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When stressed, get a massage


I bet’cha all of you have been having the same “shelter in place” stressful week we have had. Mom L called my pet sitter Miss Kandi to come over and help relieve some of my stress I was collecting from Mom L and Dad P. Oh my, what a great session we had.

First I arrange myself on my massage table; my stairs. I anchor my front with on paw on top of the step and the other on the bottom of the step and my hind paws anchor my butt.

Ok, you can start, deep tissue work today, OK?

Miss Kandi has the longest nails and they sink into my furs and rub and scritch all along my spine—heaven!!

Ahhhh….that’s just the spot between my shoulders

She just has a magical way of manipulating all my vertebrae from my neck to my tail.

Oh my, yes! The cervical area has been giving me some problems. Excellent!!

The first part was just fabulous and needed to take a bit of a break to collect my Zen space.

Whew—just what I needed

Next she moved onto my cranial massage portion.

Whoa!! I knew my brow area was feeling tense

Then to the base of my skull.

ohhhh—could you just leave your nails sunk into that muscle a moment more please?

Lastly, Miss Kandi always addresses my lower lumbar area, right around my taileo.

Ummmm—here it comes—I can’t help myself

She always get me to achieve total EB aka “Elevator Butt”.


After Miss Kandi was done, all I could do was sit on the stairs and try to collect my thoughts and emotions. But for sure, my stress level was way down.

I hope all of my readers and blog pals and their families can find a stress release like I did with Miss Kandi. These are troubling times and I know we all need to lean on each other for comfort and care.


I am cured!!!


It’s true, it really, really, really is true!!! Last December I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I was losing weight even though I was always hungry and my furs were looking rough, dry and kind’a not well groomed, na’ mean??

Mom L just knew the diagnosis would be hyperthyroidism and she had no idea how she was ever gonna be able to get a daily pill down me. I don’t do cheese, or pill pockets and once you pick me up and pill me, I won’t ever let you get too close again. So the answer was to compound the medicine into a trans-dermal gel for my ears.

Not hearing you

I sort’a have nice large ears, so that ought to work ok. One dab in the morning and another at night. Except I started to vomit after a few days and I started to scratch at my ear like crazy. YEP!  I am allergic to the medication which is pretty inexpensive. So now what??

Mom L learned about a radiation treatment that would attack only the tumor on my thyroid and the outcome of the radiation treatment ought to cure me!! So you all know I went through the Radiocat treatment on January 21, 2020 and I had to stay three nights and three days in hospital. My first time ever aways from my castle and family. You know about my home coming of course.

I am home!!

So I had to wait a whole thirty days before they could steal my blood for yet another test. And on February 24, 2020 I was pronounced CURED!!! My radiation treatment worked!!! My thyroid tested normal!!! Now I just need to keep on eating and eating to gain back the weight I lost.

Good news is that Mom L and Dad P can see that my luxurious furs are once again shiny and soft and looking well groomed. But there is much more that this treatment and being away from home has done for me.

I am working hard on becoming a LAP CAT!! YES!!! Seriously!!

Can you see how shiny my furs are??

When I came home from hospital, I started sleeping right up against Mom L’s chest and tummy and I haven’t left that spot for my usual foot of the bed place where I always stayed before my treatment. So’s one night Mom L couldn’t sleep and she went downstairs and reclined in Dad P’s chair. I thought “what the heck?” Mom L covered herself up with a nice soft fleece blankie so I strolled across the couch, over the end table right onto her lap!!

And since then I have bee experimenting even more. Now Mom L reclines her side of the sofa that we share at night for TV watching, and when she puts her feet up and adds that fleece to her lap—bingo!! I am right there!!

I have become more patient with Katie. I allow her to invade my personal space, although as you can see—I am not always relaxed!

And I am allowing TKS to share Mom L’s lap.

Go ahead, sit there but don’t get too comfy

Lastly, since my incarceration hospitalization I have started to explore parts of the couch that I have left to TKS and KK. I think I might just like the back of my couch, what do you think??

Hope you will celebrate with me in my total recovery from hyperthyroidism.


How do you help get your family ready for the holidays?


I bet’cha all of you have special furramily traditions around the holidays. I just know your hooman families include all their fur kids in the celebrations at this time of year. Even if that means you gotta wear odd costumes and do photo shoots showing that you “love” being picked up and cuddled and all that stuff—am I right?

At my castle, things have a changed up a bit ‘cuz KK aka Kit Katie aka Katie has officially joined my castle residents. And I have to admit, she isn’t all that bad. Actually, I kind’a like her coming up to me and doing that “body touch and head bonk” thingy every now and then. I do discipline her with a hiss and growl now and then to make sure she knows I am THE PRINCESS!

So TKS has been doing some thinking about what she is hoping for come this Christmas morning.

Hmmm…just how good does Santa Paws think I have been???

Of course, TKS believes she has been simply brilliant all year!

Checking out the Xmas packing box to make sure nothing gets left behind

And then she had to make sure our Secret Santa Paws gifts were properly sniff tested.

Ohhhhh…yeah!! This is really great!!

As for me, I have, of course, been very patient with the youngsters. After all, this is the first Christmas Katie has been with us. Of course I have had to give her some hints aka stinky eye glares, as to how to treat out holiday tree and packages.

Touch it kid and you will regret it!!

But that is neither here nor there. This is the role of being a Princess in my castle. Of course, Kit Katie has been on a roll this year. Just look at what Mom L had to do as soon as Dad P put up our fake Christmas tree!! Just to keep KK from EATING the fake leaves!!!

Yes, Our tree had to be gift wrapped around the bottom to protect it from KK’s teeth!

Of course the instant KK could get a good look (nibble) of the wrapping paper protecting the lower tree leaves, she was right there on the spot!

Yum! paper dressing served with fake tree leaves

And the final solution was, “ick”, a doggie X pen around our lovely tree.

The doggie X pen is at least green!

But every night Mom L insists that KK gets supervised access to the tree. And as any juvenile will do, KK takes total advantage!

Nonetheless, we are all in a holiday mood and so looking forward to having out stockings filled with enough nip to go around the world!! As for me, I have been keeping a watchful patient eye on all the decorations.

I will protect all our holiday decorations

I have also introduced KK to one of my fave games. Trying to grab the peacock feather from under tissue paper!!

I got it!! Almost!!!

In the end, I have to say that TKS and I are grateful to have KK with us this year. She really is making such a difference in our family.

Thank you KK for being one of us!!

How are your holiday preparations coming along?


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