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Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat

Reals Rescue Cats Are Talking…



A Bi-Monthly Series Featuring Adult Rescue Dogs and Cats


I have two great cats joining me today.  What you are going to be reading is really about TWO RESCUE CAT STORIES AND AN ADDED BONUS:

…how they and there huFamily are managing their lives together…

You will know them right away, so without any more hoopla…let’s give them a warm hearty welcome!

My first 2013 Life Changing Interview with Savannah …


The Celestial Kitties!!

APAWS!!!   APAWS!!!   APAWS!!!

Here’s the Mancat Leo…

leo bigger6b

…and the Ladycat of the house…Star…


Savannah:  Hiya Leo and Star!  I am so purrleased you agreed to come by and have a meow with me.

Leo: Hey, Hi Savannah!! Wow I feel so honored to be included in your rescue cats talking thing! ‘Cause I’m a rescue and I am talking!! Whew!!
Star: Hello Savannah. I’m glad to be here, even though my story is not what you’re looking for.

Savannah:  OMC! Star!! (Savvy gives Star a soft paw pat)…I know a bit about you and you are “spot on” for what I am trying to do!!!

Can you meow a bit about your life before you found Mommy Andrea and Daddy for your furrever home???

LeoOk…Savvy…let me start…ahem…In October, 2011, I was out in the cold with my mom and five sisters.
It was AWFUL!  We didn’t know where we were going to eat or live or even IF we were going to live!

…My Mom…

Leos Mom

Then this one lady started to feed us regularly and we got into her garage.  That was a little warmer, but still outside in October!  This lady knew another lady, Miss Chrystal, who rescues kitties and she came over to see us.

Well, when we first met her, we HATED her!  She tried to capture us!  On her first try, all she got was me and my sister Glitter.  We hissed at her like mad, but all she did was feed us.  What’s with that???  Eventually she got all six of us, and our mom, who was TNRed because she HATED people, but is being cared for still.

…me and my sisters…

leo trixie1b

Anyway, we grew up in Chrystal’s office for a long time.  Then she moved us over to the cat house.  But I didn’t do well there so she put me and one sister back in the office.  My other sisters didn’t have a problem with the cat house, so Chrystal finally decided that it wasn’t fair to take them out of it when I was the scaredy cat.  But I kinda got over it and settled in to wait for my forever home.

And wow, it took a long time!  My sister Tuxie/Trixie got adopted, but the rest of us…nothing.  Until I turned nine months old!  Then my furrever Mommy couldn’t take it anymore and talked my daddy into the eight hour drive to meet Miss Chrystal so she could adopt me!  You see, my Mom started watching Miss Chrystal’s blog just before I was rescued, and she fell in love with my face *blush* cause she loves grey kitties and because I had a great name that was really meaningful for Mommy.  I’m two years old now, so I’ve been in my forever home over a year and a half!

…Leo’s baby pic…

leo baby7b

Star:  My story is a little different.  I was saved just BEFORE I was made homeless.  I had a home.  I had a sister kitty.  I had a family.  But that family broke apart.  All that was left was the man and he was going to put me, my sister, and our kittens outside.  Just…ahem…dump us out before he moved.

Savvy, can you believe that?!

Savannah:   Seriously???!!  (raises paws to mouth in shock) Of course that is hard to believe …sigh…

Star:  I just don’t know Savvy…(shakes head)…My sister and I had kittens because a mancat broke into the house through a screen window.  I still have scars on my neck from that eventful day.

The man put up a sign for free kittens and my ‘now’ Mom saw it.  She saw a little pretty grey kitty sitting on the front porch, facing away from the house, meowing over and over.  She thought, “Wow! I want that kitten!”

She went to see if anyone was home.  Nope. She tried several times—until one day, the man was there, throwing his wife’s furniture out the front door.  My mom asked if that grey kitten was still there and still looking for a home.  He said he didn’t have “no grey kittens”—that’s the Mom cat!—then he said “But you can have her because I’m just going to let her out when I am done moving.”

Again, can you believe that?!

