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Over the Threshold and Through the Door We Go


Catchy title don’t you think? Well, it’s about time I give you a peek at some of the incredible progress I have been making since we moved to our permanent home. Mom L thinks this home is changing all of us in lots of cool ways, and me especially.

I We have this really nice small balcony off of my our master bedroom. It was made especially charming when we had the redwood replaced to clean up some dry rot. Anyway, now it’s all nice and whatnot, Mom L used some gift cards Dad P got a while back to purchase a nice little table and chairs for them to enjoy having coffee on said balcony in the mornings.

Guess who they invited to join them the first time they used the balcony? Yup! Me and The Kid Sage. Now unfortunately when they made this invite, I was down stairs taking my second nap so TKS was the first to be invited OUTSIDE!

Hey! This air smells really fresh!

TKS enjoyed herself lots as she explored the balcony and what lies beyond and under it.

Is that our master bedroom on the other side? Am I outside??

Silly cat. She knew she was taking the big step to the outside.

Gosh, I can see all of our patio and the water.

And then she made a most remarkable discovery.

Hey Dad P! I can see through this crack all the way down!!

At least she didn’t forget about me getting my chance to be outside.

‘Scuse me, I’m gonna go get Savvy so she can be outside too.

I don’t know if TKS was ever outside before she came to live at my castle. But I sure was outside way more than I wanted to be. So being outside hasn’t been at the top of my priority list, na’mean?? I spent enough time outside trying to fend for myself and it wasn’t pretty. But, Mom L offered me the decision to be outside with her.

What Mom L? I know the door is open.

I could feel the really fresh air and I knew there was no screen between me and that redwood deck.

I don’t know if I wanna go out. Been there, done that

I took my time thinking through my choices.

Oh alright. I’ll come outside and have a look see just to please TKS.

I knew TKS was gonna interrogate me once I went back downstairs, so I took a little “walk about”.

Hmmm…looks like the neighbors have some pretty flowers on their patio.

Mom L wasn’t expecting me to do a critique of our out doors area, but hey? She invited me out, right?

Mom L? What don’t we have any pretty flowers for me and TKS to enjoy on our patio?

Ok, ok—maybe I was to quick to judge. I know we haven’t been here that long and Mom L has been busy with other stuff. So I moved right along.

Wow! I can see the water even better from here! Is that a fishie I saw jumpin’??

No kidding, we have fish in our fresh water marina and people fish for the fishies all the time from their boat docks. Our water moves all day long with the tides from the two river delta area.

I was very relaxed being outside once again, much to Mom L’s relief and mine. I am growing in my confidence every day since we moved here. Why I even allowed one of Mom L’s friends to pet me last week. In fact, I INVITED her to join me on my our new living room area rug to rub my whole body, give me ear rubs AND I let her pet my tummy!! Yes, I really did!! That, my pals, is progress!!


Shocking Feline Exploration—Two


Lemme explain about my lousy photos today. You see, it was late in the evening, and Mom L was about to fall asleep on the couch. I always sit on the opposite end from her or more often now, I come over and settle in close to her. So remember it was dark and all Dad P had was his smart phone to try to grab a couple of photos before I remembered what I was doing!

That's just the right spot

That’s just the right spot

Can you see where I am???!!! Can you? Really, be serious—can you tell where ALL FOUR OF MY PAWS ARE PLANTED??!!!


She was just about asleep so I took advantage of the opportunity to spend about 1 to 1.29394 minutes, yes MINUTES!—NOT seconds—in her LAP!

Poor Mom L needed these lousy photos to remind her of what happened. She is almost asleep and I stayed right there for another sweep on my favorite grooming brush.

You snooze Mom L, you loose

You snooze Mom L, you loose

Almost every night since these photos were taken, about 10 days ago, I come over to her as long as the blue fleece is in her lap, and put at least two paws onto her lap. I haven’t yet repeated that daring moment when I places all four paws on her lap—but we are all convinced that day is not long off.

Now if only Dad P can get better photos of me and Mom L can stay awake. Silly humans. I am making history in my journey toward recovery from trauma with humans and Mom L snooze while Dad P only has his smart phone.

Lemme ask you all a question—do you think I was making progress? Was I brave?


Precious: A Brave Adult Rescue Cat in Recovery


Actually, Mom L is the one who insisted on using the word “precious” in the title of my blog for Wednesday…*blushing*…that’s what she keeps saying about me…*bright red furry cheeks*

Mom L took the following two photos of me last night as I was just chill’axin’ on the couch with her. The caption on each photo is just my  Mom L sort’a ‘gushing’…sigh…

My precious sweet 'Nana'...why did she have to wait for over a year for her forever home?

My precious sweet ‘Nana’…why did she have to wait for over a year for her forever home?

Because…I was waiting for Dad P to find me and for Mom L to sing me into my recovery from trauma. And of course…my pink Jelly Bean toesies helped…

Don't you just wanna give those toesies a smoochie?

Don’t you just wanna give those toesies a smoochie?

Have a fantabulous Wednesday…and be sure to come back next week to find my give-away for that mystery house warming toy my former Cat Vet Doc Josie gave me! (click HERE in case you missed me trying it out).


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