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We Have Lost Mama Cat

If you don’t know yet, The Cult of Otis has lost Mama Cat to The Bridge. Please let them know you are with them in this trying time…so soon after losing precious Otis.

The Blog of Otis

Disciples of Otis,

My name is Kevin. My wife Julie and I are the Guardians that, until today, have chosen to remain in the background of The Cult of Otis. I can’t do that today though. Not after what has happened. I cannot write a story through this pain.

Yesterday morning, Julie was sitting on the couch and Mama Cat was resting next to her. Suddenly, Mama Cat began to show signs of discomfort and distress. We rushed her to our veterinarian and then received a steady stream of bad news all day as the results of blood work, x-rays and other diagnostics came in.  Mama Cat was dying.

A day that started like any other ended with us having to say our final goodbyes to Mama Cat, and that day came before our tears for Otis have even had a chance to stop, let alone dry. We are both…

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20 thoughts on “We Have Lost Mama Cat

  1. Susan M on said:

    Thank you, Miss Savannah, for re-posting this. I loved Mama Cat and was so happy that she had found love and care.

  2. mollieandalfie on said:

    We are so sorry to hear this sad news Savvy xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. I have visited with my purrs of condolence. I am very sad.

    • We are still crying for Mama Cat today; we just loved her. We had been preparing for Leader Otis’s journey to The Bridge and were still so very sad when he had to leave. But we had hopes for Mama Cat to have more years and instead she got 5 months…but months filled with loving care and kindness…her Miracle came at the ending of her life…she ‘was’ the miracle

  4. This is very sad news,xx Speedy

  5. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    The loss of Mama Cat is like a punch in the stomach. I’m so thankful she spent her last 5 months knowing what it’s like to be love and protected. I’m praying for Julie and Kevin along with Brother’s Oliver and Henry plus the sweet Sir Thomas. Thank you for re-posting the news. (((Hugs)))

  6. I’m so sorry to hear this. That’s heartbreaking 😦

  7. Me and mom where sad when we saw it on FB 😦

  8. typingthru the tears…hav not even read the blog…my hear tis breaking for them all…oh G-d how are we gonna get thru this???

    • I think we will not see their blog again for a very long while if ever. Their world has been rocked

      • Yow Savannah n Miss Linda n Mistur agreez wif ya!!! We did go over n left a meesage. Mum got so-o upset she went into bathroom n she threw up!!!!!! She waz DAT upset!!! Me finkz she iz wurried dat me tern iz comin soon…pawfull thought…me iz holdin on…da FHV iz bad diz time…
        Butt diz iz bout Momma Kat n da Guardianz….we wishez we cuud call dem on da phone!! Miss Rachel, Speedy Bunneh’z Mum called US frum UK today n we had a chat bout eberyfing…amazin all da LUB in diz bloggie place!!!
        *sighz* it iz a sad time izn’t it Aunti Linda n me Savvy Sisfuur??
        Much Lub Nylablue n Mum too xoxo

        • We are all still very sad and depressed here too. Dad just cried and cried along with Mom. Mama Cat was just that special to us all and she had finally been brought into The Promised Land. You hang tight Nylablue…you have been fighting hard and getting better. paw hugs, Savvy

          • Yow Savannah we still iz leeky eyed n subdued here too..Momma Kat got to bee in da Purromised Land wif da Guardianz n now diz happenz…we iz so so sad….ya nose da entire bloggie werld iz hertin together…
            We must carry on da message on dat Leader Otis tot….we are his legasee…me care fer Midnite Milo in honor of Leader Otis n Momma Kat…
            Me holdin on…
            Lub Nylablue xxx

  9. We didn’t know Otis, but have jumped over to his blog to leave our condolences for Mama Cat. This looks like a great blog, and we are very sad that we never had the opportunity to know either of the kitties. Thanks for sharing. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • one of the singularly best written, and most creative blogs I read. They can create a story from almost any photo…amazes me that they have never won writing awards. They are so humble and focus on what is important to them…promoting the need for all cats, everywhere, to live either safely inside or within a safe indoor/outdoor enclosure…always, always under supervision if ever outside. Doesn’t matter if one agreed with that philosophy, it is theirs and they live by it. I believe that Kevin in a naturalist biologist or something like that works for a well known animal and wildlife rescue and Julie I think teaches. Mama Cat was recently brought into their home after living all her life mostly outside; their neighbor did not allow either of their cats, Mama Cat was one, inside hardly at all. Rain or cold…she was only 14, but at least in her last months she was safe inside and so loved. We loved Mama Cat in our home, she was such a marvelous jumper! Her Flying Squirrel Move was never beaten! And she taught all the Cult of Otis and readers like Savannah how to be sure to always, always catch whatever was on the end of the wand toy…”watch” “anticipate” “act” and show a proper “kill face”. Savannah studied her every move. You must read some of their blog posts; just “search” using Mama Cat and you will see many incredible photos of her in action. Sorry to go on so, losing Leader Otis was devastating but anticipated for months; Mama Cat was shocking and only one month after losing Leader Otis

  10. We will go right over. I am just so sad.

  11. This just breaks our hearts.

  12. We went to visit, thanks for telling us.

  13. Oh no, that is so sad, my heart is with them

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