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Monday Meowsie News


Super happy to see you guys show up to check in on all the girls in my castle. Yup, that’s right, this is Savannah’s Castle! So, Sage aka The Kid Sage aka TKS and Katie aka Kit Katie aka KK are both doing just great. 

Only little blip on the future for KK is that she must have another dental in February 2021 to remove most of the toofies on the right side of her mouth. That demon “gingivitis/stomatitis” continues to haunt my little tiny sisfur. Otherwise, she is running around at night aka 3 AM chasing who knows what demons all around the wood floors—yes Mom L wakes up! Last night KK figured out how to turn on our television in our shared master bedroom. Of course she did this at about 2 AM!! YUP!! Humans not happy!!

As for TKS, she is her usual hang out, follow the humans wherever they go and always, always be present and aware when they are anywhere near anything that looks like FOOD! TKS is about eight years old now and thankfully has shown zero signs of any health issues. Well—if we don’t count her obsession with food! *wink, wink*.

Now for me. Yes I do have early onset, stage one of CKD. BUT—I am now eating several kinds of awesome low phosphorus with a balance of protein wet foods. And they are pate foods but with lots of fluids! I think I may have to start watching my waistline! I still play when I want to and always try to get my snuggles with Mom L at night on the couch and if the mood strikes me.

Hope you enjoyed our little progress report. 


At the movies


Mom L has been busy, busy with our Project Delta View Cats group so I decided to share some movies with yo. This way she doesn’t have to do so much typing. Hope you enjoy seeing some of our experiences working with abandoned community cats here in our city of Pittsburg, CA.

This is Pipsqueaks mom cat. She was moving his little sister Ellie to a new, warmer location. Mom cats are so devoted and brave.

Next up is L’il Jo, the kitten who had the prolapsed rectum, remember? Look at her chow down now! Watch her ears!!! And yes, she can now poop properly!!

Finally, remember I told you that Pipsqueak’s brother Rocky was trapped the same night as Pip? Well, Rocky, all black just like Pip, is now living the life of an inside kitty! The family whose backyard is home to Pip’s former feline family have taken Rocky inside because he so wanted to be with people. He and resident kitty Sapphire bonded quickly. Check out Sapphire’s spit bath for Rocky.

I’ll share more of Rocky’s rescue story in a longer post. It’s worth the read, trust me.

Before I go, I want to report on my visit to Dr Josie at the Kitchen Clinic this last week. She did a blood draw and urine draw for a complete senior blood panel for me. Believe you me, it wasn’t my idea of a fun day. No sireeeee!!!

Seriously, not FUN!!

The results from the lab are back and sadly, I am at the earliest stage of chronic kidney disease, Stage One. Mom L and are feel fortunate that we learned this very early. I know she and Dad P will always make sure I have the best care and I still have years to go. 



I still have some moves!


Mom L  thinks I am about 15 years old. So what? Says I!! I still have enough moves in me to make sure TKS and KK stay in their places whilst in my castle, na’mean?? Just cuz I am mostly deaf doesn’t mean I can’t see!!

I am having some health challenges with my Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) which has haunted me since 2012. So I am headed to my pal Dr. Josie (retired but still my ‘go to’ feline Vet!) on Wednesday to have a senior blood panel done. UGH!!

So that’s why I wanted to post about my upside of my current health. I can’t get up on my cat towers but I use my carpeted steps up to the couch to play with Mom L.

Bring that furry mousie a bit closer Mom L

I need that furry toy a tad closer these days so’s I can catch it. 

Oh! Nice! Lemme try to grab it

My fast moves keep Mom L on her toes!

I got it!!!

If you have followed my blog for years, you may remember that Mom L has a fascination with my toesies. Especially my hind toes. It seems I have rather long hind toes. Who cares? Aren’t they clean!!

My hind toesies and the love of Mom L

Do any of you have special hind toesies? Give me some photos in comments and I will post on my blog next week.


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