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How can I possibly ignore Kit Katie?


Alrighty then! Check out what I go through at  least two to three times a day with Kit Katie aka KK.

The eye to eye contact

and then…

The beginning “I love you” roll

then this…

You can attack me but I am not gonna fight move

and this…

See? I feel safe with you and can turn my back

even more…

I’ll just wait to see if you attack me

here she comes back again…

YAY!! You didn’t and I am coming back over!!

So what’s a senior Princess cat to do with such clearly demonstrated acceptance?

How did you learn to accept your new fur family members? This is tough on me, a thirteen year old Princess.






Do you live an exciting life???


I sure do hope some of you can share your exciting lives with me. Around here, not much happens that gets my senior adrenaline pumping! Well at least, nothing happens to the youngsters that gets me all excited.

Why all TKS can come up with to do anything “exciting” is this.

It’s a box!! Whee!!

Yep, TKS can’t ever ignore any empty box. She is convinced all are intended for her sole use and pleasure. Doesn’t take much to “chime her bells”—na’mean??

Now this is big enough to stretch out in. YAY!!

As for the new kidster, Ms Kit Katie aka KK—her idea of “exciting adventure” is this.

Ahhh—window whiffies—makes me so relaxed

Next thing ya’ know she is doin’ this!

Huh?…gonna give my eyes some rest now

Seriously?! This is what my youngsters call “exciting living”??!! Come on my pals, surely you must be doing more than these two to get your adrenaline pumping and to keep your humans on their tippy toes worrying about you??? Share!! Tell me what you do??

As for me—I like to walk on the ‘wild side” now and then. Keeps Mom L thoroughly charged and give HER adrenaline a huge leap!

I just luvluvluv the quilt from this angle

Her silent shrieks (she is terrified if she yells at me I will fall) are the best ever!

Guess I will head over to the real stairs down

Let me know how exciting your life is.


Boldness Part Two!


I know, I keep harping on the same old subject but come on my pals, how much more do I have to take in my own castle??!!

Banished from my own couch!

See that? There I am, forlorn, in a sun puddle on the FLOOR!!! Know why???

THAT’S WHY!!!! Kit Katie is takin’ over my place, using my special towel that Mom L puts there for ME in the Summer when I don’t need my blue afghan anymore. KK gets there first and stakes out a spot and I am left on the floor! I ask you, what’s fair about this??

Why only today, Mom L had to walk toward KK to get her to dash away. You see ever since Mom L and Dad P had to use so many meds on her draining eye, she has become hand shy again. So they are workin’ on her for that, but thankfully for now when Mom L approached MY COUCH KK ran. Then Mom L sat down and invited me up to my personal spot.

Finally I could settle in for my nice long morning nap downstairs, on MY COUCH, where it is cooler on this hot Summer day. Then I hear the softest paw pat on my nice cool towel. And I feel something moving slowly past me on MY COUCH. I peek open an eye and what do I see??!!!

The gall!! Sneak past me and steal my space!

And now let’s make matters worse. Check out this!!

Both of them!!

And if this isn’t bad enough, I have also had to tolerate KK and TKS trying to sneak closer to my tent on my bed.

What? She couldn’t find another place to nap???

KK also comes right up in the morning when I get my morning snack along with TKS. KK acts like she is part of our family. What?? Did I just say that?? *slaps paw to forehead*—please tell me this ain’t so!

Good morning Princess Savvy. How was your treat?

So you see my life is becoming more and more intruded upon. Everywhere I got, KK wants to be right there and then, after she shows up, here comes TKS. Sheesh! What am I ever gonna do??

Now we are practically nose to nose!

As you can see in the photo above, KK was even bold enough this morning to turn around and face me—on MY COUCH!! *shudders* This is getting really hard to take my pals, really hard. What can I do??


PeeEss—Mom L here…Katie’s eye has apparently cleared up with the antibiotics so that her tear duct is no longer clogged. She still has her limp and gingivitis, but all in all this is the most healthy she has been since coming to us eleven months ago. For all intent and purpose Kit Katie is now home. For good.

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