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My Friday Is Great: How’s Yours?


Just checking in with my pals to learn how your Friday is going. I, am having a pretty nice day, all things considered.

Friday is better than Thursday

Friday is better than Thursday

You see I have not been feeling great lately. I haven’t truly played with Mom L for about 2 or more weeks.

Yup, you guessed it. Off to the Vet I went. They poked, prodded, shoved that unmentionable up my you know where. Then they depleted my blood volume by taking it right from my jugular (ick!!) and lastly…most terrible…they hacked off my lovely claws.

I also received some alien substance called “hydration” and then some tummy settling alien formula called “Pepcid’.

So this is MY FRIDAY!  If you don’t like it, don’t look. (hover to view complete captions…truly…you wanna see them…just sayin’)

I have nothing more to say.

expecting more



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70 thoughts on “My Friday Is Great: How’s Yours?

  1. Clowie on said:

    I hope you’re feeling better now, Savannah.

  2. tonkstail on said:

    UGH, we’re so sorry you’ve been under the weather. Hurling isnt’ a whole lotta fun for anykitty is it?

  3. sunsetdragon on said:

    Hope you are feeling better beautiful kitty.

  4. Precious Savannah when I read your post I could hear NYLABLUE!! She went thru the jugular blood letting & all the other things you endured. You were a VERY brave kittygirl to go thru the V-E-T visit. Now I am hoping & praying there is nothing seriously (or even mildy) wrong with you sweet girl ❤
    Love Sherri-Ellen 🙂
    Deer Savannah mee iss purrin an purrayin fur you to bee all rite. Yur berry speshell to mee an LadyMum an wee want you with us fur a berry long time…Yur fotoss' are gorgeeuss even tho you were uppyset…yur allwayss so beeuteefull 😉
    ***paw patss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

    • thank you Sherri Ellen and Dhartha. Savvy just tossed up again, twice. SHe has not done so since Wed’s vet visit. But the house cleaners were just here. She had some kibble but that did not show up in her vomit. Mostly bile and likely a bit of the pumpkin soup Peter gave her to get her to eat her Mira Lax. She has not been pooping normally but vet said not apparent constipation. I hate this (Mom speaking of course)

      • OH Mom L I fear Savannah might have Pancreatitis….her symptoms & the way she is vomiting & what she is vomiting indicate that….is there an Emerg Vet you can take her to or can Miss Josie come see her??
        When do you get the bloodwork results back?

  5. Oh gosh… do hope you are on the mend!

  6. catfromhell on said:

    Savvy, mes thinks mes should send Ninja over to play with Sage and then yous and mes should has a spa date and a fresh tuna lunch to settles the tummy.
    Feels better soon Grrl Furrend

  7. AW, BFGF, I feel terrible for you. I had that one terrible episode earlier this month. Did they give you a diagnosis? Anyhoo, snap out of it and feel better.

    • BFGF I actually PLAYED a bit with Mom L and the laser light. I surely must have burned off a gram or two of weight. MOL. It is appearing that I have physical reactions whenever Mom L is gone, kinda like Brian and his Dad. Mom L is again reconsidering BP. She will email you

  8. Savvy, you have a troll here. xxoo

  9. Savannah, you may remember that I am a cat who throws up a lot I have since mommy brought me home three years ago. She let me blog about it so many many times and today, I did another 6 times in varying size spots, They get smaller as I walk along. But I am up to 12.5 I am not skinny. No one knows why I do that. Mommy has changed my fuds over and over.

    Feel better sweetheart. Get in the tunnel and come on over for awhile. No Kid sage. Mom will treat you just as she does me. I have her wrapped!!

  10. Katie Isabella on said:

    Darling, in no way would I EVER think or say that. Not ever ever ever. I know you better than that and I hope you didn’t get any comments to the contrary. xxooxx

  11. We sure hope the all better finds you soon beautiful Savannah!

  12. I hope you are soon feeling lots better Savvy.

  13. Savvy, we’re sorry you haven’t been feeling well. It seems like around here, one sneeze and it’s off to the vet. We sure hope you’re doing better now.

    • ummm…Mom L and Dad P don’t run to our vet for one sneeze guys…just sayin’. Everything was ‘wait and see’ until my last projectile vomit that flew out 23 inches. That carpet is so gonna need a deep cleaning…sigh

  14. pilch92 on said:

    Poor Savvy. I hope you feel better soon. I am glad your Mom took you to the vet- that stinks that they stole your blood though.

