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Feline Exploration—Three


Bet’cha you were hangin’ off the edge of your bed just waitin’ to learn what else I was up to over the last 10 days. Well, first, if you have followed me for a while you will recall I do not, almost never ever, get up on furniture that is higher than a couch or chair. Heck, I seldom ever get on the back of the chair or couch, too high for me!

But last week I decided I needed to take a look around the top of a chest in the office I share with Mom L.

Hmmm—not so bad up here afterall

Hmmm—not so bad up here after all

You may  notice that lovely painting of yours truly, ME, right next to Dad P’s gum. That portrait was painted by my gal pal Nellie’s Mommy, Miss Barb. I didn’t stay long on this chest but now I know I can go back again any old time.

I ended my explorations with a bit of rough and tumble play with Mom L as she had me chasing my peacock feather under tissue paper. Don’t you just luvluvluv tissue paper?? I like to grab it and shake it to make it sound even more crackly. And sometimes I like to camp out under the tissue paper because I know that makes me invisible, right?

I can peek out and see that co one knows I am here

I can peek out and see that no one knows I am here

So disappointing to learn I am not truly invisible.

What? Mom L how did you know I was here??

What? Mom L how did you know I was here??

That was it for me, I took my tissue paper and left for my nap.

pfffttt! I'm leaving to catch another well earned nap

pfffttt! I’m leaving to catch another well earned nap


Shocking Feline Exploration—Two


Lemme explain about my lousy photos today. You see, it was late in the evening, and Mom L was about to fall asleep on the couch. I always sit on the opposite end from her or more often now, I come over and settle in close to her. So remember it was dark and all Dad P had was his smart phone to try to grab a couple of photos before I remembered what I was doing!

That's just the right spot

That’s just the right spot

Can you see where I am???!!! Can you? Really, be serious—can you tell where ALL FOUR OF MY PAWS ARE PLANTED??!!!


She was just about asleep so I took advantage of the opportunity to spend about 1 to 1.29394 minutes, yes MINUTES!—NOT seconds—in her LAP!

Poor Mom L needed these lousy photos to remind her of what happened. She is almost asleep and I stayed right there for another sweep on my favorite grooming brush.

You snooze Mom L, you loose

You snooze Mom L, you loose

Almost every night since these photos were taken, about 10 days ago, I come over to her as long as the blue fleece is in her lap, and put at least two paws onto her lap. I haven’t yet repeated that daring moment when I places all four paws on her lap—but we are all convinced that day is not long off.

Now if only Dad P can get better photos of me and Mom L can stay awake. Silly humans. I am making history in my journey toward recovery from trauma with humans and Mom L snooze while Dad P only has his smart phone.

Lemme ask you all a question—do you think I was making progress? Was I brave?


I Just LUVLUVLUV My Dumpster Diving TKS


Once again, our morning routine comes to the forefront. You already know that Mom L hides places our favorite treats under a pillow next to her in the morning. TKS and I both wait patiently (HA!) for those treats to appear.

TKS…she tries so hard to be nonchalant about whatever pillow Mom L uses to protect the treats.

(hover to view complete captions)

That only works for the short term. Eventually, TKS just cannot help herself.

And as for me…I just wait. I know TKS will eventually prevail. And that means I will get my morning treats for not having jumped on her as she invades my personal space while she searches for those ‘hidden’ treats.

Ok TKS...go for it. Mom L is not looking

Ok TKS…go for it. Mom L is not looking

TKS is on the hunt…

I know those treats are under here

I know those treats are under here

Sometimes I have to endure her becoming much too personal…

The important part is…we both got our treats!!


Paw Pats, Savannah

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