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Did She Ever Know She Was My Hero?


I did not know Sparkle when I first started to write about my life after being rescued as an adult former shelter cat.  But when I found her…I knew I had found a spokescat who lived her life to insure all rescue cats would be given their voice to tell their stories and that all cats everywhere would have their very own special day.

…all of Blogville has lost a hero today.  No other ladycat would ever dream of commanding that there be a ‘Cat World Domination Day’…only Sparkle had the catitude to assign a day…no, let me rephrase…’demand’ a day that allowed all cats to hold the whole world in our paws…



and again in 2014…

CatWorldDomination2014 sidebar

Sparkle made that happen…and she is indeed my hero…and my coach…my confidante…and my friend.  Sparkle left us today…her body could no longer keep her here, with all of us…but her spirit…it is ‘here’…*taps paws to heart*…and will live with me and The Kid Sage and with all other cats as long as we keep passing her memory forward.

I am Pawing It Forward with my REAL SELF to insure that Sparkle is never far away from the work I will continue to do and the changes I will continue to make in becoming as confidant and well spoken as my hero Sparkle.

Thank You Ceiling Cat for Giving Me Sparkle as My Friend

Thank You Ceiling Cat for Giving Me Sparkle as My Friend

Paw Pats, Savannah

‘comments are off for this post’ thank you for visiting…please click HERE to visit Sparkle’s Blog and leave comforting words for her family left behind.

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