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The Kids Are Getting Bolder!


As you know, I have been putting up with The Kid Sage for a few years now. She has learned that the left side of the couch in MINE!! And Mom L sits on the right side and no one sits between us ‘cuz sometimes I like to get close to her and get some brushies and chin rubs. That’s how it is in my castle and TKS has learned that. But now, this new kid Kit Katie (KK) is trying to undo all the training I have been giving TKS.

This is MY side of the couch!

You can see that KK has decided she can sleep on the couch which has been forbidden to TKS. But this new kid seems to think my rules don’t apply to her. Mom L put some pillows in the middle and gave KK a blankie on Mom L’s side of the couch hoping she would go over there and leave me in peace on MY side of the couch.

Well that works OK whenever I am using the couch. But you see I taught TKS that even when I am NOT using my side of the couch, it is to remain open just in case I wanna take a nap there. TKS understands and leaves it empty.

But KK just hasn’t learned about what part of the couch is MINE!.I caught her on MY SIDE and there on the side Mom L set up for her I find TKS!! What’s up with that? Something is mighty wrong with this picture, don’t you think so???

There KK is just as happy as a little clam on MY SIDE of the couch!! Why there is no space for me at all!! This couch is my special place to be near Mom L at night when we watch TV or read. It has been mine since I first arrived here in my forever castle.

If you have any ideas for how I can get KK to leave my side of the couch alone I sure would like to hear them in comments. I am just gobsmacked that these kids are getting so bold together. Do you think they are trying to gang up on me?? Take over my castle???


And the beat goes on…


Yep, that’s about all that’s goin’ on around my castle these days. Kit Katie, aka KK, is just keeping up on her tempo to try to win me over.

Just tidying my white paws Your Highness Savannah

KK continued to hang out close to where I prefer to take my long morning nap. She even tried to take “getting closer” just one paw forward from pretending to clean her little delicate white paw…harrummppfff!!

There she goes with her “show me her tummy” routine…sheesh!!

Good news for KK is that I did not give her a smacky paw this morning. I’m saving up for when she isn’t being caught on camera by Mom L being so “cute and submissive”. EERRRRGGHH!!

So that’s the “beat” in my castle. What’s the “beat” in yours this week?

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Mom L and Dad P have been working for like a year to get our city to build and install feeding stations at an abandoned cat colony that exists in a city park really close to our current and final castle. Our city had these built by Future Build, a job training non-profit program in our city.

I have some photos that will show you the design, adapted from Project Bay Cats and where a couple have been installed. We now have four in total. Now if Mom L and Dad P and the primary colony feeders for the last thirteen years can get the 27 cats to actually “eat” at these stations!!! MOL!!!

If any of you have suggestions about how to move colony cats to a new feeding area, we are all ears!!!


There’s another dare devil in my castle!


Hey guys, do you remember that blog post I did about TKS and what an incredible dare devil she is in our newer home? Well I included a link to that post so go on, take a couple of secs to head over and refresh your memories. *tappit, tap, tap, tappity, tap, tap* All done?

Great! Now here is the latest FYI (for your information) comin’ from my castle. There is ANOTHER, yes, ANOTHER dare devil in my castle.

Oh my cat! I never knew there was a view on the other side of this litter box

What’s that sound? Did I hear some squeaking down the hall?

Is TKS making silly noises down the hall?

Nope. Sounds like it must be coming from down below. Who knew there was this incredible view out to the back garden from up here on this end of the hall? There!! I heard it again!! A sort’a high pitched squeal almost. You know, like the kind you hear when a biped kid is learning its high notes. Whatever can that be?

Wow! I wonder if I can make the jump from up here to the landing?

Ok! Now that squeaking, squealing sound is louder and really annoying!! Wait!! It can’t be Mom L, can it? She’s sitting there in Dad P’s chair watching me having all this fun. Those noises can’t be coming from her, can they? Why would she ever make noises like that?

What’cha doin’ Mom L? Why is your face so pale?

Yep, Mom L finally confessed that she was doin’ all she could do to not shriek, scream and dial 911 when she saw me, with my limpy bad hind knees walking outside the upstairs banister like TKS does all the time. Now Mom L doesn’t like it when TKS does it either, but I guess watchin’ me was more than she could take.

Silly Mom L! She told me she had a plan to grab the fleece blankie on her lap and dash under me so’s she could break my fall!! AS IF!!! Why I am a cat! I wasn’t gonna fall!

What have you done lately to keep your human on their watch out??


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