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Nursing duty is not easy


I told you that Mom L has talking walking new-moan-yah, right?

Well that means I have become her Primary Caretaker of course, so I must spend most of my day and night with her in case she wants something. But I do have to call in the back-up nursing staff when I need a litter box break or a snack or just to stretch my legs.

But I gotta tell you, my back up nursing staff needs to get some refresher lessons on proper Mom L care taking. Why just look at how KK decided to pull her first shift!

Napping while on nurse duty!!

I just could not believe my eyes when I came back to find her snoozing away in a sun puddle in the cat tower that overlooks our bed where Mom L is recovering. And believe you me KK was sound asleep!


Well I sorted her out straight away and next shift she pulled she did so properly.

Nice tight snuggle next to Mom L

She faced Mom L and was snuggled as tightly as she could get to her leg so KK would know the instant Mom L needed anything.

As for TKS, she has has many years under my paw for nurse training and she has been pulling her shifts in a pretty responsible manner.

Good form, tight snuggle

Here she is snuggled tight against Mom L, but unfortunately she had her back to Mom L so’s no way would she wakey up if she couldn’t feel Mom L move. I almost dinged TKS for not facing Mom L like I trained her, but then I moved around to check out just how asleep TKS was. I was gonna give her a fright for not facing Mom L.

Never sleep on nurse duty

But I was caught by TKS who was in no way napping on her nurse shift! She was keeping a close watch for any movement from Mom L.

So as you can see, it isn’t easy being on round the clock nurse duty. I mostly pull the all nighter’s and stick with Mom L from dark until morning. But it sure does help having back up nursing staff. I just need to get KK back into some more training to make sure she stays consistent.

How do you handle your nursing duties when you are called upon?


I have a copy cat!


First, I’d like to share a little mishap with you my friends.

This is gonna be embarrassing

For those of you who were kind enough to read and leave comments on my “Friday” Memes post, which was posted on “Saturday”—I wanna say a great big thank you. For those of you who missed that post, well, it was, after all POSTED ON THE WRONG DAY!! No wonder you missed it!!

Truth be told, Mom L has somethin’ her doc calls talking walking new-moan-yah.  I think it outta be called “talking” new-moan-yah given how much koffin’ she has been doing for the last ten days. I am the only cat to be willing to sleep with her for night nurse duty ‘cuz she has been makin’ such a ruckus. Why even Dad P left and TKS and KK followed right behind.

Anyway, Mom L thought she was doing me a great big favor to post my “Flashback” Memes for my Friday Memes blog post. She just lost track of the days.

There, glad I had that talk with you all, now let me get to this whole “copy cat” thing going on around my castle.

Kit Katie, aka KK, has decided she wants to show me respect by following my morning breakfast habits. You see Dad P has for all the years I have lived here, served up brekkies. He always lets me have my first nibble or two in the kitchen with TKS and now KK too. But then he knows I like to graze and have second, third and sometimes even fourth brekkies.

So he always takes my dish upstairs when he takes Mom L her morning coffee they share in bed while they read papers and watch the TV news. Whenever I want to nibble, Dad P jumps up at my soft demanding “meow” and sets my dish on the floor for my enjoyment.

KK has decided that she also likes that notion of several brekkies spread out over about an hour.

So now Dad P gets requests demands from two cats in the morning! We like to nibble, get some pets, take a catnap, then nibble again and so on. He kind’a looks like a puppet with us pulling on his strings!! MOL!!

What do you do to make sure you enjoy your brekkies??


My special happy zone


So, tell me. Do YOU have a special “happy zone” on your body where your human can pet you or brush you that makes you just melt?? I know I sure do!

My “happy zone”!

All Mom L has to do is show me my slicker brush and tap on the couch and I know I am gonna get the best head massage ever!! My whiskers always move forward to show my pleasure and that I am engaged in what Mom L is doing.

Check out my whisker positions.

I usually end up totally melted and finally have to put my head down and just collapse. Sublime!!

Ahhhh…purrfect day’s ending!

Let me hear from you in comments if you have a “special happy zone” on your body where you just melt away into total relaxation whenever your human pets or brushes you there.


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