  15. The OP Pack on said:

    Oh dear, we can’t have that happening. Mom was wise to whisk you off to the vet. Hope all those meds and Mom’s TLC help you feel all better.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

    • Hey guys. It certainly wasn’t an emergency. I toss my cookies once in a while, not often. And I havea been playing up a storm until about 6 or so weeks ago then I quit and now I have gained a whole pound. That’s a log for cat who outta weigh in at about 10 pounds…now at 13…*shakes head*…so embarrassed

  16. Oh dear Savvy, poor little princess. Hope you get to feel better quickly. Purrs.

    Emma and Buster

  17. Aw Savvy we are so sorry to hear that you are poorly, all our prayers and warmest woooos, get better soon!!

    Nuk & Family

  18. Aw i’m so sorry Sav, I hope you feel better soon!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    • First Miss Jenna, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you like our card we posted to your FB page. We all think I have anxiety again from Sage having cornered me a couple of week ago and all the comings and goings the humans did and had in March.

  19. savvy….we toll ya never ta eat burd……hope yur feelin WAY bee yond better now & de chux of up have stopped N yur bak ta yur ole self…sorree ya had two go two de place oh eeeeeeeeevil; hope de vet dood tellz mom it waz just a nastee that haz now pazzed on bye ~~~~~~

    heerz two a frogmouth catfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  20. hannahandlucy on said:

    We hope you soon stop barfing Savannah although we hope you managed to throw up over over anyone hovering with a needle.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  21. Our peeps pay the vet to torture us too..there ought to be a law or something.
    Feel better soon, upchucks are so tiring,so get some rest.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  22. Take a break and have a restful day. You deserve it after that trip. Feel better!
    Lola and Lexy

  23. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Oh poor, mistreated Savvy! We hope suffering such indignities will help the people at the “Stabby Place” to figure out why you’re not feeling well. Please feel better.

  24. We hope you feel better soon, Savvy!

  25. A restful Friday is well-deserved. You’ve been through it all at the vet. Feel better soon! xoxo

    Love and licks,

  26. Oh that’s more the friday like the one in da movie… please feel better soon… I hope the pepcid helps to pep-out all that trouble-makers, so you can enjoy your food like a diva again…. hugs to you and POTP…

  27. mariodacat on said:

    Awww we are so sorry to. Hear you have. Not been feeling very good. My tummy gets upset like that every now and then too. The it .goes away, but the hu,a s do get a little alarmed. Hopefully you are much better by now.

  28. Oh sweetie..your Friday sounds a lot like Docs..the blood stealing the probe..and the claws!! goodness me..projectile huh! that can mean an intolerance sometimes..i do hope that your bloods let the dr know what is happening 😦 best you rest and plot your revenge 🙂 loves Miss bev xxx

  29. I hope all the indignity you were served at the vet at least helped you feel better, Savvy! Pepcid is pretty much a go-to med for digestive upsets. I really hope it works for you.

  30. Oh, poor Savvy! What a terrible experience! And why did they have to hack off your beautiful claws? What has that to do with an upset tummy?! Or was the Evil Vet merely taking advantage of your weakened condition?
    At any rate, we hope it was all worthwhile and that it isn’t something serious and that the meds help.

  31. Hope you’re feelin all better now.

  32. oh Baby girl,you poor thing,please feel better soon sweetie,xx Speedy

  33. Is it already Friday in North California? I thought you were 9 hours behind … and we do have not even 8 in the morning here.

  34. Ungrateful cat … Now, that you do feel better you should be grateful your human took you to the vet. Oh, ok, .. your are a true cat …

    • I am not an ungrateful cat. I hope you were just trying to be funny. I am forever grateful I have my home and family. Please don’t say mean things about me on my blog if you were not kidding and truly think I am ungrateful. I truly appreciate having you visit me and hope you will always be my friend.

      • I meant it in an endearing way, like one says jokingly to a close friend something that would be a mean insult with anybody else.

        • thank you. I am so protective of Nana. Once, long ago, someone was not nice to her on her blog. You are a good friend to her. She just threw up again, twice…sigh. Something is just not right with her. We are not horribly concerned unless she starts doing it several times a day. We are being watchful

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