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In the Nip of Time: A Publishing Caper


Harrummppff…is seems I ought to be able to do more than just pace the floor in my steampunk workshop, don’t you think?

My pal Nissy has his rescue story published in the new book Rescued: The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes and all the copies sold in April, 2015 will have a portion of the price donated to one of Nissy’s favorite cat rescues…Anjellicle Cat Rescue in New York City.

There just has to be a way I can help him make his April copies be so special and intriguing that no one, whether cats, dogs, or humans, can pass up buying a kabillion copies.

Maybe if I stop pacing and sit in front of my invention chemicals I will get a great big old brainstorm! Oh my cat! *slaps paw to forehead* how could I have forgotten? I’ll put on my Big Furry Bright Idea helmet! It never fails to get my lightning fast mind moving at blistering speed.

savvy eureka 02 final final

I knew if I could only stop and think I would have a brilliant idea!! Yes, get Rescued published during the month of April on paper made from CATNIP!!!

*clapping paws together*

Nissy is gonna totally luvluvluv this idea. First though, I had best make sure I can create paper made from catnip and then I need to devise a proper manufacturing machine to make the paper.

Alrighty then, let’s crank this baby up and see what it can do. Hope it can at least produce paper.

Now let me see…*clink, tink*…there. That should do it. I needed to adjust the production equipment to take thicker paper. I know the Necata Paparus will be thicker ‘cuz of the teeny chunks of catnip in it.

*whirr, bzzzzz, zap!*

final necata paparus

Whoa, look at that paper come flyin’ out of that machine. Now I simply MUST get Silver a message. Let’s see, where did I put that toaster message sender??? Oh, here it is. I am gonna need Silver’s skills at computers and whatnot and he needs to broach the subject with Nissy.

toaster msg FINAL

I don’t have time to explain all this to Nissy because he just gets too excited anytime, anywhere the ‘nip’ is mentioned. I need to spend my time producing more sheets of this Necata Paparus.


Message From Silver: A-OK. I am on it!!

Hey! That was fast. Silver must have been sitting on his toaster keeping his butt warm or something.

Great Silver, I am purring like crazy you like my idea to sell more copies of Rescued in April for Nissy and Anjellicle Cats Rescue. Pawsome!

*mumbles to herself* I sure do hope Silver can keep Nissy calm enough to explain the whole idea before Nissy starts his droolin’ just thinking about nip. What a Nip Head he is…sigh.

Ok my sweet little machine and Necata Paparus…let’s get ready to make history with Nerissa’s April run of Rescued!

 Be sure to visit my pal SILVER, Dash Kitten, for Tuesday’s installment and the conclusion will air on our buddy Nerrisa’s blog Wednesday!!


My buddies Silver, Nerrisa and I are raffling off THREE copies of the smash hit book Rescued: The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes  to our visitors during this AdventurCat Series.

All you have to do to be entered in the drawing is leave a comment on THIS BLOG POST. You can earn MORE ENTRIES by simply visiting each of our blogs during this series and leaving a comment. We will count how many comments you left and enter your name accordingly. You may ONLY leave one comment on each episode *wink,wink*. No stacking the raffle guys…heh…heh. will select THREE winners at the end of this series. Anyone can enter; no matter where you live. See ya at the end pals!

Please remember that throughout the month of April, a portion of all sales of the book Rescued: The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes will go to the wonderful Anjellicle Cats Rescue of New York, helpin’ them to help save cats’ lives.  You can purchase your very own copy at your local book store or on Amazon by clicking right HERE.  You’ll wanna stock up for holiday gift-giving, for sure.  

 rescued collage



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72 thoughts on “In the Nip of Time: A Publishing Caper

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  3. Got behind on the story so came back to review part one before mom reads me the other two!

  4. Claudia Martin on said:

    My cats rated the paper as wowee.

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  6. We’re wondering if some nipheads won’t get so excited over nip paper they’ll shred it before the papers can be read? Just a thought.

  7. Catnip paper seems like a wonderful idea. ~Scylla

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  9. kittiesblue on said:

    We just finished reading Nissy’s story in RESCUED. We could not believe the similarities in his story and that of some of our angels siblings. Would love to win a copy to give to a friend! Savvy, your idea is absolute genius. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. Marty the Manx on said:

    Oh Savvy you CLEVER ladycat!!!! We are one of the sponsors of the book so we are soooo excited! Hope that everyone else gets themselves a copy, it is WONDERFUL!
    Marty and Mom

    • Oh…did not know the book had sponsors??? Are you ‘in’ the book Marty?? *eager ears* If you DON’T want to be in the raffle just let me know, otherwise I will enter you. Don’t forget to visit my buddies Nerissa’ Life and Silver at Dash Kitten to get two more raffle entries.

  11. Wowzer Nip paper sound great, can you work on an “e” nip paper for us bloggers?

  12. Wow Nip paper sounds Fab, can you invent an “e nip paper” for bloggers?

    • hmmmm…yes, that is a problem isn’t it. *does a bunch math calculations*…GOT IT! the e-Necata Paparus will be on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for the month of APRIL ONLY. Don’t forget to visit my buddies Nerissa’ Life and Silver at Dash Kitten to get two more raffle entries.

  13. Uh, hello… Ms. Savvy? Waffles here. I’m just wondering. Have you ever tried making CHICKEN paper? It goes really well with nip. ; )
    love, Waffles

    Super fun adventure guys!!!
    xo, Glogirly, Katie & Waffles

    • oh my! Waffles. I thought you would have heard by now. Why Ashton and I have already created the formula to make Gallus gallus chikHenpaparus. Now that we speak about this, I just realized that none of my samples I sent off to Ashton have ever returned; why do you suppose that it???

