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Changes in Savannah’s Castle


I am turning my blog post over to Mom L today.

Thank you, Nana, for allowing me to talk about the changes in your castle residents.

It is with great sadness that I want Nana’s readers to know that her Dad P and I made one of the most difficult decisions we’ve ever made. Our gorgeous, precious, loving, cuddly Court Jester Eowyn, needed to be rehomed.

Eowyn is a perfect snuggly, affectionate lap cat with all people. She and I were especially bonded over the six months she lived with us. I was so excited that Eowyn got our shy Katie to run and play with her all over our home.

Katie was starting to behave like a senior cat because of nine-year-old TKS and seventeen-year-old Savannah, my heart kitty for all times. To see her become her young five-year-old self was heartwarming.

In August 2021, Eowyn and her two kittens, Arwen and Frodo, were found abandoned in a city park where Delta View Cats, our nonprofit, feeds a cat colony. We decided in October 2021 to adopt Eowyn. I registered her chip to me. However, in January, we finally found a wonderful home for her two kittens, Arwen (with the head wobble and asthma) and her brother Frodo. Eowyn always liked to go in to their kitten room and do some rough and tumble playtime with them. But as they got older, she was less inclined to spend much time with them, but she always visited every day.

Once the kittens were gone in late January, Eowyn’s behavior began to change quickly. She began to play too rough with Katie so Katie stopped playing. Then she started to stalk and attack Nana and Sage. She would corner them in the litter boxes, or back them into a corner where they had no escape. Nana is deaf and could not hear Eowyn and Nana has severe arthritis so she cannot get away quickly as Sage was able to do. Eventually, the three girls started staying most of the day and even the evenings in our master bedroom. Sage wouldn’t come down to have licks of Dad’s ice cream because Eowyn was always right there. Nana wouldn’t come sit by me on the couch to watch TV and get brushies because Eowyn would always try to sneak up on her from the back of the couch.

And yes, Dad and I asked for advice, coaching, cat behaviorist input etc. It only continues to accelerate and we saw to way to give Eowyn the attention she needed and deserved while also being able to give Nana, Sage and Katie all the attention and love they needed.

Long story short, Eowyn is now “Callie” and living as the only cat with a delightful, loving and kind young couple not far from us. She gets to sleep with them every night, and she gets all the cuddles she wants, she has no other cat giving her competition for her humans’ atention. She also has a doggie pal who she doesn’t mind at all. So, her life will be the best life she needs. I will never stop loving her and missing her. Please enjoy a couple videos and some photos of her in her very own castle where she is the reigning Princess!!


Watch Eowyn, aka Callie, climb up onto her new Dad’s neck to relish in cuddling with him!

Dad and I made the best decision for all four cats involved. I hope Nana’s readers can see this. Thank you for understanding.

Within the first week Eowyn was gone, all three girls started coming back to our living room at night; Sage to share ice cream with her Dad, Katie has started playing like crazy again with her wand toys and other toys, and Nana is once again back comfortable next to me on the couch at night. Clearly they are all more at ease and outgoing now that Eowyn has her own castle.

Lastly, I want to let you know that Nana goes in today, Monday for an ultrasound to learn if her irritable bowel disease (IBD) has escalated into lymphoma. She has had this for 8 of the ten years she has lived with us. Her heart murmur has moved from a stage two to a stage three, likely due to her chronic kidney disease (CKD) and her IBD. She has been losing weight, and lost six ounces from January 2022 to yesterday at her vet visit.   Her arthritis is severe but this spunky lady still hippity hops up and down our stairs from bottom floor to top and back again. I will let you know what we learn from her ultrasound. Send her purrs for it to show only the IBD.

Nana asked me to sign off with her usual, so here it is—


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19 thoughts on “Changes in Savannah’s Castle

  1. Just yesterday I axed Pop if he knew if she’d been rehomed. You needed to do what was best for my BFGF. I purr-ray she doesn’t have lymphoma. Eowyn looked so happy with her new dad. Remember, you saved her and made her new happy life possible.

  2. I’m so sorry it didn’t work out with Eowyn. It sounds like you found the perfect solution.

  3. It happens sometimes that you have to make these decisions for the well being of all, I’m glad you where able to be there for Eowyn/Callie when she needed it and make sure she got the best home for her,xx Rachel

  4. spittythekitty on said:

    Although I know it is hard for you, I am so happy to see that Eowyn has found such a wonderful home and that your trio are returning to normal (although how *does* Peter stay so svelte with that daily ice-cream?) Hoping to hear a good report for Ms. Nana….fingers & paws crossed XOXO

  5. meowmeowmans on said:

    We are sending so many purrs and prayers for sweet Nana to get an encouraging report from the vet. We are so glad you made that difficult — but loving for all the cats — decision. We love that Callie/Eowyn, Nana, TKS, and Katie are all happy and secure now. Hugs!

  6. chrisscatmeow on said:

    Sending, purrs for Nana. Eowyn looks very happy in her new home.x😻💜🐾

  7. Eowyn is now the happiest kitty ever! And there is a woofie there to keep her company, too.

    We are pawyering for Nan to get a good vet report.

  8. First, we all send purrs and prayers for your sweet Nana, from the heart. Secondly, not only did you do the right thing for Nana and Sage, you did the right thing for Eowyn. No matter how hard we try, sometimes things don’t work out. You are the best kitty Mom and Pop.

  9. The Swiss Cats on said:

    We’re glad you found the best solution for everyone. Purrs

  10. Mary McNeil on said:

    We are so glad Eowyn has found a home good for her, and your own castle cats are free to be themselves again. We send purrayers and POTP to Savvy for her vet visit and tests.

  11. Power of the Paw to Savannah, she’s already dealing so bravely with so much. Hope her quality of live can be retained.

  12. Oh let me know about Savannah. I will be home Thursday but always can be reached. Me


  13. savvy; de manee blessingz oh st francis two ewe that yur “ree port” comez bak like mom L & dad P wish & hope for ♥♥♥♥♥

    N callie we wish ewe de veree best in yur new foreverz N hope ewe can stop bye
    with nother moovee ore two !!! we total lee understand de whyz and de knead twoz
    ♥♥♥♥♥ best best fizhez ~~~~~

  14. 15andmeowing on said:

    I am glad you found the right home for her. I will add Nana to my prayer list. XO

  15. I know it wasn’t an easy decision, but it was the right one for Eowyn aka Callie and Savannah and the rest of the kitty family. Purrs that Callie flourishes in her new home. And purrs for Savannah and her vet appointment. I know all about having lymphoma. ~Ernie

  16. Carole Schulman on said:

    I agree. It had to have been crushing to do that, but it was the right thing not only for the girls, but for Eowyn as well. Now, as you said, she is queen of her own castle. I am so happy for the girls now and for Callie. XO Nana…I will be thinking of you darling girl. I hope it all goes well.

  17. We are so glad Eowyn, aka Callie has found a wonderful castle and a dog pal to share it with. We are purring for Nana, we hope she gets a good report from the vet.

  18. I’m so glad that Eowyn, aka Callie has found a good home where she can be an only cat – some cats don’t play nice with others, but are amazing on their own.

  19. This looks the perfect solution for everyone. You did the right thing and everyone seems happier.

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