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Monday meowsie news!


Some of us in my castle have been switching things up a bit lately. Most notably that would be me and Katie.  Ya see, after Eowyn entered my castle as my Court Jester, I have not been very comfy leaving the confines of my majestic royal suite (aka my master bedroom).

But lately I have been venturing downstairs to sniff out some new toys and to try out Miss Andrea’s new handmade beddies that Mom L commissioned to be constructed for me, purrsonally!

You can see my admirable bright green/turquoise eyes and my playful nature as well as view me enjoying a pawsome sun puddle!

And little Katie has been playing more and more and even starting to climb that very tall cat tree!

Of course,  TKS aka Sagie, is just being her normal “hand out and see what happens” self!

Hmmmm—except for that one photo of her reaching up to latch onto some kind’a chik-hen on Dad P’s dinner plate!!!

And of course, Ewoyn is just  being her usual self. Crazy pants!!

So that’s what’s been going in my castle. What’s up with yours?? Let me hear some updates in my comments purrlease!!


Sunshine on my shoulders


You all know that I am a very senior gal, with pretty bad arty-right-us, and I really can’t hear much at all. So you can imagine how much I just luvluvluv my sun puddles! If you look closely at the photos, you can see me chatting with my mirror Savannah as we both enjoy the lovely warm Winter sun.

If you look closely, you can always see my white footsies in the patio glass door. I had a really nice chat with my mirror self. We both agreed that getting older definitely calls for lots more sun puddle time!!

Yes, my furs are getting a bit rough, and I am resting more and more on my pasterns in my front paws. You can see I look a bit “flat pawed”. Nonetheless, I am still eating and looking for snuggles on the couch and in bed with my Mom L. Do any of you have that “flat paw” look?

And by the way, how are you enjoying your sun puddles? Let me hear in comments!


PeeEss—You may notice that I have removed Katie’s photo on my side bar asking for your POTP for healing her claw sheaths. We think it worked!! Paws crossed that switching to a particular brand of silica non clumping litter is doing the trick!

Coexistence on a bed


I know you have all been wondering how we four kitties are managing to coexist. Let me just say that for me and TKS, the “new introoder addition” has been, sell we say, “problematic”—!!

Now there are turf battles over who gets what morning napping spot and then who gets the afternoon sun puddle napping spots. And now that it is somewhat “winter” in our fast warming state of California, we are struggling to compete for who gets the nice ONLY TWO tents Dad P and Mom L make on our master bed.

As you can see, I lost out. Now Mom L and Dad P make sure I get first dibs on whichever tent I wanna spend most of my day. But finding our little Katie enjoying the tents is a big plus!

So how are you all spending your winter napping spots??


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