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A cry for halp!!!


Well my dear loyal readers, I just do not know what to do. Mom L and Dad P received a plea for halp from a former castle foster kitty, Gigi. I told Mom L to share this with all of you to see if you have any suggestions for me to pass along to sweet Gigi.  *wrings paws in concern*

Deer Auntie Linda and Uncle Peter,

OMG, you would not BELIEVE what is going on here. This Human has decided I am ‘s-t-u-c-k’ in an interaction rut, so she decided it was time to “push” me a little ways outside my “comfort zone” whatever that is. Well, OK, I mean I didn’t even know what she was talking about.
And then….  and then… Oh, I cannot even bear to type this with my tiny paws….. and then,
No, I am not kidding.
Scooped me right under my beautiful soft belly and LIFTED ME BODILY off the floor.
Time must have stopped for a few moments, because at first I was in shock and didn’t move. Then she tried holding me a little closer to her.
WHOA! I came to and let her have it with all 10 of my little swords and then she down put me right quick. I sprinted UTB.
But she just wiped the bluds away and said, “Not soooooo bad for a first attempt”!!!
I didn’t like the sound of THAT!
Halp me.”
So do you guys think I outta send to Gigi so’s she doesn’t get caught up like that again??? Any coaching? Suggestions on how’s to avoid the hooman’s sticky hands? Thanks for your halp!


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16 thoughts on “A cry for halp!!!

  1. meowmeowmans on said:

    Gigi, we think you deserve treats and a slow and patient approach.

  2. spittythekitty on said:

    Well, there was a 2nd attempt and it was not QUITE as awful as the first one. But I still made my objections known quite emphatically! The Human is pretty good with the pettings and I lubs them. BUT! I like to make it a challenge for her (she can really use the exercise, ahem!) by crawling under the coffee table or the chairs and making her get down on the floor and stretch out in an awkward uncomfortable position to reach me and administer the pets and scritches. I do love them. I purr and purr (MUCH louder than that Boycat who lives here) and I drool and drool. But that pick up thing? Yeah, I don’t THINK so!

    • spittythekitty on said:

      PS: I know this sez Spitty te Kitty but though we can change our blogger name to Buddy & Gigi, we can’t seem to do it in WordPress. But it IS me, Gigi!!!

  3. Neither of my cats like being picked up, so I am not surprised that this ended in bloodshed! Hang tight, Gigi, and stick to your guns (or knives). No self-respecting cat lets their human pick them up unless it is also the cat’s idea and permission has been extended. Try teaching them to recognize permission. Good luck!

  4. I got the humor of it all but treats and patience could pay off!

  5. Well, I don’t know why Gigi’s human insists on trying to pick her up. Some kitties just don’t like that and humans need to leave well enough alone. I know I don’t like being picked up…though as I’ve aged, I don’t fight it as much. ~Ernie

  6. Mary McNeil on said:

    Glad there is not really a crisis brewing here. Most of my cats don’t enjoy being picked up, but sometimes I have to and they usually just groan. Especially if they are all snuggled and asleep and I have to move !

  7. We have no experience with kitties, but as a doggie, the first time Mom tried to pick me up, my body turned to pudding and I was all melty and squirrelly and didn’t let it happen. Some time was needed before I was able to relax. I think Gigi’s new parents need patience to work up to the scoop!

    Love and licks,

  8. We remember Gigi we think it’s great the human picked her up. Although most of the time Chimera agrees with Gigi the humans should keep their hands off. But even she admits snuggling can be nice, especially when it’s cold out.

    • Mom here. This was supposed to be “tongue in cheek” funny. Mary “Lee”, sent this silly letter to me from Gigi, to share her first attempt at lifting Gigi off the floor. I thought it was so funny, I had to share. I laughed out loud reading it. Mary let me know that Gigi “exaggerated “ about the amount of blood spill…Mary only suffered a couple of small scratches. I ought to have had Savannah laughing. 😸

  9. Carole Schulman on said:

    Thinking. But for certain, have her nails trimmed as shortly as is safe, to save a pint of bluds if it happens again.

    • This was intended as a hilarious account by a cat of her humans first attempt to gently lift her off the floor. Mary is such a gifted writer and her sense of humor always make me LOL! Guess I should have been more clear that this is a fun and funny story. And Mary cannot clip her claws. Gigi never became comfortable Ewing picked up or held. She will have to drug her to get her to the vet for a nail trim and health check. Nonetheless Mary is the best adopter we could have hoped for for Gigi. Hugs!

  10. maybe with some treats for you, the sitution is more comfy?

  11. Funny enough, I’m not that fond of being held, although I am a therapy cat! I do love attention and being petted, though. And I do like being picked up and handled by my human – I hang passively as she carries me around. I don’t think Gigi will ever get to that point, though!

  12. It’s hard to know what to suggest. On the one paw, it’s furry impawtant for Humans to respect a Kitty’s Purrsonal Space. On the other paw, it’s clear that Gigi’s Human loves her furry much and can’t wait to snuggle and cherish her and We know, from expurrience, how lovely and warm and comfortable it can be to snuggle in Mummy’s lap. At any rate, clearly her Human means to purrsist, so purrhaps Gigi should consider giving her a Chance. Besides which, maybe the Human will reward her with Treats.
    Yes, it’s a Tough Call. We need to give it some more Thought…

    • Guys, don’t fret. This was intended as a silly fun funny story about Gigi’s first experience getting lifted off her paws. Are, her human, sent me this email from Gigi to,tell us how it went and I laughed so hard I decided to share it with Savannahs readers. Gigi is in a perfect home for sure 😸

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