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Want to See My Soft Side?: Monday Meowsie News

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I was having a little staff meeting with Mom L and I confessed to her…I sometimes worry that my furriends think I am mostly a stern looking cat…and that must lead them to believe I do not have a softer side…I don’t always look like this you know…

I know, I  know…some of you remember some photos of me showing a more soft side…

But that was a year or so ago…so I asked Mom L to shoot a couple of videos of me being all lovey dovey with her like I do EVERY SINGLE DAY…especially in the morning…(EDIT: Mom L’s voice was deleted, thank you Window Movie Maker and You Tube…please forgive Mom L’s gooey talk…but that’s how I like her to talk to me…’nuff said about that...)

I really like to have Mom L pat my butt…and then she sort of helps me scoot along…sometimes I cover almost a complete circle doing this OR I can cover several feet because I keep pulling myself forward every 30 seconds or so…it’s a kind of game we play…I luvluvluv it!

And I also allow Mom L to give me toe massages…mostly my hind toes…it’s nice

So the only other Monday Meowsie News I have is about Dad P and The Kid Sage doing another one of their DIY Projects…personally, I try hard to stay out of their way…heh…heh…

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Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss…Mom L is having a photo shoot session with Tigger today…so I think we will have new images for you to admire and use if you will help me network Tigger. He still is longing for his very own permanent home.  Thank you to all who continue to SHARE, Re Post and Tweet about Tigger.

I have another adult rescue to share with you…a woofie….who is in great need…but that is for later…we are still working on his story…you are going to want to network him for sure…trust me…just like Tigger…hard to imagine no one wants him…catch you later with breaking news…purrs, Savvy

What Happens When a Human DOES NOT Touch My Toes?: Friday Frolics


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Most of you already know that Spitty and I are like, well, almost related. We both live in the glorious San Francisco Bay Area…he with fog, me with sunshine (and central AC).

Many of you know that I am in general…’untouchable’ by foreign humans…yet as close as Spitty and I are…his human, on her most recent last visit to my castle…actually attempted to make an impression on ME…by ‘gently’ touching my front paw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup, did not go well, nope…not well at all…read about it HERE

My gal pal up in Oregon, Sage, from Sage Chronicles, sent her Mom to visit me and say hello.  Now she did  that pretty ok…right??


And now most recently…like just this last week…my CHAMPION JETTY…YES!!! Some of you I just know remember my CHAMPION JETTY from Hey, It’s Jet Here blog…

Miss Lori, Jet’s human Mom actually visited ME…yeah, ok…and The Kid Sage…this last week!!!

Some of you will recall Jet having stepped forward to protect me from all those interested ‘mancats’ who wanted to romance me when I first started my blog…especially those dudes over at Katnip Lounge…bwaahahahaha…

ahem…koff, koff…moving on…so Jet stepped up to become my official CHAMPION…(you see Dad P said I was just TOO young to have any steady mancats in my life…and as you know…I AM his very own special Princess and Dad P always watches out for me).

So Jet accepted my invitation to be my personal Champion…

My Champion always looks out for me

My Champion always looks out for me

Unfortunately, Miss Lori, Jet’s huMom…became very ill…in 2012…and Jet had to take a very long blocation to care for her…along with his sisfur Miss Always Very Nice Never Complains ‘JJ’

So, Miss Lori FINALLY came to visit ME, Me, Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And guess how I greeted her…


Miss Lori…unlike others…NEVER, EVER attempted to touch my toesies…and I honored her, just because of her humility in my presence and because of my love for Sir Jetty… I allowed her to stroke my actual furs, over two days, and even allowed her to stroke my face, ears, throat and even rub my whole face and eyes and ears….ohhhhhhhhh….she has such soft hands….sigh…..

Well…moving on…that is pretty much what it takes to come into my royal presence…and for those who have followed me from the beginning…you all know…this was a humongous leap forward in my recovery.  I am ‘becoming’…me “REAL SELF”…

All it has taken is time, love, respect and caring…even The Kid Sage has moved me forward by leaps and bound in just 9 months.

Paw Pats, Savannah



Do You Hunt Indoors?: Friday Frolics


Yep, that’s right…I am talking about hunting indoors for all my feline furriends who live indoors just as The Kid Sage and I.  The concept of indoor hunting is all about technique.  Where did you learn your technique?  Let me know in comments so we can all share our learning.

Dad play 3

Most of us indoor cats have not been outside so we often need some fine tuning with our indoor hunting techniques.

Speaking for myself…I learned my best indoor hunt techniques from Mama Cat…from the Blog of Otis.

Mama Cat taught me the importance of four sequential moves that must be performed by any cat practicing hunting techniques indoors….









 How's this?

I miss my lessons about proper hunting techniques from Mama Cat…but as you can see…I have not forgotten anything I learned from her…

Paw Pats, Savannah

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