  14. Necata Papurus…mee iss so-o impressed you knowss Latin Savannah! Mee luvss that finkin cap you have there…pawsum!
    Oh mee must make sure to get LadyMum to check out Silver an nerissa bloggiess…
    Consider thiss mee commint fur entree inn thee draw 😉
    ***nose kissess*** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxxx

    • Dhartha, hi sweetie! thank you so much for coming to visit. Hope you have enjoyed the AdventurCats newest series. Don’t forget to visit my buddies Nerissa’ Life and Silver at Dash Kitten to get two more raffle entries. You are definitely in the raffle and I think I saw you were on the others too…you will have THREE raffle entries!

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  16. I’m waiting – just next to the shredder with my mouth open WIDE! Nice posting Aunty Marjorie

    • hey hey hey Pie babeee!!! Nice to see you here buddy. thanks so much for coming by. And I can see you already hangin’ around the shredder…Don’t forget to visit my buddies Nerissa’ Life and Silver at Dash Kitten to get two more raffle entries.

  17. Squirt on said:

    Can’t wait to read the book! Nip paper? Totally wowzeriffic *eyes popping at the thought of it*
    I used to know a cat who pooped in toasters, now I know he was only trying to send messages! Wonder who they were for? Mol!

    • Well, now that is very interesting. And yes…it is clear he was sending messages to someone somewhere…hmmm…but who and where? Ahhh, the mysteries…if you want to enter our give away, i will need your email or mailing address. send it to Mom L’s address at lcrodgers at sbcglobal dot net
      Don’t forget to visit my buddies Nerissa’ Life and Silver at Dash Kitten to get two more raffle entries.

  18. Such a clever steampunk girl! There’d better be a long print run as the books will literally disappear 😀

  19. The purroblem with nip paper is that all nip paper must be mine and then I will eat it. -Joey

    • Why of course Joey; I wrote that into the contract with FitCat publishing but then you MUST order your book in April for this to be binding. Don’t forget to visit my buddies Nerissa’ Life and Silver at Dash Kitten to get two more raffle entries.

  20. pilch92 on said:

    I bought the book in April so Nissy’s cause of choice gets the donation 🙂 I am rationing myself to one story a day- I hope a sequel is in the works.

  21. Nip paper? Best. Idea. EVER! Yes, indeed. That’s one we can get behind! 🙂

  22. We sure hope Nissy gets a lot of money for his shelter.

    Necata Paparus! Genius!!

  23. Linda Szymoniak on said:

    Oh, I’d love to win!

  24. Paper made of catnip? Pawsome! Only problem is the paper will get all wet from us licking it. 🙂

  25. Heh heh. Paper made of catnip. You know everybuddy is always dumping on NYC for euthanizing pets. Do you know New York City has the lowest euthanasia per capita for any major U.S. city? There’s still too many but the Mayor’s Alliance is trying.

  26. The Swiss Cats on said:

    What a dream team ! Your idea is brilliant ! Purrs

  27. Savvy your ideas are always brilliant.

    Emma and Buster

  28. savvy…we hope nissy sells a bazallion copeez for hiz shelter !!!! ♥♥♥

    • you are so nice to say that. I should have thought to make some fish paparus for you guys. purrrs, Savvy Don’t forget to visit my buddies Nerissa’ Life and Silver at Dash Kitten to get two more raffle entries.

  29. what a great idea Savvy,xx Speedy

  30. Paper with nip in it, my Sanctuary will be a mad house. I was gonna read the book to the cats here, maybe they will want to read it themselves this way. Group stuff is so much fun though. I am liking your idea of production though and I am sure the cats will too.

  31. I can just see it…. cats reading the book everywhere. They’ll whip (or should we say drip) through the book in no time… Talk about devouring a book cover to cover. Nip paper it is! Woohoo!

    • thank you sooooo much for visiting me today. You are new to me. I just hopped over to your blog. We will enter you in our rafffle for sure. Don’t forget to visit my buddies Nerissa’ Life and Silver at Dash Kitten to get two more raffle entries.

  32. Savvy, you invented…

    Invented from…

    From NIP???

    Oh my mouses! That’s BRILLIANT, that is. You are such an amazin’ cat.

    Nissy (Also known as the resident nip head. MOUSES!)

  33. Oh my goodness, such fun!!! I will pass on the giveaway though since I already have that wonderful book!

  34. Will the paper be dribble proof too? We’ll need extra strong dribbleproofiness here!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  35. Savvy leave it to you to come up with nip paper! Sounds delicious and very practical at the same time! BRAVO…… this adventure is exciting – can’t wait to hear more… the meantime, we’d love to be in the drawing for a copy of RESCUED!

    Hugs, Sammy

  36. mariodacat on said:

    Yes savvy, nip paper is a brilliant odea. Hmmm, maybe you had better check the pages of the books to make sure they are not already nip paper. My copy of the book sure smelled like nip!

  37. that’s THE idea!!! and if the nip paper is nipped, you buy a new book and the fun starts again… BRAVO, APAWS!

  38. OMC Savvy you have the bestest if you could develop also nip scented crepe paper…WHOA blows my mind..MOL..yes I am Cleo and I have a nip problem…:) but a great looking bookie and I am sure this nip angle is just the cherry on top ….MOL..paw pats Cleo xxx

  39. That is SUCH a pawsomely BRILLIANT idea, Savvy! You should patent it.

  40. MOL …OMC..can I borrow that helmet of you, Savvy, I have to try this at home 😀 Now where’s that toaster…MOL… 😀
    Pawkisses 🙂 ❤

  41. How come nobody thought of doing nip paper before?! What a brilliant idea!

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