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Monday Meowsie News…I Had A Visitor!


It was so exciting…especially for Mom Linda…you see my very good furriend Sage, from Sage’s Chronicle, sent his Mom Ann from Oregon down to California to visit ME!!!  And take photos!!!


What Mom??…*turns head to Mom…irritated*…huh?…*hangs head*…ok, ok…ummmm…well the whole story is that Sage’s Mom was coming down anyway to spend time with her biped granddaughter…so she hopped on a BART train and came over to visit with me and Mom….*glares at Mom*…is THAT ok with you now Mom?

I actually allowed Miss Ann to give me a few brushie strokes and then pet me some…but…well…this is so embarrassing…you can see by my “stinky eyes” I gave her…I was a bit anxious…BUT…I allowed her to approach me, and touch me…6 months ago…I would have been BTC (behind the couch) in a flash!

Thank you so much Miss Ann for coming to see me…come back and I know I will be even more furriendly.

Next, a while back I won this very nice give away from Sparkle…I was among 20 winners…and that was in early August…so we kind’a forgot about it…then WHOA!! There is was on the front porch!


You can’t see it but there are actually 4 different flavors…sitting on a cute little cheese board! Isn’t that package just too cute…and no…I cannot fit in that little box…don’t even ask!  Thanks Sparkle!  peeEss Dad Peter won’t let me try it tonight…but tomorrow…silly Dad…

And I found a new place to nap in the mid-day…Dad Peter put my Precious Pink Princess Beddie upstairs in the guest room where many of Cousin Leo’s photo shoots were done…he put in where Cousin Leo used to have his beddie..right by a window…and I luvluvluv the new placement of my new beddie….purrrs to Dad Peter…

…and I would like to leave you with a short video of me…having a great playtime…with Mom…on my stair…of course, with my favorite peacock feather toy which my BFGF Cathy Keisha introduced to me…

That’s my “moving forward” Monday Meowsie News…I am letting more and more visitors touch me…I am an adult rescue cat in recovery…and this is my story…thank you for joining me on my journey…and just a bit of an update on my time before living in my furrever castle…it is now rather clear…that I was a feral cat…for a large part of my first FIVE years…but look at me now…more about this new assumption later…

peeEss…you MUST go visit my adventure pals over at Dash Kitten to see what they are offering as a pawsome give away…

Paw Pats, Savannah

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37 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…I Had A Visitor!

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  2. Savvy, That appears to be a great place for your pretty-in-pink beddie. We had to biggify your photos with Sage’s Mom, Miss Ann, to a huge size to even see you. Looks like you wanted to flee! Great feather action! Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  3. Yow Savannah ya did pawsum lettin Ann touch ya!!! Me still runz frum most Hu’Manz ‘cept Aunti Ruthie n Aunti Judith…me will not let any other Aunti’z touch me n me waz even shy when my Biped Dad came to bizit a few monthz ago…it waz like me furgot who he iz….
    As fer da video ya iz sleek n sassy n move purrty quick n dat feather iz purrty!!
    Play on me furend, play on…
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen n Eesha Chinmayi too…

  4. You are getting brave, Savvy.

  5. Hiya again, Savvy!
    I have nominated you for an award =^.^=

  6. You had a visitor? Ever neat! Congratulations on lettin’ her get close, too. That was a big step, for sure.


    PS. LOVE your holiday header! purrs

  7. Whoa! You know when I first came here, I used to be outgoing but the peeps never have visitors (except loud repairmen) so now when someone comes in I hide. In fact, when TW came home from Blogpaws, I hid from her. Good for you BFGF.

  8. Color us impressed, Savvy! I know first paw how hard it is to let people other than your main human approach and pet. : )

    Enjoy the yummy new food too!

    : ) Katie

    PS – Thanx SO much for your well-wishes for Glogirly. She’s feeling better already! xo

  9. I relate to going UTC Savannah. I was a feral kitten and lots of Dads friends never knew he had a Marmalade Tabby named Timmy. Very nice little slice too. Meow

  10. You are very brave and courageous, Savvy! Slow but sure does the trick. Your days BTC are about over! Well done.

    Love and licks,

  11. Hi, Savvy, Mom told me all about her visit with you and what a nice kitty you are! She said she’ll come back and see you again. It must have been a lot of fun!

  12. I am so very proud of you sweet Savannah, that is amazing progress. Hey, did you send Sage some of your local mud?

  13. Savvy, we’re so impressed with you…and how you’re becoming more comfortable with other humans. 🙂 Make sure your dad lets you eat your prize from Sparkle!

  14. you are incredible savvy. you are learning everyday to trust. we salute you.

    Emma and Buster

  15. Savvy, you have come such a long way!! I predict that you will allow a biped to cuddle you even before I do! The reason I know this is because I allowed The Staff to cuddle me the other week for about 5 seconds before I realised my mistake and made a bid for freedom (during the 5 seconds, the Staff’s brother took about 98 photos). I think you will get well beyond the one second mark, but it could take a while!! 😉

  16. Oh Savvy, you are doing so well on letting humans touch you. It’s amazing. Keep up the good work. How nice to get a visit from a pal’s human. We had Pumpkinpuddy’s mom here for a week too. I loved it.

  17. I love your new header Savvy!

  18. Loving the new header x

  19. That’s wonderful! Is the next step a sisfur or brofur? Maybe in a couple of years 😉
    Way to go Savvy!

  20. That was great Savvy , no russian-blue flash disappeared BTC! And I think, Miss Anne is a wonderful biped, you can trust her :o)

  21. That is so good of you to let a stranger pat you Savannah. Good girl. Most of us will not let that happen. Love the video. Take care.

  22. Well, just look at you hosting visitors!!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob
    PS Heathcliff is due to go to the vets tomorrow,Daddy Chris has ‘trained’ him to go into the carrier.Let’s see how that works out!

  23. Good for you Savvy letting another human give you a pet! That’s grand progress girlfriend…..I’m so very proud of you! We formerly ferals have a tough time with that but time seems to be the key. Bravo!

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

  24. Savvy what great steps you have taken!! and what a great visit..we love Sage and I am sure she is swimming while mums away 🙂 and treats !!! have a great day and love the header horror hugs Fozziemum xx

  25. We are very impressed the cats usually hide when there is company. Doggies on the other hand LOVE everybuddy. The cats say they are discerning. ~Fenris

  26. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    We’ve had the cheesy Fancy Feast and it was a big hit. We hope you enjoy yours. Oops, there’s Jacob’s bus! We have to go help him put his sneakers on! He’ll never get out of the house without our help! Bye!

  27. mollieandalfie on said:

    Oh we lub’z Sage.. Loving your Halloween header Savvy 🙂 Wooooohooooooo ( that was a ghost noise..MOL ) xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  28. Well done you on letting strangers nearer to you, and to let them stroke you – so pleased! And look at you go with the feather!

  29. So good to see you greeting strangers,Savvy. We’re so proud of you. There is no way that Ashton would do that unless the strangers had been in the house for ages. And were perfectly silent and still. You have come so far!

  30. I’m so glad you got the Fancy Feast package finally! It’s about time they sent those out!

  31. You have come such a long way, Savvy! And we’re so happy to be able to watch you blossom in a home surrounded with so much love. 🙂

  32. You. Are. AWESOME!!! Well done amazing lady. You look so cool on the video!!!!

    Harvey Button

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