Savannah:  Yes, Star…(Savvy reaches over and hold Star’s paw)…of course I believe you…and they are the ones who lost…Go on…meow some more when you are ready…(Savvy purrrrrrrs softly for Star)

Star:  So Mom took me right that minute, no carrier, nothing ready at home, and three other kitties at home who were NOT expecting company!  She looked over her shoulder and asked what my name was.  “Star” he said.  Then he shut the door.  I was two years old then.  I’m thirteen now.

…Star having an upside down moment…

star upside down

And I’m happy that I was saved from being tossed aside like an old shoe.  I quickly let the other cats know that I was top cat.  They accepted it.  I was not going to be in the position of getting attacked again, and that’s that!

And I’m happy that I was saved from being tossed aside like an old shoe.  I also have a fused bone or two in the end of my tail.  It looks like someone slammed it in a door.  When I was new here, I would spin in circles; like something was wrong.  They thought it was my leg but nothing was wrong with my leg.  By the time anyone realized it was my tail, it was already fused.

Savannah:  If it is not too hard, can you meow some more about some of the toughest things you had to learn or overcome so you could trust Miss Andrea?

 Star:   I was already used to humans.  But I still hid under the couch for days. Once my Mom got me out from under there, she put me in the cat room and spent time with me, petting me and showing me that I could trust her.  I don’t know what caused it, but I cannot be picked up.  If my mom tries to pick me up, I splay out all my claws and flail for maximum scratches.  With my Dad, I protest, but I don’t splay out my claws.

Only on occasion, with recent arthritis, have I let Mom pick me up to the bathroom counter to drink from my special glass without attempting to rip her arm apart.

star early

Leo:  Well, I had issues…still do, I guess.  At first, I couldn’t be out of the cat room without knowing where my new Mommy was.  I’d call her if I couldn’t see her and she’d answer me and I’d come running!  Just knowing that she was always going to be there helped me stop being scared of not having her in sight.

I was scared of lots of stuff.  TV was a big one!  I had never seen one before!  The first time it got turned on, I crouched down low and slunk out of the room!  Mommy thought it was funny, but she showed me that the talking box was ok by holding me and petting me when she turned it on.  And she always made sure the volume was down when she shut if off so next time she turned it on, it wouldn’t be a big loud noise!

I do not like belly rubs!  Not at all!  Sometimes I try to bite Mommy because she says my tummy is irresistible.  Daddy and she are trying to teach me that it’s ok by catching me when I’m sleeping or just about asleep.  I’m almost always sleeping on my back so they lightly touch my tummy and rub it.  It might actually be working because they, I mean mostly Daddy, can rub my belly for quite a while now before I wake up.  Mommy can pick me up, but I don’t like to stay there if it’s not my idea

I guess I still have feral issues…but Mommy and Daddy are patient.

Leo sleepyhandsomeboy

Savannah:  You have both had many challenges—and Leo you were less than a year old, but you already had memories of bad times that you are still trying to manage.  And my gurl furriend Star, you had kittens when you were so young and then you were tossed aside…I am so sorry.

If you can, meow a bit about some of the ways you both worked with Mommy and Daddy to try to overcome your issues or challenges so you could show them more and more of your REAL SELF?

Star:   Eleven years ago, Mom didn’t really know anything about introducing cats to each other or integrating different personalities.  She’d always just kind of brought in the new kitty and let them work it out.  But with me, she did have to win my trust first, so she used the separate kitty room.  I could see the other kitties; we got to know each other through the door.

Leo: Mommy had been reading cat blogs for a while before she got me.  So she kinda had an idea of how to introduce me and Star.  Still…it didn’t really work because my biggest problem here…’IS’ Star! (Leo looks over at Star nervously)

She hates me!  Mommy separates us at night now.  It keeps us from fighting and keeps me from jumping in the middle of her back while she’s sleeping when Star chases me back to the bedroom.

