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What Happens When a Human DOES NOT Touch My Toes?: Friday Frolics


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Most of you already know that Spitty and I are like, well, almost related. We both live in the glorious San Francisco Bay Area…he with fog, me with sunshine (and central AC).

Many of you know that I am in general…’untouchable’ by foreign humans…yet as close as Spitty and I are…his human, on her most recent last visit to my castle…actually attempted to make an impression on ME…by ‘gently’ touching my front paw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup, did not go well, nope…not well at all…read about it HERE

My gal pal up in Oregon, Sage, from Sage Chronicles, sent her Mom to visit me and say hello.  Now she did  that pretty ok…right??


And now most recently…like just this last week…my CHAMPION JETTY…YES!!! Some of you I just know remember my CHAMPION JETTY from Hey, It’s Jet Here blog…

Miss Lori, Jet’s human Mom actually visited ME…yeah, ok…and The Kid Sage…this last week!!!

Some of you will recall Jet having stepped forward to protect me from all those interested ‘mancats’ who wanted to romance me when I first started my blog…especially those dudes over at Katnip Lounge…bwaahahahaha…

ahem…koff, koff…moving on…so Jet stepped up to become my official CHAMPION…(you see Dad P said I was just TOO young to have any steady mancats in my life…and as you know…I AM his very own special Princess and Dad P always watches out for me).

So Jet accepted my invitation to be my personal Champion…

My Champion always looks out for me

My Champion always looks out for me

Unfortunately, Miss Lori, Jet’s huMom…became very ill…in 2012…and Jet had to take a very long blocation to care for her…along with his sisfur Miss Always Very Nice Never Complains ‘JJ’

So, Miss Lori FINALLY came to visit ME, Me, Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And guess how I greeted her…


Miss Lori…unlike others…NEVER, EVER attempted to touch my toesies…and I honored her, just because of her humility in my presence and because of my love for Sir Jetty… I allowed her to stroke my actual furs, over two days, and even allowed her to stroke my face, ears, throat and even rub my whole face and eyes and ears….ohhhhhhhhh….she has such soft hands….sigh…..

Well…moving on…that is pretty much what it takes to come into my royal presence…and for those who have followed me from the beginning…you all know…this was a humongous leap forward in my recovery.  I am ‘becoming’…me “REAL SELF”…

All it has taken is time, love, respect and caring…even The Kid Sage has moved me forward by leaps and bound in just 9 months.

Paw Pats, Savannah



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39 thoughts on “What Happens When a Human DOES NOT Touch My Toes?: Friday Frolics

  1. That’s amazing Savvy!
    Hope Jet’s mummy is doing well xxx

  2. spittythekitty on said:

    Well! First of all, the Human claims it was HARDLY even a touch–just one finger brushing a toe sooooooo lightly…..Lousy defense, huh? I told her it was a rookie mistake–she shoulda known better!

    AND, she says, she only got a couple hours when this other lady had DAYS to insinuate herself into your good graces.

    The Human says she’ll do MUCH better next time–it’s just that your feets were so irresistible!

  3. We are delighted at how far you have come, Savvy. We truly and honestly are.

  4. Oh Savannah meez happy fur yous. A luvin’ touch fwum a good hooman is da mostest pawsumest fing in da world. When they scoop yous up and hold yous close to their hearts so yous feel it beatin’ and hug yous and giv yous kisses an luv…..dat’s when it all comes into focus, just how special yous awe. Yous will get there, meez just knows it. 🙂

    Luv ya’


  5. You know, it’s super neat you’ve met peeps from the Blogosphere.

    Not even Spitty’s mum was allowed to touch your toes? Hmmm… Actually, I only ever allow my personal peeps to touch mine – not that anyone else has ever tried – but I do really enjoy a toe massage. They really are nice. Maybe your mum could give you one?


  6. Katie Isabella on said:

    Savvy, I truly love you. <3<3<3 and so does my mommy.

    • well right back at’cha Katie I and Mommy!! WE are so sorry we don’t get to comment very often. Doing hands on rescue work is very time consuming. But we continue to try to keep up with furriends…sadly I have lost many now…oh well…we do the best we can. Paw hugs, Savvy and Mom L

  7. We had a feeling the Kid Sage would force you to make pawsitive changes irregardless of your wishes. Kittens (especially sisters) have a way of doing that, we are so pleased to see your TRUE SELF emerging more and more. ~Scylla & Family

  8. Whoa! You have lots of visitors from the blog world. I’ve only “met” staff for 2 of my Twitter furrends. I let them see me but hurried to my office. Mulder and Scully’s staff said I was “regal!”

