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Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat

Caturday Pay Off…


Well all that waiting and waiting paid off…first I waited on our bed…


…then I waited on our guest bed…well, ahem, koff, koff…my “other” bed…


…then I waited on our couch…


…next I went back upstairs and waited in our bathroom…


…my next brainstorm was to wait on the stairs…how could they possibly get passed me if I wait on the stairs???

after stair play

…finally I decided to just wait and wait and wait on the chair in our office…you see they have to come in either through the garage which means they have to walk through Mom’s and my office where the chair is…OR…they have to come through the front door…which is in good view from the window above my chair outpost…


And the waiting finally paid off…we had a pawsome Caturday in bed…me Mom and Dad…just like it is supposed to be.  They have promised to stay home for a while now…whew!


Maybe Mom and I can catch up better with all of  you after she unpacks and washed all their peep clothes…and for sure tomorrow we will get around to everyone we can.

Paw pats and much appreciation for your patience and for coming around to visit me whilst Mom and Dad were away, Savannah

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26 thoughts on “Caturday Pay Off…

  1. I’m glad they are home safe!

  2. Beautiful pictures x

  3. mollieandalfie on said:

    All that waiting paid off Savvy 🙂 Just love all those photo’s of you, beautiful xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. Yay! Glad they made it back home to you Savannah, you are very patient.

  5. Pawsum newz!! Me n Mum iz hopin dat yer Hu’manz stay home wif you for a bery long time n pampurr you fer bein so guud!!! You iz leanin to be payshunt n diz iz guud also!!!
    Paw Patz frum Nylablue xo
    Oh & me Mum too!!

  6. You were very patient with them, sweet Savannah! So glad they’re back, and I hope they spoil you rotten now!

  7. So glad they are home for you Savannah xxx’s

  8. Yay, glad they’re home. Isn’t waiting the worst, I’m waiting for daddy to get back:-(

  9. HURRAH!!!!! Savvy, we notice you have the house all scoped out and know just the best places to watch for your peeps…that’s TRUE LOVE!

  10. It’s about time your humans came home! My human’s boyfriend comes home from his tour on Monday. THAT I am not all that thrilled about. It means I will be seeing LOTS more of the dog. Bleagh.

  11. glad your peeps are home and everything is back to normal,xx Speedy

  12. You really are patient and such experts at waiting. Good job.

  13. Hey Savannah, Glad everything is back to normal now! Happy Saturday!!

  14. catfromhell on said:

    Waiting and waiting and waiting, us cats is good at that, and yous my dear does it pawsomely well!

  15. I’m glad you found the right spot, Savvy, to wait. And, it did the trick!! I know you were sooooo happy to see them.

  16. Good things come to cats that wait. Enjoy Caturday, Savannah

  17. You are a very patient kitty! Seems like you found some great sun puddles along the way!

  18. Turned into a purrrrrrrrrrrfect day after all. 🙂 Paulette

  19. Katie Isabella on said:

    Seeing your adorable self waiting just melted MY mommy’s heart.

  20. Whenever we wait,we sleep…it goes quicker. Hope the peeps were remorseful at leaving you behind.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob

  21. do you have a place in your tent for me too ? it’s sooooo cold here – even my tailmometer is frozen :o) have a fabulous caturday ;o)

  22. Waiting is an art form that you have purrfected, Savvy xx

  23. Looks like you have lots of vantage points to watch for those humans! I know you’ll enjoy cuddling with them.
    Love, Sundae

  24. That was some seriously strategic and concentrated waiting, Savy! So glad it paid off.

    Have a great weekend.
    The Chans

  25. Whew! I’m happy all that waiting paid off and things can go back to normal. Waiting is boring…

    Love and licks,

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