I admit it, I am a scaredy cat.  The doorbell scares me.  Visitors scare me (even the loud girl who lives here when she’s in town scares me!) But Mommy and Daddy have patience with me; they make sure I can get away from the door and visitors and the girl.  If they think it will still be too much, they block off the upstairs so I KNOW no one can get to me and I don’t have to go near them.

…this is me hugging Mommy’s shoulder…sigh…

Leo Scarf

Savannah:  Do you show your REAL SELF now?

Star:  I don’t think “I” have any challenges now, other than having to deal with the barbarian…”Leo” I mean.  I think I  totally express my REAL SELF, and if “certain cats” don’t like it…well he can lump it!

Leo: My biggest problem in showing my REAL SELF is…”No, no…I  can’t say it…she’ll kill me..!!!

Star: “Oh say it you baby!”

Leo: “It’s Star!”  She scares me!  She chases me and tries to whap me!  Ok, so sometimes when I know she doesn’t see me, I will quietly poke her in the butt…but come on!  She wants to have me and her kibble too!

…”sigh” That’s my biggest issue…and the “scared of new people” thing.  Mommy and Daddy are always trying to figure out how to get us to tolerate each other and get along.  Mommy says she’s given up on her dream of having two grey kitties snuggled up together…so, so not gonna happen, nope.  Not unless “you know who” suddenly chills out…(Leo points his paw toward Star)

Star: “Right–Never!  They protect me too, from your sneak butt attacks!”

Leo:  “Well…I wanna play!”

Star: “Haaruumpfff…”

Savannah:  Awwww…you two!!  Come on…I know you are starting to play a bit together, right?

Anyways…just one last question, can you offer any advice to our readers to help them support their adult rescue cat, or one they may be thinking  about bringing into their home, through its recovery process?

Star:   Don’t just dump them into the general population!  Even if there aren’t other cats, give them a safe, smallish place to claim at first.

Leo: Be patient!  Sometimes it takes a long time for a kitty to come out of its shell.  Sometimes he needs someone on his side, be “that” someone.  Love your new buddy, even if he or she may not be very lovable… while he or she is settling into his or her new home.  Ya’ gotta give them time to blossom!

Savannah:   Oh My Cat!!! You two have such incredible stories; you make really good points about the joy, as well as challenges,  introducing the new feline.  Any last thought or words of wisdom you want to meow about?

Leo:  I got a last thought!…wait for it, wait for itOK..HERE IT IS

Three, count them THREE, of my sisters got adopted!! They got forever homes just before Christmas! How totally awesome is that?!?!  Woo Hoo!!!  That means only my sister Spritz is still in the cat house waiting on her forever family.  Spritz is sweet, a bit shy, she needs a family to give her time to show how great she can be!

There are lots of younger kittens there now.  They all need homes, so please, please look at them, share their story and help find perfect homes…just like the one I got!  Then they’ll be as lucky as me…and Princess Hissy Face.  Thank you!!  Click here to visit Miss Chrystal of “Dogs and Cats blog and Winnie’s Wish”.

Star: “Oh yeah, like begging is the way to go…”

Leo:  “How would you get people to look at the adoptable kitties, Miss Star???”

Star:  Like this—“Alright! Listen up, you human people! There are kitties over there in need!  YOU can do something about it! YOU NEED to do something about it!  No one should be homeless!

Leo: Thank you, Savannah, for letting us tell our stories!

Star: Yes, thank you.  We love you, Savvy!

Savannah: Oh Cat! You two are the best to come by and spend so much time with me.  And Star, your rescue story is really impawtant and I am so purrleased you agreed to join Leo in this meow session with me!

(Savvy reaches over and gives Star a reassuring little paw hug)

That’s my first 2013 Life Changing Interviews with Savannah: Real Rescue Cats Are Talking.  And I think Leo and Star got us off to a great start!!

One more round of APAWS!!!

Now I have an URGENT request…I will not be able to continue this series for Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking after January.  I do not have any other dogs who have stepped forward to woof to me that they want to share their rescue story.  I was kind’a hoping I could do 7 more dogs and cats so I would have 12 of each.

