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Check The Time!! Last Votes Today at 12 Noon PDT!


SHARE with your pals to help your preferred shelter/rescue to win my Paw It Forward Donation.



I know it is hard to only vote for one, but for now, that’s what the commentathon is all about.

Remember, my purpose is to be A Former Shelter Cat Making a Difference…

Together over the next kabillion and a quarter years we will ALL work together to Paw It Forward to rescues and shelter around this earth.  YES!!!  We Can Do This!!

Do you know why I am confident we can all come together and MAKE A DIFFERENCE FAST????


Thanks my pals, many, many sincere thanks.

pizap Ms Savvy Do

Paw Pats, Savannah

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18 thoughts on “Check The Time!! Last Votes Today at 12 Noon PDT!

  1. Love the new look, Savannah! – Brother Henry

  2. We are filled with admiration for your launch, your focus and your calls to action. Savvy, you and young Sage are walking boldly into a future of rescues, and fun times. Good luck to all of the nominees, each one is worthy to be in the list.

    Harvey, Miranda and Silver

  3. kittiesblue on said:

    Hey, Mom wants to know why we weren’t listed? Didn’t we get the info to you in time? This is the link to our post from last Saturday Did it not qualify? Did we need to put the badge on it which our dummy mom didn’t? We only got 27 comments, but Mom wants to know if she sends you $13.50 if you would up your donation to $180.00. She’s copying this and sending it to you via e-mail! And we left a similar comment on your previous post. If you can’t up you donation to the $180 with Mom’s money, send us the address for the winner, and mom will send them a donation. Thanks, Kitties Blue

  4. You go girl!!!

  5. We voted, Savvy! This will a huge success! Good going!

  6. we noe de winning shelter iz gonna loves thiz savvy & sage !!! high paws & headbonkz….ouch…. two ewe both ♥ for givin up toy moneez ta due thiz !! 🙂

  7. Guess what!
    I got another comment in on time if this counts
    Great work Savannah I can’t wait to hear the final tally
    Your pal

  8. I’ve voted and looking forward to finding out the winner

  9. We iz dun votin n e=we is waitin fer da reesultz n we iz rite wif ya ‘pawin it forerd’….Ya n Aunti n Sage n unckle are DA BEST!!!
    ~~head rubz~~ n **paw kissez**
    Lub ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Mum

  10. My vote is in and counted. Your commentathon is doin’ super well!


  11. Yep Savannah weez agwee. Ifin weez all ban togedder and shawe da adoptable anipals dat each of us writes ’bout and posts on then weez kuld flood social media. Weez fink it’s a gweat tool in da battle to get evewy furry a home.

    Luv ya’


  12. Savvy, you make a big difference! You have come so far, and it makes our hearts bigger to see the way you are giving back.

  13. Savvy you ARE making a difference and have every single day that I’ve known you……just watching you become “comfortable in your furs” these past years shows you’re more than meeting your goal…..and all the help you’ve given those who need it………’s a lot of hard work my friend. We voted………

    Hugs, Sammy

  14. a babillion and a quarter? that’s more than a bazillion, right? I voted, but it was really tough…. but at the end it’s to help our friends who have no home, so they all deserve to win :o)

  15. A Kabillion and a quarter…whoa I need a catnap Savvy 😉 hugs and looking forward to the results…we already voted and it was super hard..but choice and animals is always hard..loves Miss Bev xx

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