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Friday memes for Friday smiles


I am so sorry I didn’t get my Monday post scheduled. But Mom L was too tired to use her opposable thumbs to type up what I had put together for my readers. Seems she and Dad P had to go on some fancy schmancy getaway to celebrate the fact that they have hung together for 44 years!!Sheesh!!! They left us kitties all by ourselves for like a kabillion and three days!

What Katie? Oh alright! Katie says we had our live in food service girl Miss Kandi and that she played with Katie and made sure all our meals were delivered on time. Fine Katie, you scoot off now and let me keep writing. *Katie whispers in Savvy’s ear* OK! I forgot to tell you that Katie let Miss Kandi also brush her and actually pet her furs with her hand. Good grief. 

Let me get to my meme post before any more interruptions! My first one is from my pal Toulouse, from the Dash Kitten Team.

Next up is a kitten that showed up at the Kitchen Clinic Mom L helps out with. That kitten is sure in for a big learning!!

You all know that Sage aka TKS is an ice cream junkie like Dad P, right?? It is a nightly thing with them. And no, she doesn’t get her very own bowl, simply a few licks off Dad P’s finger. But boy, I bet you are all gonna be just as shocked as she was once she learned about what “ice cream” IS NOT!

There you have it. My Friday Memes to get your Friday smiles going. Let me hear from you in comments if any of these brought a chuckle or three!


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13 thoughts on “Friday memes for Friday smiles

  1. meowmeowmans on said:

    What? Ice cream is not a protein? Noooooo!

  2. What? No protein in ice cream???
    Mummy is reeling in shock (mol).

  3. Those were fun! Sage, ice cream may not be a protein…but it’s still delish!

  4. catladymac on said:

    We love ’em Savvy. But even our huMom’s doctor admits ice cream is a good source of calcium.

  5. We look forward to your Memes every week Savvy and these gave us a smile. Thanks

  6. Wait, no, ice cream DOES have protein in it, doesn’t it? It IS made from cream, after all.

    Happy anniversary to your humans!

  7. Those really were so cute! Happy Anniversary to those special peeps from all of us!

  8. But…um….butt…well, Ice cream is still tops on our list!

    Toulouse, what a beaut he is!!

    Concats on your pawrents 44th anniversary!

  9. I am also very disappointed, that chocolate, which is made from beans, is not a vegetable!

  10. Wait. What? Ice cream isn’t healthfood,,,? NO! Shocker!

    Love and licks,

  11. Carole Schulman on said:

    IT isn’t? I can’t believe it. Gonna look it up! I’ll keep mom from seeing this.
    Katie Isabella

  12. it’s not? …oh my… but we love it anyway LOL

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