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When You Love Your Fur Groomin’ Tool Too Much


Sometimes I gotta wonder about The Kid Sage. She just gets her tail all tangled in a knot when she gets to worrying about stuff. You know what I mean? Stuff that no cat outta be gettin’ all in a dither about. Not that I even know what a dither is, but it fit just fine in this sentence so I pawed it into my blog post.

Where was I headed with this post? Oh, right. The Kid Sage and her stuff worryin’. Now I like myself a good brush just like any cat. And I do have a favorite fur grooming tool or two. But TKS, well she just can’t get past her lovey dovey affair with her slicker brush. I have one just like it but you won’t be seein’ me get all to fretting about my relationship with mine.

But TKS, well she just gets to thinkin’ too much and, well, keep reading and see for yourself. Let me know in comments what you think about her obsession with her fur groomin’ tool.

I dream of you holding me in your soft little bristles

Now come on guys—what cat dreams of their brush holdin’ them in its bristles??

You give my chin furs the best scritches

Yeah, yeah…anyone can get a good chin scritch from a human, or maybe even from just rubbin’ your chin along a wall—na’mean?

Sigh… I can’t imagine my life without you

If TKS keeps this up, I am gonna have to make her brushie take a “vacay”—her reaction outta be worth the lecture I’ll get from Mom L and Dad P for doing something like that.

You wouldn’t ever leave me, right sweet brushie?

She worries if that thing will ever leave her—she must be outta her noggin!! Mom L and Dad P aren’t ever gonna let that slicker brush disappear, especially while TKS is blowin’ her coat like a husky during the Summer!!

Oh!! What if you were stolen!! What if you had no choice and were forced to leave me?!!

As if that inanimate object has a choice about whether or not to hang around her…seriously! But then…maybe a little “accidental” disappearing act might be kind’a fun to stage. Let me think about that…heh…heh.

That’s it! We need a plan to make sure no one can take you away from me!

Sure TKS, make a plan. See how far that gets you when Dad P starts puttin’ stuff away when they get ready to clean downstairs!

Hmmmm….I’m worried about you brushie. You won’t run away will you?

Is TKS kidding?? That brushie doesn’t even have the beginnings of paws to use to run. What is TKS thinkin’?? Oh right, she doesn’t really think much beyond what she wants in a single moment. Silly kid!

Oh no!! I can’t believe that Savvy would ever hide you from me…would she?

And there you have it. TKS has her tail twisted in a knot worryin’ about her stuff like her brushie. Seriously, would I, Savannah the Cat, ever take TKS’ brushie away just to see what she would do???

Ahem…koff, koff…ummmm…don’t bother answerin’ that, ok? Just let me know in comments if you have any obsession over your fur groomin’ tools.



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19 thoughts on “When You Love Your Fur Groomin’ Tool Too Much

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  2. Pay no heed, Sage. I get worried ’bout my stuff bein’ stolen, too. Why, I worry ALL THE TIME someone might break into the house and steal my nip mice. All the time, I say. ALL THE TIME! And it’s not needless worry, for sure. MOUSES!

  3. Awww this is lovely! Only one step away from brushing herself! Really love those pictures!

  4. meowmeowmans on said:

    MOL! Don’t worry, TKS, we think it’s adorable that you love your brush so much. Our Angel Sammy used to grab it, hold it between his paws, and brush his own face! 🙂

  5. Wow, TKS really does like that brush!

  6. 15andmeowing on said:

    You really do love that brushie. 🙂

  7. Dang, Sister Zoe knows all about that. Hey, my blog is down until further notice due to a hack attack. We will be back as soon as we can.

  8. Now Savvy…be nice. TKS likes her brushie. Do you have a favorite toy for instance? My Donkey is MY fave. Nothin’ ever better happen to HIM.

  9. The Island Cats on said:

    It looks like Sage has figured out a way to brush herself.

  10. Some brushes we like and some we don’t . Sometimes we like to be brushed, and sometimes we won’t. Our brushes are always stowed away ship shape so we don’t get to use them on ourselves.

  11. I have a brushie just like that, TKS. If that one ever gets away, you can have mine. I am afraid of it, and I run like I’m being chased by the devil every time Mom takes it out. Please. PLEASE. Take mine!!

    Love and licks,

  12. We think Sage just takes the self-grooming cat image a bit to the extreme. Some cats are just over zealous that way. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  13. chrisscatmeow on said:

    Awww so sweet guess we all get overally fond of things now and again. x😻🐾😸🐾

  14. I think it is cute she is so in love with her slicker brush! And it’s certainly better than if she didn’t like it!

  15. MOL, I like a brushy, but I’s never obsessed over any tool.

  16. I think Harvey can relate. He really enjoys it when Paul gives him brush. Not Me, Paul! Mind you he won’t worry his head about it too much if there is food around so maybe Sage has the edge!

    Marjorie and Silver 🙂

  17. Oh bless her. Any obsession is bad, even for mice and cream, MOL A little away time would probably be good for them both. Maybe separate holidays, or introduce a new pal to TKS, that sort of thing?
    Toodlepips and purrs

  18. Billie Cummings on said:

    Cute pictures and blog. Enjoyed it, Mom L.

  19. Kessy’s obsession about her fur grooming tool is: Don’t let it get too near to her.

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