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My Moves Just Keep Goin’!


Last I reported on my continuing love of playing was last October I think?  I still find time to play with Mom L and she always stops whatever she is doing if I look like I am in the mood for some silliness!!

All I have to do is through myself down at the base of my carpeted steps; I use them to get on the couch cuz’ my arty-right-us makes it tough for me to jump up anymore. Anywho, Mom L knows that is my invite for a play session!

I sometimes turn myself inside out and upside down going after my peacock fevver! My BFGF Cathy Keisha put me onto peacock fevvers when I first arrived at my castle and I have never refused to play with one ever since.

You can check out some of my moves on this itty bitty short video!


My First Spring Sun Puddle


Mom L is always trying to catch me nappin’ or gettin’ ready to nap. What’s up with that? Do your humans do that to you? 

Why me? TKS looks real cute napping

Ever since I adopted Mom L and Dad P, Mom L has also been consumed with grabbing photos of my footsies, while I am nappin’, of course!!

Next thing you know she’s gonna want to make some kind of calendar outta all those silly nappin’ and footsie photos. Crazy, right?

Yes, I just fluffed up my blue afghan for a nap—So??!!

It won’t come as any surprise that Mom L just had to catch me in my first Spring Sun Puddle while I was washin’ my face to get ready for a nice sun puddle snooze.

Seriously, am I the only cat that has to put up with this nonsense?? Give me a shout out in comments puhhhhhlease!!


All about me!


I decided I wanted to write a bit about me and share some photos Mom L took that capture my REAL SELF pretty darn great! As some of you know, I have had irritable bowel disease for several years. Unfortunately I was struggling to care about eating and then I started to barf up my food again in the last couple of months. So I am now getting one dose a day of stuff that goes on my ear called prednisolone. One day I get my right ear jammed with this stuff and the next day I get my left ear all messed up with it. It goes without saying, I am no happy cat when this goes on.

I’m thinkin’ my “look” gets straight to the point of just how I feel after having my ears messed with. What do you think?

Dad P has taken the kindness to notice that my old bones are getting more and more arthur-it-ick. And I have decided to move to his chair in the living room for my afternoon nap. So Dad P did the nicest thing! He turned on his reading light and puts it over me and lowers it just enough so’s I get the little lamp’s warmth. Isn’t he the best Dad P ever??!!

You can see I am totally happy with my new heating light! Do you have your own heating lamp too? 


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