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Happy Holidays to All My Pals


I am doing this special holiday post so’s I can be sure to share my holiday e-card with all my followers. I have tried to send them out to all of you if I have your email address.

TKS, KK and I thank you all so very much for being our blog pals and for visiting and commenting when you can. You are the reason that I keep Mom L’s opposable thumbs working on my blog!


Friday Flashback Memes—ready to smile?



Back again with some flashback Friday Memes. Let me know if they tickled your smile the second time around.

The gang from The Kitty Platoon will do anything to find out just where their human goes all the time!

As for me, sometimes I just need to be alone with me, myself and my teleport tunnel.

As you already know, TKS is always stunned when chik-hen is on the menu and she misses out.

Have a great week-o-end and hope you are smiling!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


My memes this week are pretty good in my humble opinion. I included a furramily member and then tossed in a couple of kitties from the last Community Concern For Cats (CC4C) “Kitchen Clinic” Mom L did. Think you are gonna like these lots, but be sure to let me know one way or the other in comments.

Read on!

That’s KK aka Kit Katie aka Katie above. She is so worried she is gonna get wrinkles or somethin’!

The kitten above was one of the most vocal Mom L can remember at the Kitchen Clinic.

Now this adult male cat knows how to talk to a doctor, don’t ya think?


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