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Hellooooo!! Anyone Out There?



Savvy speaks out

Guess you already know that Mom L and I had a bit of difference on just ‘how’ I ought to start off my first blog post since…ummm…well…like FOREVER!!!  Well…since July 2, 2015.

I am so hoping some of my pals are still out there…and that I will hear from you to learn that I have not been forgotten.  Mom L, Dad P, Sage (AKA TKS) and I have been in a very long and hurried process of being forced to move unexpectedly.  Of course, as with every ‘drama’ …there is lots more but who cares now, right?

We are moved…and we are all together and healthy. Not much else counts to us. TKS (The Kid Sage) and I missed Mom L and Dad P while they were gone for 3 weeks…but our new house/pet sitters were totally AWESOME!! And I did not toss up my food ONCE!! Not once while they were gone…I saved up for after we moved and they placed an area rug in the dining room which they have not used for like 7 years…now THAT was a great upchuck if I do say so myself…heh…heh…

Sorry…I digressed a bit.

Back to our move.

Amazing to me, but I really have found some comfort in having TKS along with me for all this stress and turmoil. And, she has very much stuck to my back furs like…well…like velcro!…Seems I give her confidence and a feeling of safety as well.

Mom L and Dad P only had to confine us in the old house for about 6 hours…and then only 24 hours in the new house.  After that…they opened the door to our Master Bedroom…and TKS and I went exploring.

As a testament to my recovery from trauma…I actually LED the way!

Whoa! This is a really slick floor!

Whoa! This is a really slick floor!

I had to check out upstairs first…

Ok TKS...this room is 'clear'...nothing dangerous

Ok TKS…this room is ‘clear’…nothing dangerous

Once I found the stairs…and there are like a TON of them…I carefully descended. (remember…hover over photo to read captions!!)

TKS was conflicted…should she follow MY lead…or ask Ceiling Cat to make this move go away…

Savvy?? I'm scared! Are you down there?

Savvy?? I’m scared! Are you down there?

Finally, before we left upstairs,  we talked and agreed… lots of stuff smelled like us…ya know…like ‘home’…

It's OK Sage...this is all our stuff

It’s OK Sage…this is all our stuff

And then I went downstairs…and my dearest friend Nanuk was just where he ought to be…waiting for me…I knew then that we were home.

Luvluvluv ya buddy!

Luvluvluv ya buddy!

I cannot promise I will be visiting AND commenting immediately…but we have never stopped visiting and keeping in touch. Thank you all who are now reading and hopefully leaving comments…for hanging in with me during this chaotic time.

I am trying to get back to my regular post schedule…Monday, Wednesday and Friday and as many Sunday Selfies as I can join with my very good pals at The Cat On My Head.

You are all so very important to me. If you don’t realize that…please tell me in comments…and I will work to make amends if needed.




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48 thoughts on “Hellooooo!! Anyone Out There?

  1. kittiesblue on said:

    Yippee! We are so happy to see you. We are so excited to have y’all back. We’ve missed you. Mom can’t wait to hear about Mom L and Dad P’s trip, and we cannot wait to hear about this budding friendship between you and TKS. From what we can see, your new digs look pretty nice. Mom and all of us are sending everyone lots of love. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. Susan Śurreal on said:

    Yes, you are back!!!!!!! So glad!!!!!!

  3. Savvy!! Sage!!!! so good to see you girls! and looks like you are both getting the hang of y0ur new digs! we have missed you both terribly and are so pleased all has gone relatively well with your move..all those new sniffs whiffs and nooks and crannies..what fun!! and i bet BOXES were in ready supply! have a super time exploring girls and so happy to see your pretty faces 🙂 loves Miss Bev xxxx

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  5. Welcome home, welcome back and many purrs for a smooth settling in!! Oh and…
    The three of us wish you a VERY Happy World Cat Day!!

  6. New place looks pawsome. Watch those slippery floors.

  7. (((SAVVY and TKS))) We missed you! Welcome back. Your new house looks fantastic and tons of fun with all those stairs. Good luck getting settled.