    • OMC!!! luvluvluv their names!!! ANd I almost never retreat anymore, I hang in my bed in the living room…but when someone tries to touch my toesies…I am outta there…I think I hurt Miss Mary’s feelings tho’…

  9. Yow we understand ’bout Miss Lori n her illness…she cuud still bloggie n set it dat she doez not reeply to commintz. If she sorta stated she cuud onlee bloggie n not bizit alot or do reepliez we wuud still bizit her n Jet n JJ fer shure!
    Jet iz sum kind of bunderfull. It waz ’cause of him n ya dat Easy beecame me Champeeon!!! Sorta reelucktant butt he iz all da same….MOL….
    Ya iz gonna haz ‘an event’??? Reelly??? Oh we iz so eggcited fer ya…
    ya nose we will bizit ya here fer shure! Dat’z what BFF’z do!!!
    Much lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  10. Eeeowww Savannah me BFF yer doin pawsum!! Absoolutely blew me n Mum away!! N Miss Lori Jet’z Mum oh diz makez us all leeky eyed!! WE adore Jet n we haz missed him so bery much n we iz SO SO happy Miss Lori iz doing much bettur n cuud travel to meet ya n Kid Sage n yer Pawentz!
    Bett diz iz a bizit ya will neber furget….. 😉
    WE iz doin a **happy dance** here fer all of ya.
    Much lub n grateetude to ya frum me, Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Miss Lori is doing better but her Crohn’s is still not in remission and she has some pretty awful days. Jet is doing well and so is JJ…thankfully. I don’t think Jet will return to blogville though. The stress of knowing they need to visit others lots to ‘get’ visits is just too much. And boy do I understand that. I am working to get my butt in gear to visit cuz I have a big event coming up Oct 1 and want hundreds of visitors…it’s gonna be kinda cool…at least we are crossing paws and hoping so…more later

  11. hannahandlucy on said:

    We hope Miss Lori realises just how honoured she was Savvy.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. What a wonderful visit! And Tommy says it is simply wonderful that you have a woofie champion!

    The Chans

  13. ACK! Our Mommy is more the grabby-feely type…you better watch out Savvy if she shows up at your door!

  14. It’s so good of you to grant Miss Lori the opportunity to stroke you just the right way! We like to dance just out of reach of visitors and play “hard to get” instead.

  15. You sure did great Savannah! We miss seeing that Jet!

  16. Wow, Savvy. Miss Lori must have the magic touch! You sure have come a long way, baby!

  17. Savvy, you have come a long ways since I first met you. Wow, even letting an outsider touch your furs! That’s a big step sweetie. Love your picture today.

  18. Oh, this is good news of progress. Every cat transforms in their own sweet time. Purrs of condolence on the loss of your dog friend.

  19. The Swiss Cats on said:

    We’re impressed, Savvy ! You gave Miss Lori a great privilege, she must be a very special human ! Purrs

  20. Savvy you’ve come a long long way!

  21. The OP Pack on said:

    We are quite proud of you, Savannah – you are coming along in bigger and bigger strides!!! Phantom doesn’t like to have his toesies touched either:)

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  22. ppsssst….sage…….we toll ya savvy wood come round 🙂 all things in good time ♥

    heerz ta a safe happee long week oh end…may de bass bee bountee full in yur bowlz ♥

  23. How sweet of you to allow touches, pats, and dare I say… cuddles from friends, S. Well done. I wonder if you’d let me jump on your head…. I like doing that!

    Love and licks,

  24. That is amazing Miss Savvy,only Zoe and Oscar let stranger dangers touch them.The others watch from hidey places .
    Love Jane x

  25. Wow Sav! I’m impressed!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  26. Oh Savvy what a wonderful gift you gave Miss Lori! Concats! I am so glad her soft hands made you happy 🙂 Have a great week-end my friend!

  27. It is so lovely to watch your progress, Savvy. You have really come on so much! When I first came to The Staff, I wouldn’t let her stroke me or brush me, but now I like even having my tummy massaged! It is so good, you should try it 🙂 xxx

  28. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    As a real rescue cat myself, Savannah, I can tell you that the transformative process continues for years. The Vet thinks I’m about twelve years old now and I’ve been in my forever home for almost eleven years. While I spent the best part of the first year under the bed, I now feel comfortable to roam the entire house. Remember, as living, thinking beings we continue to grow and change all our life. My HuMom says that I have taught her an important lesson in living your best life every day. …even if you have a boy cat like Hitch around, who just wants to play.
    Purrs and head butts.

  29. Oh Savvy dear girl I’m so very proud of you – you let someone else touch you and that’s such a huge step forward for you……I do think that the changes you’ve gone through – moving, having Leo for a while in your house, and now having a new sister in Kid Sage, have propelled you into a new “safety zone” – a place where you are allowing others to enter. It’s wonderful to see!

    Hugs, Sammy

  30. How great that you said Hi to Miss Lori! Bravo! I’m so sorry that a woofie furriend went to this bridge. I agree with you, in such moments the world stops… and if it moves on, nothing is like before…because someone is missed. I send you all a big hug, hope it helps a little.

  31. So sorry to hear about your friend.

  32. I’m the same as Summer = Most humans can do just anything with me , so me too can’t be used as an example 🙂
    But my humans knows that if you behave , shy cat’s reward them 🙂
    Sorry to hear that a woffie friend to you had to go to the bridge 😦


  33. When humans behave, they get rewarded! Right, Savannah? Of course, most humans can do just about anything with me, but I’m kind of the exception to the rule! I can’t be used as an example.

  34. What a privilege you bestowed upon Miss Lori!
    We’re sorry you lost a dear furriend and are sending you and their family, lots of purrs of comfort.
    ((Hugs)) from all of us.

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