years. We read together, watch TV news in the morning and she always knows just how to find that special spot in the middle of my forehand for a soft scritch—I just swoon!


We really do wish we had some photos of my new behavior, maybe one day I will feel safe enough in the daylight to become vulnerable and give Mom L a little lick.



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