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Thankfully, Another VBP Blog Hop Starts!


This is another Vocab Building Project Blog Hop start…remember…you have until end of day on Wed next week to link one of your posts to this hop…you can even do just like me…I am linking to our VBP Hop AND doing the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop…(whispers behind paw to Mom…”this will work, right????”…Mom: “shhhh…Savvy…I hope so….shhhh)


My thankfulness today is focused on something Mom read to me this morning in our San Francisco Chronicle news paper…yes, Mom still reads the paper version…(ttthhhhppptttt Dad!!…he does his paper electronically now…harruummppfff)

Anywho, a city near us, Berkeley, CA, USA…home to the University of California, Berkeley campus from whencepaw Mom graduated with her degree in Latin American History and Studies…this city has just opened a fantabulous paw new no kill animal shelter.

Click here to read this story…the cats and dogs are going to be living the good life here…and so much attention has been paid to creating a healthy living environment in attempt to diminishpaw typical kennel ailments such as kennel cough, ring worm, noise aggravation, etc.  Pawsome Facility!

berkeley animal shelter 1

…such community support…and a couple of city council women who saw this project through, and for one of them, it was completed after her death and the other…she is a young 94 years old!!

I could show you lots of photos of the animals who will be saved…oh heck…why not…here are just a few from their Face Book page…

cat3 dog 1 kitty 1 dog 2

I cannot align them properly, thank you WP.

Please consider joining our very fun VBP Blog Hop…you can find the Protocols/how to…in my VBP Page at the top above my header, or you can click here for our launch last week…we are so appreciative to have many of you join us…we hope you will all give it a try…


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35 thoughts on “Thankfully, Another VBP Blog Hop Starts!

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  2. Wow what a pawsum Shelter fer da homless 4 leggedz!!! N da Hu’man who got it started waz 94???? Mousiez me can see me Mum bein like dat when she iz another bazillion yearz older den she iz now!!!!!

    • well the two ladies were much younger, the 94 year old was probably 74…it took a long long time…but this city animal shelter is a real model for the world!

      • It iz sumfing!! Mum waz readin the article n it soundz so different (VBP) from the cramped & stinky Shelter me waz in yearz ago!!!
        Many of the 4 leggeds get sick wif all sortz cause the venteelashun iz poor but da City won’t upgrade (VBP) it!!!! GGRRRR!!!

  3. So happy to find all of you and join in on the fun! Wonderful shelter there….hope some of our Padsworth Project buddies will contribute some beds or blankies to that one, for sure!!
    Blowing kisses!

  4. That looks like a pawesome shelter. We hope it saves lots of cats and dogs so they can find loving forever homes.

  5. spittythekitty on said:

    Savannah, my darling, I am horribly sorry to have been such a complete FAIL this week at the VBP. The Human has been sadly distracted by her j-o-b–exams and grading. We swear to do MUCH better this coming week! XOXOXO

  6. What a pwasome new No-kill shelter !
    Thank´s for showing it !

  7. That sounds like one of those country club prisons. MOL! Gotta read the article to find out the capacity. BTW, when I click on the VBP badge it just brings me back to this blog and when I click on the other badge, I get a page with the picture of the badge. Sorry about that, Savvy.

  8. That new shelter looks and sounds like a wonderful place.

    • I sure think so, the individual ‘enclosures’ for dogs and cats are plexiglass, with their own air filters etc so they have diminished the re circulation of ring worm spores, URI, kennel cough and other infectious problems

  9. Love it when animals get help, that looks like a great shelter!

  10. Wow, sounds like an awesome place!

  11. wonderful place there Savvy so nice to see,xx Speedy

  12. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    meowloz savannah N what a wunder full shelter for all de kittehs N pups !!! even better, hope full lee everee one will finds ther new for evers home 🙂 !!

  13. Wonderful, marvelous, fabulous. Just love what these people are doing!

  14. Sparkle on said:

    Wow, this is an awesome move in Berkeley! I wish Los Angeles was so forward thinking!

    • awwww… you know Sparkle, not to rub it in, but this is why Mom was so eager to move back her home area, she grew up in Santa Cruz, went to CAL, then back to work at UCSC, and we love being back from 20 years in So Cal in Redlands…up here the attitude is just different regards to environment and animals, etc….in Our Humble Opinion…

  15. What great news! A no-kill shelter is a WONDERFUL shelter! They obviously truly get the meanin’ of the word shelter, you know? Yoo-hoo! YOO-HOO!!!


  16. catfromhell on said:

    LOVED your post today! Me had to gets up early to do mine becase Mommy went to bed early last night! Me is ssssooooooooo far beind in visiting….

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