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Does Santa Bring Puppies and Kittens?

I thought June Buggie’s message was impawtant.  You will hear from me again today.  Paw pats, Savannah

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21 thoughts on “Does Santa Bring Puppies and Kittens?

  1. This is an important message.
    Admittedly mummy got a cat around christmas time when she was little, but she and my uncle were taught to look after their cats and they were loved and cared for until they died. It’s a shame that so many people see furbuddies as disposable:-(

    • no kidding MIsaki. And have I ever got a story for you…my former shelter, Kitty Corner, is small, we can only have about 10-16 cats at a time and we do not take cats surrendered to us…we ONLY take cats we pull from the local kill shelter. Yesterday, Friday, a lady came by Kitty Corner, the volunteer working that shift cracked the door to see what she wanted and the lady literally LAUNCHED a kitten, I mean sent it sailing airborn, over that volunteers head and then ran away to her car and drove off. That volunteer should be on a football team…she CAUGHT that kitten going over her head!! People are CRAZY!!! But that kitty, well we broke our rules, and that kitty is safe with us until he gets his furrever home. Amazing!

  2. Totally agree. Great post.

  3. I happen to personally live with.. I mean, KNOW santa… And whenever kids would sit on his lap, either he or I… I mean, his lovely Mrs. Claus, would tell the kids that live animals must be parent approved and they must MUST know how to take care of them so please, tell us, I mean, him, something non-live that they would enjoy so they wont be disappointed. Most of the time the parents are shaking their heads emphatically anyway, MOL, so they appreciate the whole no living thing rule!

  4. You wouldn’t give a child as a gift, so why would you give a furry child as a gift?
    Jane xxx
    The Maple Syrup Mob actually let me reply!!!!!

  5. What? Furry little kitties and woofies are not toys that kids can play with until we get all big and go into heat so they can dump us out in the streets or in shelters? Some humans are dumber than dirt. Thanks for reposting, Savvy.

  6. We kitties are gifts, period – just not holiday or birthday gifts! We are the best gifts of all – the kind that come with responsibility. I think that is something that should be taught to any child who wants to share their life with us (and their parents too)!

  7. Katie Isabella on said:

    Perfect. I never have thought giving a living being to little kids was good. For all the right reasons written.

  8. It’s a very important message.

  9. no pet is a good Christmas present,if kids want a pet for christmas give them a cyber pet or one of these animated interactive toy kittens or puppies then when they kid is bored with it it can be stored away

  10. The OP Pack on said:

    The holidays are too crazy as it is to add a puppy or kitty. Maybe Santa can just leave the message that a new furry is on the way but not until the spring.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

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