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Come Fly With Me!


My posts are getting shorter and shorter the closer our move comes. I’m gonna join BlogPaws’ Wordless Wednesday blog hop and leave you with my latest Super Cat image. My flying invisibility cape is gonna have to be in top working order to get me from this castle to my next one. And it’s sure to be a happy landing!

I can see my flight path now!

I am getting pretty excited about taking the trip to my new castle. And just to think, I won’t have to pack up my stuff anymore ‘cuz this is our home, we own it!! APAWS!

Paw the badge and look for me on the Worldless Wednesday Blog Hop at BlogPaws social media site.


Friday Memes! Are you ready?


I have some special guest photos from my pals Phinny , Angel Easy’s baby brofur, and Erin the Princess Cat. And I just had to toss in one of me, of course.

Check out the embarrassment Phinny had to endure when his Mum and Dad said “not yours”!! Why I never can imagine any pawrent saying that! Can you?

Can you just imagine??!!! Having your pawrents say such a thing just as you lay claim to the very contents of your own, special holiday stocking?!!! Beware all my pals when this holiday season comes around. Make sure you stake out what is “yours” and what is “for others”. Just sayin’…

Next up is my gal pal over the water Princess Erin.

You can see that Princess Erin is having her paw full with all the mice her Dad Mark allows to roam about her castle. What a shame. Just look at how exhausted she is. Please send her your purrs and woofs for encouragement.

Now it’s my turn. You all know how much I luvluvluv my sun puddles.

I am, in my castle, the queen of finding sun puddles. I know they have always helped me be brave enough to explore new places. I will be searching out the very best sun puddles in our new home. I hope my readers will join me as I discover each and every one.


How Experienced Cats Pack


Just thought I outta let my readers learn from all my experience with moving. I have lived with Dad P and Mom L for five and a half years. This will be my third time moving from one HRH Savannah’s castle to another. That’s right, three times in five years. Kitties let me tell ya I know how to pack! And I know how much energy the move will cost me—the Princess.

This is an accounting of a full day of packing boxes.


Please notice how often this kitty’s paws move to help the humans pack up our stuff.

Note the slight paw hug one hind paw is giving the other

That hug is because those paws are nappin’ paws. Now check out how busy my front paws are.

Not much happenin’ with my front paws…see my sweet snoozin’ face?

And now take a look at my darling little hind paw with the light filtering through my pristine white furs. Again, not one single fur is moving.

Check out my clean pink toe pad…I haven’t broken a sweat yet

There you have my first lesson in how to move from one Kitty Castle to another. I know I will be able to share more lessons learned as a “Cat On the Move”. Our move date is coming up in a few weeks. Lots of action here in my current castle. And of course I will allow TKS to share some of her own insights for Cats On the Move because this is her second move.

So what can my readers share in comments about your own experiences as cats and woofies “on the move”?


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