Mom and I want to make a booklet from a year of interviews and then donate it to shelters to hand out to families adopting adult cats and dogs.

I have lots of cats that I will continue to interview, but if you know of any dog out there who will woof with me…please send them my way.  It makes me sad to think I can’t meow with the dogs to share their stories too.

Another reminder—don’t forget to hop over to Sammy’s today…it’s his 13th birthday pawty!!

And finally…purrlease stop by my blog again on January 3rd for my first GOTCHA DAY pawty…Mom said I could do a commentathon…$.50 for each comment will be donated to Contra Costa Humane Society (they run my former cat shelter) for their vet care budget for adult dogs and cats they rescue from the local county kill shelter.  So make Mom write a great big check!

Paw pats, Savannah


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65 thoughts on “Reals Rescue Cats Are Talking…

  1. Loved the interview and the pictures… I was in Awww constantly 🙂

  2. Hey Savvy, your BCFF here. Hi Miss Linda.

    Oh what stories Leo and Star shared. Savannah, as always, you touch our hearts with your kind, meaningful and insightful interviewing style. Thank you for continuing your series and we will get the word out, too… about needing K9 subjects… starting TODAY!

    Sending Jetty kisses and JJ hugs…

    PEESSS… we now have in writing that Miss Linda is committed to a book!!! We’re doing the happy dance!!! 🙂

  3. We loved reading about our friends Star and Leo! It is so sad that Star’s former human was going to throw her out on the street!! How could anybody do that?! And poor Leo… But we are glad that they both found a great forever home with such a loving mommy.

    We don’t know any rescue doggies, but we will keep our eyes out. We is rescue kitties. We think the little booklet is such a great idea! 🙂

    Carmine and Milita

  4. Katie Isabella on said:

    I loved reading every word. Mommy did too and she said she wishes she had a gazillion dollars to save every kitty ever born.

    • Hi Katie Isabella! I am so glad you looked back to ready this post. I think Star’s experience was so unreal (VBP) and now the challenge of getting Star and Leo comfy with each other is another different perspective (VBP) of adult cat rescue for sure. But Miss Andrea and their Dad are working it really well. Glad you could come, paw pats, Savannah

  5. what an interesting sad happy interview

  6. Chancy and Mumsy (Mag) on said:

    Another fantastic interview sweet Savannah. We were both sad and happy as we read. We love Star and Leo and their blog. Thank you for interviewing them, we learned a bit more than we already knew about them. Hugs and nose kisses

  7. mollieandalfie on said:

    Savvy Doll…Humom has sent your Mom an email..You are not allowed to see it though 🙂 xxxx000xxx Your Alf xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • ok, Mom hid it from me…thank you Alfie. You know you and Archie are my two bestest ever mancat furriends and of course, Spitty is my bestest mancat furriend in SF bay area. I am such a lucky gurl cat to have furriends like you guys! purrrs, Savannah

  8. What inspiring stories. We are all leaky eyed here after reading them. Tuiren checked with the Mom and Mom said Tuiren can do an interview with you. Do you know Khyra? (

    Not only does Khyra have her own amazing rescue story but her Mommy does transports so other doggies can get to their homes. ~Socks, Scylla, Fenris & Tuiren

    • Hi Scylla!! Paw waves to Socks, Fenris and Tuiren. ANd yes, we know Khyra pretty well but she has never offered to do the interview. I will contact her today. We have talked dog/cat transport as Mom Linda wants to do it here in our area and she can’t find anyone to hook up with. Anyway, I know she does the transport, but the paw bloggers won’t know the dogs…hmmmm….maybe that doesn’t matter? I will get Khyra’s Mommmy and ask. Thanks so much for the heads up on Khyra, I thought she was not a rescue to be honest. I will send Tuiren the questions, I may have Feb done so this would not be until March, is that OK??

  9. Another fab interview! I hpope that some dogs step forward for you!

  10. Another fabulous interview! We’d type more but Mommy is one-handed cos May Ling is sqashin’ her!!!!

  11. WOW! Thank you, Savannah, for interviewing these two amazing kitties! I have been following them for a long time now and I think they are both awesome, even if they don’t think that about each other! And I do have to give their human some props for being such a big supporter of Chrystal – she really acts on her ideas and has come up with creative ways to help.

