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Super Cat


Now you are gonna want to know just “who” is this Super Cat, right? Well guess! Come on, take a wild guess—and tell me if this Super Cat has a cape that can fly!

Ok, ok…here’s a hint. I’ll show you a part of Super Cat’s body as he/she rests under the flying cape.

Who is Super Cat? Under the cape of invisibility

WHAT???? You say not enough of that body part to even lodge a guess as to who is Super Cat? Alright, one more photo of more of that body part.

Can you see the tell tail stripes? (*hint* Tabby Cat Club Member)

Harruummmppfff! Super Cat cannot just hang out under the invisibility cape and wait for readers to determine the true identity of that feline body part.

SWOOOOSH! And off Super Cat flies!!! Wearing the invisibility cape which helps Super Cat fly!

Super Cat flies with the invisibility cape to lift paws off the ground!

Sadly, Super Cat must quickly shirk off the invisibility flying cape.

Get off my tail you cape!!

And yes, you are right. Super Cat is indeed TKS. As you can tell by all her body markings and her tail…TKS is the mysterious Super Cat.

Ceiling Cat knows I would never ever go running around with some stoopid piece of tissue paper over me and think it was a flying invisibility cape, right? Come’on guys! You all know me too well. Remember, I am the adult shelter rescue cat who “doesn’t play”!

Now I confess—I do luvluvluv to fly around Mom L’s and my office wearing whatever Super Cat Tissue cape is available. Just one more sign of my continuing progress.

I, Savannah the Cat, am continuing to gain confidence, self respect and enjoy being loved.


Do You Pole Dance?


I shared a few photos in a past blog post of my returning interest in my first cat tree, which I have not played on for three years. fancy catletic paw work on my favorite cat tree. But I am going a bit farther in my progress now than just weeks ago.

My moves would make a human pole dancer green with envy, seriously!!  In fact I’m expecting a call any day now from the French Cirque du Soleil folks. I know they will be wanting me to teach their performers some of my special moves.

Check out my set up for my ‘Wrap Around the Pole” move. First, I get leverage using my hind paws and claws. Yep, those claws give us cats a good advantage over the humans. Then I reach up to grab the pole with my right paw and claws.

Whoopsy do! And then I FLIP and WRAP three paws and claws on the pole and I keep one hind paw and claw set hooked onto the platform to help give me lift!

My progress is all about my continuing growth in my relationship with Mom L. I come to her with a certain pitch to my “meows” that immediately let her know I am looking for a play session with her. My cat tower is right near her work area so she just turns around, gets a feather toy and “BOOM”!! We are playing!!

Do you invite your humans to play with you? How do you do that?


Boldly I Go Forward


Are you ready for yet ANOTHER huge paw step forward in my recovery from trauma progress???

I heard you all shout out YES!!! YES !!!

Great, ‘cuz this is gonna be great!

So I always knew our living room is lower than our dining room. And I did know that there is a rail between the two. Now TKS stepped up and quickly started using that “between” the rails path to get from the upper dining area to the lower living room area.

I hesitated for one and a half years. BUT—

About a month ago, I started to enter my place on the couch next to Mom L by slipping through the rails and joining her. Guess what I also started to realize??

I realized that Mom L’s head/hair was right about the level where I could take a long look at her hair. Now mind you, these photos are really fuzzy as Mom L I took them using our paw phone.


Hmmm—now this is really interesting.

So I started to snuffle Mom L’s hair. Of course it tickled her and eventually she noticed it wasn’t some stoopid bug, but ME!

Snuffle, snort, tickle

Snuffle, snort, tickle

I did that for about two weeks. And then I started to get REALLY REALLY BOLD!

I decided that Mom L had way too many stray hairs in her hair style. What better way to help her control her hair style, and in fact improve upon it, than to add KITTY SPIT!!

Come’on guys, you know I am right! We cats have been using KITTY SPIT aka KS for eons. It keeps our furs sleek, shiny and wondrously luxuriously delightful to stroke.

So I decided to put my shyness to the side and help Mom L not only gain luxurious head furs, but also to help get a way much needed hair style.

Of course, I needed to get up close and personal—

Ah, here is where her hair style needs help—chomp

Ah, here is where her hair style needs help—chomp

Well she jumped like a kitten seeing a cucumber!!! HEY!! WOMAN!!! I am just tryin’ to get a hold on your hair style. Chill lady!

Next came the KITTY SPIT aka KS conditioner.

Let me give this some KS healing

Let me give this some KS healing

Have any of you tried to help your human with their seriously depleted hair condition and also lame hair styles?? What was their reaction. And more importantly—

Well who knew her hair could also be tasty?

Well who knew her hair could also be tasty?

—did you find your human’s hair to be sort of a different taste delight?

And to my woofie pals, do wolfies help their humans with their hair styles and conditioning as much as we cats like to go??? Leave me some comments as to how I can be of better service to Mom L in getting her hair style and conditioning looking better.



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