  8. pilch92 on said:

    Very happy to see you back online. I have been keeping you in my prayers that all would go well with your move.

  9. BGF! I’ve been here every day looking for you and a new post. I’m glad you’re back and sorry for all the trauma in all your lives.

  10. Wow! A new home would be very stressful and exciting! We have never moved but are always talking about it!

  11. CatLadyMac on said:

    So glad you are settling in and back to blogging !

  12. Hi girls, we think it is great you are enjoying each others company more. Do you have a catio at this new place?

  13. meowmeowmans on said:

    Hi Savvy, Sage, Mom L and Dad P! We are so happy to hear you’re all moved in, and that everything is going well. We’ve missed you lots!

  14. Heyyyyyyyyy!!!!! it’s so furry great to see you back!!!! I got excited when I saw this in my inbox today!!!!! I’m glad the move is all done, and everyone is together and healthy! Looking forward to some more posts as you continue to get settled!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  15. The OP Pack on said:

    Hooray!!!! So good to see that you are back. And how wonderful that you and Sage have relied on each other for the transition to the new place. That makes us so happy. No worries on posts or comments – just good to “hear” from you.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  16. It’s so great to see you guys! And y’know…think of this move as a huge adventure. Just think of all the fun stuff you get to explore. Pawsome that you and Sage found a common ground during this time. 🙂

  17. Good to have the two of you back. I love to say: See, I told you so – the move WOULD bring you closer together, as I predicted. A new territory, new for both of you, so Sage is less like an intruder and you don’t feel threatened by her, but feel supported by her! And I loved the picture with you and your stuffed doggy friend.

  18. WOO HOO!!!! Savannah an Sage yur back!!!!
    **doin a happy dance**
    Savannah yur sure lookin proud an unflappabull there! Thiss iss pawsum!!!
    Lady Linda an Mistur Peter wee are glad you had a grate trip an got moved…..
    Wellcome back efurryone!!!
    ***Hi-5’SSS*** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum =^,.^=

  19. manxmnews2014 on said:

    Welcome back and we are so glad to hear you’re all settled in and that everyone is together!

  20. Flynn on said:

    Great to see you girls back again! I am glad you are settling in well after the move.

  21. S & S !!! meowloz two ewe both, good two see ewe again, N mite we say yur both lookin goooooooooooooooood ~~~ 😉 we iz buzzed mega happee yur move iz done & everee onez home & now ya can settle in & chillax……hope ta see ewe round blogland soon…heerz two a hairtail, madtom fish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  22. catfromhell on said:

    Mes out fishing, but this morning mes was checking my email and when mes saw that there was a message from yous and mes just HAD to comes and say HI!!! Mes missed yous 2!
    Mes is glad yous enjoying your new digs and getting along better too.
    Sending yous lits of kisses Grrl Furrend

  23. Yeah welcome home we missed you a lot this is smoky from the kitty platoon give us a call when you can meow

  24. Hi Savannah,
    I’m glad to have you and TKS back here again. It’s wonderful news that you’re enjoying your new home. Looking forward to hearing more of you.
    Take best of care,

  25. Savvy and Sage you have been missed, though I’ve been on a kind of blogcation too!! Savvy you look so confident, that does my heart good. I hope you enjoy your new home and we see lots more of you xxxxx

  26. Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a safe weekend!

  27. Looks like the adjustment went swimmingly! Thank COD! Glad you are back!

  28. Heya Savvy an Sage!!! Good to hear from wooos:) Glad you are settling in, those stairs look pretty scary, we don’t have stairs like those in our casa- woo two take care OK??!! Play bows,


  29. Hello hello!

    Good to hear you are all good and happy!

  30. I know what it is like to not post for a long time and I had no excuse like a BIG move. PROcrastination for me. I am still here reading and haven’t forgotten you. I am glad you are all moved and liking the new place! Enjoy your Friday and do some snoopin’!

