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Monday Meowsie Variety Photos


I thought you might all enjoy seeing some photos of the kitties I featured in my last Monday Meowsie News post. And I am also tossing in some of me, TKS and KK.

This is an “almost” wordless Monday!!

First up is ME, or course! I so luvluvluv having my head brushed, don’t you?

Ahhh…just the purrfect spot

And Kit Katie aka KK, has so many new photos, I had to kind’a pick just a few.

Tks decided to join me and KK in a group photo opportunity.

All three of us taking our afternoon naps

Now here’s the latest and greatest news!! No photo, but verified by Mom L’s new eyesight after her cat-er-act surgeries. Mom L got up to visit the human’s litter box a few nights ago, and she discovered KK and TKS curled up like doughnuts, butt to butt, furrs touching, snoozing against Dad P’s leg!!! CONTACT!!!

Remember our rescue kitty, Bianca, from the park colony. Check her out after her spay and during her recovery with her foster Mom Miss Helen.

Isn’t she something??? She goes to adoption event next weekend. And she has the most lovely roomie, Miss Penelope.

Of course Katie wanted my readers to check out her latest moves and moments too.

That’s it for us this week with our Monday Meowsie news. Mom L fought with Word Press to do a better presentation of our photos but she lost her battle. We hope you still enjoy seeing us.


Late blog post you won’t wanna miss!


Sorry about being late to post today my pals, but Mom L discovered last night that she couldn’t see her puter screen well enough to edit my photos. She needed somethin’ she calls “cheater reader glasses”?? So off she dashed to the store this morning to buy some cheap “readers” so’s she could type my post. What a mom, right??

So I have shared before that The Kid Sage aka TKS enjoys a walk on the wild side now and then. This means going through the upstairs railings and walking on a very narrow ledge to get a better view of downstairs.

Well then I tried it and Mom L almost feinted! Yeah, I know I have a gimpy left hind leg from arty-right-us. But heck if TKS can do it why not me. So of course Mom L had to post about my little adventure and make a big deal outta it.

I just luvluvluv the quilt from this angle

Notice my hind toesie kind’a hanging there off the ledge? Sheesh! You’d have thought I was gonna fall or something.

As you know we have Kit Katie aka KK as a new family member. She delights in sitting on the top of the stairs thinking she can block me from being able to go down. HAH!! I know a short cut!

Guess where that short cut is???

I’ll just slip around KK

Yep! You got it right! That short cut takes me back out on that ledge that causes Mom L to have anxiety attacks!!

I can hop through the railing to that second step and beat KK down

Mom L did not appreciate my quick thinking about how to get past KK and avoid a lotta hissing and whatnot. She was turning kind’a bright pink from holding her breath by the time I got down to the couch.

It isn’t that far up there Mom L

I hate to see Mom L upset. What do you do when you have done something that’s pretty easy for you but seems to cause your human to get all bothered??

Let me know in comments what you do that causes your human to turn pink

In order to calm Mom L down, I decided to do something that would make her happy. So I let KK come up on my couch for a little nap session.

Mom L needs to take a cup of nip tea to relax her.


How can I possibly ignore Kit Katie?


Alrighty then! Check out what I go through at  least two to three times a day with Kit Katie aka KK.

The eye to eye contact

and then…

The beginning “I love you” roll

then this…

You can attack me but I am not gonna fight move

and this…

See? I feel safe with you and can turn my back

even more…

I’ll just wait to see if you attack me

here she comes back again…

YAY!! You didn’t and I am coming back over!!

So what’s a senior Princess cat to do with such clearly demonstrated acceptance?

How did you learn to accept your new fur family members? This is tough on me, a thirteen year old Princess.






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