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The AdventurCats™: The Prohibition Error

Previously on Dash Kitten Blog

“Seville GET DOWN, they are shooting all over the place!” Silver jammed Seville under the nearest car as glass rained around them……..

Then, into the ringing silence that followed the fierce gun fire, a familiar voice spoke. She was none too happy!


The boys turned in shock…..


“Dum-tee-dum-dum…let me see if my message to Seville and Silver is about ready.” Savvy reaches to pop up her toaster message for the boys.

Pop! “Ah, yes, just the right shade of burned toast.”


“I think those two will get my meaning when I send this special BURNED TOAST MESSAGE through to them in 1928 Prohibition USA. Now let me put the finishing touches to my message. There! All ready to go.”

“Back into the toaster you go—one more setting…there—all done!” Savvy turns on her paws and pads off to her steampunk workshop.

“Heh…heh…heh…too bad I can’t be there to see them get my BURNED TOAST MESSAGE!”

“I have a notion about how I’m gonna be able to get Seville and Silver outta 1928 but it won’t be easy. Now where did I put that star map showing the worm hole I found?”



Meantime, in 1928, Silver and Seville receive Savvy’s lecture which arrived with her BURNED TOAST MESSAGE.

“Ok, I need you two to get outta here. Go on, hop on those motorbikes and get to a place with lots of space.

Silver shuffles his paws, then asks meekly—“Hey savvy, do you think you could bring us back some salmon nibbles and maybe a chik-hen leg or two? We haven’t had much to eat since we got here?”

“Huh! I hardly think I will have time to do any kitchen duty for you two. I have enough to do to pry you back through the space time continuum with me.”

The BURNED TOAST MESSAGE flashes several more shades of orange, red and then a bright purple and whooooosh! It’s gone leaving the two boys scurrying to get back to their motorbikes.

Talking to herself, Savvy considers her rescue plan.

“Now that I have those two sorted out, I need to make sure my newest time travel vehicle is ready for this.” Savvy reaches out to pat something under a pure white cloth.

Zip! “There, you look great without that white cover on you. Let me give your engine a couple of adjustments…” Tink-ding-tap, tap. ” There, that does it.”

“I have everything I need in the boot, so I’d best get going. That worm hole can be mighty unstable. Here we go!” KABOOM!

Savvy's Stellar Ride

Shaking her head at the explosive sound of her engine and popping her ears from the sudden acceleration to turbo warp speed, Savvy sets her navigation control for a certain street in Chicago.

“I hope those two are ready ‘cuz I don’t intend to even stop to pick them up.”

“Oh, there they are”—SWOOSH—yelling at top of her voice “GET READY! SILVER! SEVILLE!!”

Both boy cats look up and are gobsmacked to see Savvy approaching them at warp speed. “Grab hold wherever you can when I pass over you!! NOW!!!”

“I have the runner board Savvy!” shouts Silver. Then Silver and Savvy hear an ear splitting scream! “EEEIIIIIIEEEEYIIIIOOOHHHH!!! ”  Savvy feels a weight attach to the back bumper, looks around to learn Seville almost missed the star car! But he’s there, flapping in the wind like a flag.

“Be quiet you guys, so I can think!” Click, snick, wind—”There, we’re good to go back. Don’t let go whatever you do! I can’t come back for you once we are in that worm hole! I picked a different one for the return trip ‘cuz it will be faster so’s you don’t have to hang on for long.”

Stellar return

WHAMMMOOO!! A loud chilling boom sucks the breath out of all three cats. Savvy’s tail starts to twitch and not in a good way.

“Let me see if I can get this landed by my steampunk workshop without knocking you two off.” Kabump, bump, bummpity bump bump.

“OUCH! Savvy you could have left off that last bump” whines Silver. They both turn when they hear a soft mewing coming from the back of the star car.  Seville is already lickity licking his paws to get the star dust off, and mewing to himself while he licks. “Heck Savvy, you could have avoided bouncing me around back there like a nip toy!”

“Well and ‘thank you’ too” says Savvy in a biting voice. “After I save you two you start whining about the trip! Harummppff.” Turning on her paws, she heads into her workshop, but hesitates so quickly it causes Silver to whump right into her backside. “Wait!…What??!!” whispers Savvy.

“I left my workshop door closed and locked—now it’s open—”


And there you have it. The AdventurCats’ Prohibition Error story. If you missed the first four episodes, you can read them using the following links:

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Thanks lots for joining us. See you next time.




The AdventurCats: Prohibition Error

What did you ask me Mom L? Huh? You wanna know if I want to come along with you to some stupid museum exhibit? You’re kidding, right? You know I’m not a travelling cat.

Sheesh—I better get outta here before she…*swoooosh* Nooooo!!!

Mouses! She got me!

I'm so not a happy cat!

I’m so not a happy cat!

Why or why she ever got it into her head that I’ wanna go outside, let alone ride in the car and go visit some exhibit about the 1920’s Prohibition Era in the USA. Who in cat’s name cares?!

Alright, fine. She has me now but I don’t have to like it. And just look at how few humans are here. Why not many of them are any  more interested than me.

Mom L? If I have to hang here under your arm, could you please get your elbow outta my back? Ahhhh…thanks, that’s lots better. Now what do we have here? I didn’t realize that some of these photos would be about the role some cats played in this time period in American history.

Why just look at those cats crawling out from under that mobster car with the windows shot out. Don’t they know that cop standing right there can see an orange tabby and a gray tabby with whiiiiiiiitttte!!! AIEEEEE!!!


Those two cats are Seville and Silver!! HOW DID THEY GET IN THAT PHOTO???!!!!

Get me up closer to those three big photos Mom L. Come on, shake a leg and push through that group of folks so’s I can get a better look. Please, come on, hurry.

Eeeeeeeeeekkkk!!! There they are again!! Oh my catness—look at that other big photo! They are gonna get so deep in trouble if they think that is nip beer comin’ outta those barrel.


GASP!! Seville and Silver are in ALL THREE of these photos. *slapping paw to forehead* I just know Seville must have talked Silver into doing some more experiments using those troublesome whisks of his. It’s bad enough he is still using that frying pan and ice technology with the eggbeater to travel through time, but he knows adding those whisks just causes the time continuum to go all wonky! And he probably forgot it makes a yhuge difference if he uses wire whisks or those rubber coated ones. Holy smokes!—what am I gonna do?

Wait a nip picking minute. Mom L, check out what they are doing in that middle photo.


See? That’s them peeping through the window at that ancient telecommunication thingy. I bet’cha they are figuring to use that to communicate to me that they are stuck in the 1920’s Prohibition Era!

Quick, take me home Mom L. I have to get to my toaster communication machine because I just know they are tryin’ to get in touch with me.

What did you ask me Mom L?

Oh, well, no, no I don’t have any idea how I am going to get them outta that time but I’m sure, knowing those two, it’s gonna get messy.

If you wanna find out what’s going on, you better be sure to read Silver’s blog post on Sunday, November 20th. Just paw The Dash Kitten Team and pop over to find out how those boycats ended up in The Prohibition Error.

AdventurCat Extraordinaire



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