  31. edithchase on said:

    Glad you’re move was relatively stress free. I’m glad to see your posts again. 🙂

  32. We’ve been right here waiting for you Savvy! I am thrilled to see you are adjusting to your new place!

  33. This is so exciting to have you both back!
    Savvy,you look so…may we say it loudly and joyfully..CONFIDENT!!!
    Heathcliff has had a bit of a wobble…building work begins today,and we have been confined to a couple of rooms upstairs…Heathcliff could no longer tell the future. He was better this morning,but the banging hasn’t started yet…
    Anyway,we’re looking forward to learning all about your new place
    Love from,The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  34. Clowie on said:

    It’s nice to see you again, Savvy! You’ve been missed.
    I’m glad you’re moved safely and all okay. I hope you all settle in quickly.

  35. WOO HOO!!!! Welcome back girls! You definitely have been missed – we’ve all hoped that you made the traumatic move well and it sounds like you did just that. Bravo. Savvy the fact you were leading the way on the first exploration of the new house says VOLUMES about how far you’ve come my friend. You and Sage have a whole house to explore and find new hiding spots and sun puddles. Have fun with it!

    Love, Sammy

  36. Mom looked at our list of emails and you were the FIRST one she clicked today, S. It’s great to see you again. Your new home looks amazing. My floors were slick like that when Mom first adopted me, but don’t worry. If you work hard and run and slide and jump a lot, they get some reassuring scratches and gouges that make them less slippery. Plus maybe your mom will say, “It looks like a mountain lion lives here.” like mine does.

    Love and licks and welcome home,

  37. I’m here I’m here I’m here… and I’m glad you are back… and I’m superhappy that you all are together and your BFF Nanook is there too :o)

  38. It’s so good to see you back! High paw at how well you took the move, Savvy. we expected Sage would have led the way out of the bedroom, so it is just another sign of how very far you have come. Newton says that floor looks like a great place for skidding around corners, so there should be plenty of adventures there for you!

  39. mariodacat on said:

    So happy you are back again and all is well. I have not been on much myself. But we missed seeing you and were wondering how you liked your new digs.

  40. Savvy, I am totally not surprised you led the way in the new place – you ARE the senior cat (not in years, but in, well, seniority), and Sage knows this and followed your lead! Good for you!

  41. Savvy! And Sage! We have missed you soooo much!
    We ourselves moved house less than a year ago and we know – boy, do we effur?! – how traumatic that can be for a kitty.
    But we can see you got over it furry quickly and are settling down in your new castle.
    Have you met any of the local cats yet? Made any new furr-iends?
    Can’t wait furr you to get back to blogging regularly again.
    Love from your furr-iends in Jerusalem.

    Trixie, Caspurr and Shimshi

  42. So happy to hear you’re safely moved in and back!

  43. Glad to hear from ya – have fun explorin your new home!

  44. SAVVYYYYYYYYYYYY !!! Man it is GOOD to see you back girl!! Sage, you too. Welcome home to the blogosphere!!!!! * jumps up and down in excitement *



  45. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    It’s so good to see you and TKS in our (HuMom’s) inbox! We hope you will all be very happy and comfortable in your new home. We hope there is lots of good bird and squirrel TV and plenty of spots with a good view. We’ve missed you! Welcome home!

  46. Yeah Babies You’re Back!Woohoo good to see ya girls!Savvy you are Pawsome and so brave,love ya toots,xx Speedy

  47. Dinah on said:

    Savannah and Sage, Congrats on your new home, and congrats on being such good chums after the trauma of abandonment by your folks for centuries and then all the hassle of the move. Your friend Dinah, RWB (reader without blog.)

  48. fivesibesmom on said:

    Hellooo! Welcome back! Boy, we sure understand about having to be away for a bit. We were, too, due to some family emergencies. Good luck in your new home! It’s fun to explore, isn’t it? Great pics – but, watch out for those shiny floors!

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