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Moving: Experienced Cats Talk Part II


Hey, hey, hey my pals! I have decided to let all of you in on some of the closely kept secrets I have about how cats help with packing and moving. You already saw my little “teaser” post last week about “How Experienced Cats Move“. Now I am making that a little mini-series. I’ll post about what TKS and I are doing to help Mom L and Dad P in this final move for all of us. I have moved three times since arriving at my forever castle just a short five years ago and this is TKS’ second move in three years.

This is TKS’ turn at showing off her growing expertise in packing.

Hello Pals. This lesson is about insuring box size fits intended contents.

“Now there is a really important challenge every cat must face. WILL THE INTENDED CONTENTS FIT INTO THE INTENDED BOX??

Here you see me testing out a very colorful hand woven rug from master weavers in Mexico. I am making sure it is firmly smooshed—yes, “smooshed” is indeed a technical cat packing term. I am also making sure that there will be token cat furs on this item before it is rehung over our master bedroom bed. Never let the humans forget that we rule our homes.”

Ok Dad P. You can take it from here. It is properly smooshed

“Trust me my pals, humans simply cannot do this properly nor successfully without our brilliant input. Making sure contents will fit is a skill set only we cats possess. We are after all, “box masters”.

Ahhh—I see you want this art placed into the brown box.

“Sigh—you would think that with all their tape measures, rulers and whatnot that humans can figure out if the box is a proper fit for what they want to put in it. Slap my paw to my forehead and call me a crazy cat!! Have they never figured out how to measure this??!!”

Get. In. The. Box.!!!

“Seriously pals, humans never ever get into the very box they want “said” items to be placed. They simply assume the items will fit. I know, I know—such a laughable concept!!

I, TKS, did all the proper measuring techniques and determined that indeed the intended art items were a perfect match for the intended box. Without me, I do not know how Mom L and Dad P would have been able to accomplish this very technical part of moving effectively.

Hope you learned something from my experience. I am sure HRH Savannah will have more to share in our next post.”

Please let TKS know in comments if this moving technique is helpful—even if you are not ever gonna move—do her insights help you foresee the problems “should” you move??



The Kid Sage Has Expectations


A couple of weeks back I let you all into TKS’ morning routine. One part of that was her expectation that after she gets her morning treat from under the “treat pillow”, she gets Mom L time.

This means Mom L has to stop visiting my pals’ blogs just so she can get special attention. I don’t mind so much but all that black fur does get into my iPad.

Ummm…Mom L? Did you put that iPad away?

TKS seems to enjoy having her whole head rubbed and rubbed—especially her chinny chin chin.

Your fingers are like magic Mom L—keep it up

You can see TKS’ little bald spot on her pointy chin. She also has a bit of this baldness in the corners of both eyes. Guess she forgot to grow her fur there when she was a kitten! MOL!

TKS and I have been helping Dad P and Mom L pack. It is hard work but there are BOXES!!


The Memes Are Back Again


Here come the MEMES!! First up is the owner of this blog and that would be ME!

Ahem—so seriously, whose “toesies” do ya think humans are gonna want to smooch?

Of course TKS had to join the fun on my Friday Meme Blog Post.

I think she may have gotten into Dad P’s “oldies but goodies” soundtrack on his iPhone. Do ANY of my readers even know what she is trying to shout about??

And I let TKS have the last word, as though she doesn’t always get it anyway!

Let us know in my comments what you  liked best.


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