  12. spittythekitty on said:

    Oh Gosh, Savannah, this was a PAWSOME article! We loved reading more about some of our very favorite kittehs, Star and That Barbarian. Ha ha ha! Star is SUCH a wonderful LadyCat….I lubs her. If I lived there I would totally help her keep The Barbarian in his place, too. (Star, darling, are you reading this???)
    I hope you finds some more woofies, Savvy darling!

    • hey Spitty!! Me too! those doggies are just not very brave to step up and woo woo and woof woof about their stories…but Rumpy helped me get to some Twitter furriends so maybe I might have one more…we will see…and yes, I luvluvluv Miss Star…but, sorry SPitster…Leo is very cute!!1

  13. Whoa! I knew Leo’s story but never never about Star. How peeps can dump their cats is beyond me and it shouldn’t be. Look at how they treat each other. Happy New Year to you and yours, Savvy.

    • Hi CK, thanks so much for stopping by. I was shocked about Star. Andrea thought Leo’s story was more what I was looking for…not sure I even “know” what I am looking for…but Star’s rescue was a miracle! The attack on her and her sister inside a house from a male cat with not one human protecting them was unconscionable! (VBP)

  14. catfromhell on said:

    Me knows Leo and Star and me knows they has relationship issues. me has issues with Kozmo, but sometimes me gets along with him, purrticularly when me has been taking my calming treats regularly. Me lives hearing the stories, me hopes yous can gets some more dogs. Mommy and Daddy always had rescue doggies until they gots Bob and Cinnamon.
    me is so looking forward to the pawty!

    • thank you so much Nellie!! And my pawty is shaping up nicely thanks to you! What a SFGF (special feline gurl furriend) you are!! And I hope that Leo and Star can make a life together cuz it would make Mom Andrea sooooo happy! oh yeah….ummmm…what calming treats???…I may need some…we are trying Spirit of Essence…I am still so scared of most people, and my Dad feels so badly he is the cause sometimes…sniff, sniff

  15. Thank you for this, Savvy! We are huge fans of Ms. Chrystal and know that Andrea does amazing work to help her too.

    Regarding your plea about dog stories, we unfortunately do not have any to share with you at this time, but if you might, just once, consider including a very large horse, our Violette has a pretty amazing story to tell, regarding how she became part of the Poupounette Gang last year.

    Respectful Purrs,
    The Chans of the Poupounette

    • Wowie Zowie!! Bring on Miss Violette!! You can see the questions I ask. I always adjust them a bitty bit once my interviewee completed their answers…just to make my question really ‘fit’ their story. If you tell me your email I can send you the questions and we can meow and neigh after that…’Kay?? email msdotsavannahcoolcat at gmail dot com

  16. Oh Savvy! We’re so happy seeing our story here on your blog! We just wanna say thank you thank you thank you for posting it, and for your whole series! It’s so awesome! Just like you!

    Buddy bumps and purrs, Star and Leo
    And Andrea too!

    • squeeeee!!! You came! You came!! I was worried you were out of town and did not see it! I think there will be more comments tomorrow ‘cuz lots of furriend’s huFamily are out and about today. I think it came out really great! You were so easy to work with, well, except maybe for the teeny bit of squabbling at the very end…but no matter…the result is impawtant!! Paw pats and warm soft head bonks, Savvy

  17. Great (but sad) interview Savvy!
    I hope you manage to get some doggies to interview too!

    • thank woo for coming by Misaki and yes it was sad especially what happened to Star, but they are in a warm loving home now and safe. If you know any dogs you follow or who follow you who are adult rescues, purrlease let me know and I will ask them.

