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How do you help get your family ready for the holidays?


I bet’cha all of you have special furramily traditions around the holidays. I just know your hooman families include all their fur kids in the celebrations at this time of year. Even if that means you gotta wear odd costumes and do photo shoots showing that you “love” being picked up and cuddled and all that stuff—am I right?

At my castle, things have a changed up a bit ‘cuz KK aka Kit Katie aka Katie has officially joined my castle residents. And I have to admit, she isn’t all that bad. Actually, I kind’a like her coming up to me and doing that “body touch and head bonk” thingy every now and then. I do discipline her with a hiss and growl now and then to make sure she knows I am THE PRINCESS!

So TKS has been doing some thinking about what she is hoping for come this Christmas morning.

Hmmm…just how good does Santa Paws think I have been???

Of course, TKS believes she has been simply brilliant all year!

Checking out the Xmas packing box to make sure nothing gets left behind

And then she had to make sure our Secret Santa Paws gifts were properly sniff tested.

Ohhhhh…yeah!! This is really great!!

As for me, I have, of course, been very patient with the youngsters. After all, this is the first Christmas Katie has been with us. Of course I have had to give her some hints aka stinky eye glares, as to how to treat out holiday tree and packages.

Touch it kid and you will regret it!!

But that is neither here nor there. This is the role of being a Princess in my castle. Of course, Kit Katie has been on a roll this year. Just look at what Mom L had to do as soon as Dad P put up our fake Christmas tree!! Just to keep KK from EATING the fake leaves!!!

Yes, Our tree had to be gift wrapped around the bottom to protect it from KK’s teeth!

Of course the instant KK could get a good look (nibble) of the wrapping paper protecting the lower tree leaves, she was right there on the spot!

Yum! paper dressing served with fake tree leaves

And the final solution was, “ick”, a doggie X pen around our lovely tree.

The doggie X pen is at least green!

But every night Mom L insists that KK gets supervised access to the tree. And as any juvenile will do, KK takes total advantage!

Nonetheless, we are all in a holiday mood and so looking forward to having out stockings filled with enough nip to go around the world!! As for me, I have been keeping a watchful patient eye on all the decorations.

I will protect all our holiday decorations

I have also introduced KK to one of my fave games. Trying to grab the peacock feather from under tissue paper!!

I got it!! Almost!!!

In the end, I have to say that TKS and I are grateful to have KK with us this year. She really is making such a difference in our family.

Thank you KK for being one of us!!

How are your holiday preparations coming along?


My Progress Still Shows


I know I am late posting today but stuff just happens, ya know??

But I really do wanna share some progress I am making in getting used to having other humans visit my castle.  As my long time readers know, I don’t get in Mom L’s lap, even though I know she really want me to. But I’m still thinkin’ about that. You also know that I am a bit stand offish when visitors come.

That’s what’s been changing more and more over the last year of so. One of the biggest jumps I have made in progress is when some human comes to visit and sits on MY our couch on MY the third cushion.

Mom L had a visit from her special yoga pal, Miss Kriss. She came to have a cuppa tea and cheer Mom L up as she is recovering from that nasty virus. Miss Kriss clearly didn’t know that she say on MY cushion on the couch. It was a real shock to Mom L when I strode over and hopped up right behind Miss Kriss!!

I hope she gets my hint! And LEAVES!!

But Miss Kriss didn’t get the hint.

Mom!! She’s on my cushion!! Get her off!

I gave Mom L my best stink eye and still I had to endure Miss Kriss on MY cushion! I finally gave up and found another spot. But I was confident enough to actually get behind her and touch her!

And then, Mom L’s neighbor came over a couple weeks later. Mom L sat on MY cushion and Miss Val sat on Mom L’s cushion. Now what was I gonna do?

Bah humbug!! I don’t like the middle cushion!

Yup, I marched right over and much to Mom L’s shock I hopped right up and settled on the middle cushion. Not my choice but hey, I’m making progress even at age 13!!


Nursing duty is not easy


I told you that Mom L has talking walking new-moan-yah, right?

Well that means I have become her Primary Caretaker of course, so I must spend most of my day and night with her in case she wants something. But I do have to call in the back-up nursing staff when I need a litter box break or a snack or just to stretch my legs.

But I gotta tell you, my back up nursing staff needs to get some refresher lessons on proper Mom L care taking. Why just look at how KK decided to pull her first shift!

Napping while on nurse duty!!

I just could not believe my eyes when I came back to find her snoozing away in a sun puddle in the cat tower that overlooks our bed where Mom L is recovering. And believe you me KK was sound asleep!


Well I sorted her out straight away and next shift she pulled she did so properly.

Nice tight snuggle next to Mom L

She faced Mom L and was snuggled as tightly as she could get to her leg so KK would know the instant Mom L needed anything.

As for TKS, she has has many years under my paw for nurse training and she has been pulling her shifts in a pretty responsible manner.

Good form, tight snuggle

Here she is snuggled tight against Mom L, but unfortunately she had her back to Mom L so’s no way would she wakey up if she couldn’t feel Mom L move. I almost dinged TKS for not facing Mom L like I trained her, but then I moved around to check out just how asleep TKS was. I was gonna give her a fright for not facing Mom L.

Never sleep on nurse duty

But I was caught by TKS who was in no way napping on her nurse shift! She was keeping a close watch for any movement from Mom L.

So as you can see, it isn’t easy being on round the clock nurse duty. I mostly pull the all nighter’s and stick with Mom L from dark until morning. But it sure does help having back up nursing staff. I just need to get KK back into some more training to make sure she stays consistent.

How do you handle your nursing duties when you are called upon?


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