  18. Another great interview! You’re doing a lot of good helping us rescued pups and kitcats tell our stories!
    Happy New Year, Sav!
    Play bows,

    • Hiya Zim!! You already got my happy happy honorary birthday wishes, but here…toss…you can have them all over again. BTW that snow fort is the best I have ever seen! Such Talent!! ANd I hope we make a difference somewhere doing the interviews, even if for only one dog or cat. Errrrr….ummmm…Zim, do you or Dave happen to know any other dogs, don’t have to be Sibes, who were adult rescues that would do the same kind of interview you did? I can’t get any others. Rumpy put it out on Twitter for me and I have had only a couple of possible interests there…otherwise I will end the Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking and just do the Real Rescue Cats Are Talking…bummer

  19. what a wonderful interview…..we love Star & Leo and think it is great that you are getting their rescue story out there.

    • oh why thank you! Their story is so purrfect cuz it is actually TWO stories, one about a feral cat, Leo and the other about an adult rescue cat, Star. AND THIRD…BONUS!!…a story about the sometime challenges of getting an older, resident cat to accept the new cat…that story is ongoing

  20. Pawsum bloggie Savannah!!! Me finkz dat leo iz pretty darn handsum n Star iz lubly too!!! You two sound like an old married Hu’Man couple, yow, yow!!!!
    Leo don’t preshurre yerself; you will gain trust az you feel more comfy wif da Hu’manz n da other kittehz, yez eben Star!!!
    Star be patient wif da leo…he haz sum truuble bein trustin’…he will grow into hiz fur in time 😉
    You both hab brave storiez n me iz grateful you shared dem wif all of us!
    Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen.

  21. It’s very nice to meet Leo and Star. I am happy they are living the good life now. I wish all kitties and doggies were.

    Happy New Year! Eat more cookies!

  22. That is such a lovely Post and I’m so glad that Star & Leo have found such a loving hom … thank you for sharing xxx’s with love

  23. Star and Leo are gorgeous :-). Thanks for sharing their stories xxx

    • hi guys!! I know you know them ‘cuz we all bought Winnie’s Wish Xmas balls…and YOU gave me my own personalized set!! I was purrleased to be able to share their whole story. Paws crossed this is the year Mom makes it to England to see her friend in Birmingham area…their address just says “Ullenhall, Warwickshire”..hugs, Savvy

  24. Another beautiful rescue story! Thanks to Star and Leo for sharing! I love reading their blog, too and it is impawtant to know their story. Thanks to their human, Ms. Andrea. And thank you, Savvy, for being the medium!

  25. We LOVE Star and Leo!! We have a pushy broad for a sister too but she is getting a bit more mellow with age.(whispers so SHE can’t hear)…so Leo..we reckon that time will help you.
    All we rescue cats have lots in common don’t we,but it’s cool to know that we are not the only ones…and that things DO get better.
    The Maple Syrup Mob

  26. Another great interview Savannah! Thanks for introducing us to some new kitteh furiends!


    • Hey RA! They are quite the pair for sure. Star wants to make sure she is always safe and in charge and Leo wants someone to play with and snuggle with, hope they get that all sorted out! Keep your Pops warm, I bet it is cold where you are!

  27. great interview xxx beautiful forever home for Leo and Star xxx
    Cat xx

  28. We love Star and Leo and I am so glad they ended up right where they belong. Such a touching interview Savannah.

  29. Great interview…I was sad and I must smile at the same time… Thanks, Savvy!!! It’s so sad that the man dumped the cats out before he moved… Some people have no conscience…. but I’m glad this wonderful kitties found a new home…

    • That was hard to write about Easy. I worried about what ever happened to sweet Star’s sister…leaky eyes here

      • sometimes I can’t believe what humans are doing with animals… some people have no heart. But I’m glad, other people save animals, pay for their vet bills, give them a home and a lot of love… wish much more people would do this ;o)

        • Feel the same way Easy! Leo’s story was that of feral kittens, but Star was that of human neglect and abuse! Just thinking about how a male cat got in and got to her and her sister in such a vicious attack, inside a house, and no human to the rescue!!! Shocked me and Mom! And then they just dumped her. We hope those people get all that bad Karma right back on them…shaking head

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